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Why do you rarely see older male MCs these days, /a/?
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Because anime is shit. You weaboo
It's time for you to go back.
Because the anime you watch is for young kids.

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Literally The Last Guardian. What the fuck.
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Oh I'm watching that right now. On episode 30 and it's another flashback episode. That seems pretty common in this series.

Erin has great plot and (main) characters, but the pacing is slow and fucked up.
They could cut half of the episode and nothing of value would be lost.
I agree. A 26 episode run would have cut a lot of the fat and repeating. The one good thing about the slow pacing is that it's a good anime to watch right before bed which is probably why I haven't finished it by now.

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why is she so perfect, /a/?
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Cow tits. She a shit.
She's the cutest one.
She's not perfect, because she's a wasted character design stuck in a shit show that's only worth watching in sexy gifs.

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I'm in a bit of a dilemma /a/

My cute, older, but probably fujoshit cousin picked up my phone and accidentally unlocked it while I had pic related open as a page.

I don't know if she saw, what do I do?
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>Not putting a proper lock in your phone.
Unless she knows what "nee" means she probably thinks you're into weird cartoon porn.
It doesnt matter if she saw it or not. Best course of action is to act cool.

Who gives a fuck if she saw your degenerate porn? Its not like she will tell your family that you fap to chinese drawn siscon
Also hope she didnt read the fine print

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>best OP
>best ED
>likable cast of core characters
>great animation; looks distinct and old-school, especially in motion
>filters in new wrestlers to keep the episodes fresh
>everything so far has driven the plot along in some way
>dual-protagonist approach giving a look from both inside and outside Tiger's Den
>plays off a classic show
>integrates actual real-life wrestlers, awesome for fans of that stuff

Is Tiger Mask W the low-key GOAT right now?
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Hiroshi Tanahashi is in it. It's a 10/10 AOTYAY by default.
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>he's wrestling Yellow Devil soon

Part of me wants him to activate his five star ace-powers, job out the main villain and replace Tiger Mask as the MC.

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How big is too big for you /a/?
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D is the max for me

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We clearly need to address the problem of people posting screenshot of streams and having no one call them out.
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I do it when I see it.
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People posting screens of some animewhatever site with watermarks are much rarer now and Crunchyroll screens are pretty much indistiguishable from downloads.

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Is the anime industry bubble going to burst soon? It seems like nearly every season will have a show or two that faces huge production problems whereby they end up getting the broadcast delayed like Long Riders.

The industry seems to be at its limit to cope with the sheer number of shows per season.
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You can always count on KyoAni, though. Even their low budget shows look better than 90% of anything the rest of the industry shits.
How do you know which of their shows are low-budget?
Literally no, the industry is more profitable than ever and there is still easy markets to reach.

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Kumiko's feet.
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What about them?
the shape, the smell
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Honey, I'm home!

Only the purest,most amazing girls are allowed in this thread
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>There are still people on /a/ who haven't read the greatest Romance manga of all time
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The planets are aligned.
One page thread will happen!
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pdf of sauce tia

google says monochrome photography

How is it even possible for males to be this cute?

Yoichi makes me question my sexuality.
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>what is an easy way to explain what Drifters is to someone new
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Why does Piccolo go to heaven in the Vageta arc but Vageta goes to hell (or is supposed to) in the buu arc?

Vageta asked Piccolo before he sacrifices himself if he'll get to go to king kai's planet but Piccolo explains that he can't because he was too evil and shit in the past. But we see Piccolo on king kai's planet after he dies while saving Gohan. If I remember correctly Piccolo was still planning on taking over the world until the planet was threatened by Saiyans. Isn't Piccolo just as evil as Vageta?

It can't be because of him sacrificing himself for Gohan because Vageta was doing basically the same thing everyone else and it apparently wasn't enough.
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The sins of Piccolo's father didn't carry to Piccolo Jr. even though he was clone with Daimao's memories.

If you go by the manga, he didn't even kill anyone before Raditz. Vegeta had wiped out entire civilizations.
Pic Jr never actually did anything as a villain. Meanwhile, Vegeta wiped out populations regularly.
Piccolo hadn't actually done anything yet. Vegeta had already committed scores of atrocities before he ever came to Earth.

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Idolmaster girl.jpg
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Why are japanese girls so cute?
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They just are
>japanese girls
>implying pic is related
Japanese girls (male) are superior desu

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>hurr it's better than Toradora
Go fuck yourselves, /a/, for making me watch this subpar romance anime.
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Someone told you THAT was better than Toradora? And you listened?
Toradora is shit, so being better than it is not an achievement.
It is better though. Midori no Hibi had a great sense of heart.

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