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How could anyone think this looks okay?
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i don't
This is why i've put off watching this show.
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Fun fact.

They originally wanted to have her eyes wider but sadly they ran out of room on her face.

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Post Senjōgahara in this thread.
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You already did.

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01 - snMFwsa.png
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Is there a correct order to watch Gundam in?

If not, are there any Gundam series that stand out as better than the rest?
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My reccomendation is to start with the movie remake trilogy of the original series. It gives you the rough plot of the original series which serves as a launching point for the rest of the franchise, but is way shoter and cuts out the dumb filler and QUALITY episodes of it.
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If you wanna watch any of the AU (Alternate Universe) Gundams, you can literally start anywhere.

If you wanna watch any of the original UC Era timelines, start with the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

You can either watch the TV show or the movies.
I watched all of UC in release order and then started branching out to AU shows that seemed interesting.

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So, does he have a point about people paying more attention to media than the world around them or is he just a bitter old man?
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What does it matter?
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He's a bitter old man

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Katana > Broadsword
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>guaranteed replies
You got me faggot.
Bait gif aside this was a pretty entertaining show. Too bad it didn't get close to the end.

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This is a nice chapter that does not make miss at all the youthful experiences I never had. Not regretting spending my late teens playing WoW and masturbating, no sir!

Dere Chisa a cute
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>Tokki getting an handful of thoses Azusa tights

Just quit your gf and bang her already. She can't be better.
they're in uni though
Well first uni year is 18-19

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Who fuck was the target audience of this anime?

Too disgusting themes for males, period, ass hair, unshaven cunts, armpits, inverted nipples, smelly otako, ultrafatness

Too hot designs for females

Who, then
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You have to be over 18 to use 4chan, yes, this also applies for the blue boards.
Men who likes the topic of disgusting period, ass hair, unshaven cunts, armpits, inverted nipples, smelly otako, ultrafatness
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at least.png
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>that episode where they explain how tampons work

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This is the week where Panty and Stocking s2 will be announcing this Friday.

A Trailer or New facts about the new show?
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They won't announce anything now after Anno sued them.
Then we're so close then.
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How mad would you be if they completely ignored the ending of season 1 and went back to the status quo like with all the other episodes?

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Do you like Usagi?
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grandma is okay.
>Not calling her Serena
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I'd a Usami

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I'm glad we decided this years ago so there's no reason to fight about it anymore.
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you know what, ill take it.
Green is shit.
Ginger > black > the rest.
Because husband.

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Why does Japan gives stepmothers such a positive light?

Not saying all stepmothers are bad or anything but here in the west, stepmothers are always depicted as wicked,cruel women; from movies to soap operas, hell even children storybooks always depict them as nasty old cunt

Do japan really have a thing for stepmothers?
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Cause you can fuck them.
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But seriously what's wrong with his eyes?
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Maybe it has something to do with being really really big?
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>lives life for his waifu

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berserk 2016.jpg
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What are your thoughts?
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HAI YOOOOOOOO is godlike
voice acting is good
overall pretty damn gross looking though
holding out hope that they go 2D eventually
CLANG season 2 when?
Best arc, worst art

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Manga is always better than its adap-
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Seriously, Haikyuu is this generation's Slam Dunk. Wish it would get more recognition.
File: haikyuu_234_01-02.jpg (2MB, 1853x1300px)Image search: [Google]
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Call me when the anime does something as spectacular as this.

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rikka and yuuta.jpg
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Why did people hate S2 so much?
I get that it didn't have nearly as much weight to it considering the stuff they were dealing with at the end of the first season, but I still thought it was a good continuation of an interesting dynamic and a slower relationship buildup than what usually is presented. Some people said there was 'no need' for a second season, and while the first absolutely could stand alone with no issues, I feel like the second explores the awkward 'no one is really wrong but it still hurts' aspects of a love triangle with Satone extremely well.
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it was completely unnecessary and added nothing of value
people suck
Cuz it was fucking trash. The sales alone prove it was unnecessary.

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