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So is the dub better than the sub?
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Nah. But the dub is still pretty good, things considered.
Either is fine honestly, now we gotta wait for the neckbeards screaming that the dub is trash.

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Does /a/ like Love Hina?
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I liked the dating SIM.
First anime I watched. The anime is really bad looking at it now.

I guess I don't like it because it made me interested in anime and as thus ensured that I will never reproduce.
Do you mean that Newgrounds flash?

There was no other way! The world had to be fixed! A purpose given to me! Only I could do it. Who else could have done it, and come this far?!?!
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Why did you kill all those innocent people?
Hiroshima and the new mods in a nutshell
Well he did one thing wrong, he went out like a bitch

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Cute generals doing cute things when?

>This is a nip interpretation of General Patton
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>General thread
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Here's a generalissimo then. Foch a cute.
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Just gonna leave this loli Stalin here and then I'll let the thread die

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He needs ideas for the next feature, make him proud /a/.
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Two down-on-their-luck CGI animators present their work to an old master of animation, he shuts them down.

What follows is them learning the ways of hand animation from him, and while learning about the craft they learn about themselves.
Plucky young woman goes on a journey blah blah save nature blah blah evil machines etc.
It's cute girls in high school but they're actually depressed. Also, there's an otaku who kills himself or something, that's probably good enough.

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Do you enjoy manga with nihilistic themes?

If so do you ever find yourself needing to read something "light" to take the edge off?
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Baconface a shit

I enjoy nihilism, but only if it's hopelessness and such, rather than the chuuni edgelord shit that the nips love to include.
How does one "enjoy" nihilism?

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shinkansen the shinkansen.jpg
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>Not embarking on the Train-01.
d-delete this
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>Not getting on glorious folded a thousand times nippon 600 km/h electro-dynamic propulsion maglev train Shinkansen L0-series prototype.

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Garden of Cakes.png
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It's practically Christmas Cake season, so what presents are you planning on giving to the lovely lady?
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My dick in a box.
Can she keep it and use it to her heart's content? Would you take responsibility?
I like some cakes but not this one.

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I haven't been here in years.

Remind me again why every thread isn't a Kamina thread you raging faggots?
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We grew up.
You mean you grew up into a raging faggot.

This is why Anime is going down hill. There aren't enough big burly men beating the ever loving shit out of faggots like you.
Were not normalfags who have only seen the same 10 entry tier shows the likes of your kind flock to

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Does /a/ even give a shit about Akito OVAs aside from the classic Geass cast and fanservice?
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Well yeah they do have-
>classic Geass cast and fanservice?
Oh. Nope lol.

Well, pic related gets a special mention because that's above and beyond normal fan service. That's art for my dick.

And the fights were pretty good. Godawful music though.
>the fights
Pretty much my only other reason for keeping up aside from seeing the old cast. Story was okay until 4 and 5, music was sorely lacking compared to Rebellion and the new characters were so utterly boring aside from Akito I don't remember a single name.
Akito made me realize that a story can get most things right, but without good characters it can't do much. Akito had great action, great world-building, a great backstory, a great premise. The music was lackluster, but the problem was the forgettable characters.

I mean, it was quite good, but if it had more memorable characters, it could have been more lacking in other areas and I'd have rated it higher.

Still teared up when the brits get in a shoot up Leila and Friends.

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When did fanservice in anime started to take priority over the story itself?
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Around 3,000 BC.
Seriously, those Sumerian myths are just so fucking edgy and lewd, it reads like some teen's fanfiction because it was a brave new world and no one had any taste or sense yet.
Which is older, Highschool DxD or To-Love Ru? I feel like those two are the biggest series where literally the only thing going for them is the fanservice.

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Why has there been no news about this since it was revealed?

What do you want to see out of it?
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nothing, I haven't seen shin godzilla, so why wad Godzilla bleeding so much?
Polygon pictures is probably too occupied with Blame.

I have no idea what to expect from Urobuchi godzilla. Probably a lot of twists.


This is not related to shin. This is obviously set in the future.
It got cancelled after polygon and butcher respective blunders (ajin and puppet shit)

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Everything will be okay
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Oh my god I'm in love
>Can Yuzuru speak english?
He can, in front of the cameras he's pretty shy but talking to Brian or other skaters Yuzuru is more relaxed.

I like this video, when he is leaving the ice Brian says "amazing boy" and he jokes about it. In the kiss and cry he also talks about Javier winning gold at the Words and making goat sounds. We can see Brian and him can communicate very well
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Did this show ever get interesting?
No, but it's a fine time waster.
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I'm thinking of picking up, maybe when the season ends and we have to wait for the next one start.

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3gatsu no lion.jpg
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Shaft fanboys stayout.
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They're literally the only ones watching it though.
fuck japanimation and everyone who supports it
It's okay. Honey and Clover was better.

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