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Sum up an anime with 1 picture or video.


Also like the Akira in a nutshell webm, I seem to have lost that though.
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i hate that gif

makes me remember the last time i was in love was when i was 9 years old

Why is a random side character that appears for like 3 seconds so much cuter than the MC, or half the cast for that matter? Is this supposed to be a joke?
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It's a bait and switch kind of thing
To be honest LoveLive designs suffer from heavy sameface syndrome, that character is pretty much identical to the main cast.
True but the hair and color scheme makes a huge difference.

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One of the most evocative, dark and sorrowed anime I've ever seen, each scene of this is like a painting masterfully crafted.
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Explain why it shouldn't be so.
Pretentious shit. I can tell from your post, without even having watched it.

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Have you forgotten about best maid?
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Why didn't see just put him back to sleep forever?
Her love was so pure.
>author literally let the non-person win because no one was rooting for his favourite


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>this is obese in Japan
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Hiro is fat! FAT!
That's obese anywhere.

Where are her nipples?

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>finally a good comedy show with not retarded mc
>surrounded by hot bitches
>doesn't fuck a single one

why is japan so gay?
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>Dicking a retard
>A flat underaged chuuni
>or a degenerate masochist slut
Is this your first week on /a/? The point of anime is not for the mc to "fuck bitches". It's to establish cute girls with personalities, indicate their INTEREST in the mc, then you go read rape /ntr doujins.
Wow it's almost like it's NOT a 18+ show.

Anon why are you so retarded?

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
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Bad idea.
They literally scaled the conflict to battle against other race in cosmos to free part of universe and had happy ending, what do you want them to do next?
No thanks.

Waiting for Imaishi's next original.

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>Every character is completely irredeemable
Does this series have even a single redeeming quality?
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Man I fucking miss OniiAi. Good times.

Yellow > Red > Silver > OL > Loli > Black
>Does this series have even a single redeeming quality?
Yeah, it's funny. The characters suck but they're sorta supposed to. The whole series is like a satire on harem anime in general.
Silver=Yellow>>>>>>>I don't give a fuck about the rest.

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Damn that´s one great anime, but 5 episodes in i am really afraid it is gonna some fucked up shit in the end like it was in School Days.
Am i right? Should i drop it right now? Or am i worrying to much?
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the guy literally gets all the girls its omnibus bro just like amagami.
You worry too much
ah okay, i was wondering why everything is going so smooth but that explains it.
Thank you anon

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Can girls force other girls to love them?
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just end it anon.
Is that Ritsu?
Is that [email protected]?

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What are you watching or reading from your backlog?
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Nichijou. A ton of jokes fly over my head because I'm not japanese.
Pretty good though. I'm incredibly invested in the Soccor Go Club.
Kekkaishi, text book shounen with a fun battle element, pretty fun.
Finished Qualia the Purple and volume 1 of Zeroth Maria just now. Qualia felt like missed potential, Maria had that substandard LN feel around an already meh premise. Not sure if i'm gonna read the rest of it.

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6 days till the party. What are you bringing with you anon? Other than a sense of disappointment.
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I'm so excited, I want to eat HARUHI'S FUCKING HOTPOT
>6 days
>and then another year
>and another
>and another
>and another
Wasn't it confirmed it is going to be the release of the song from PACHINKO?

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Considering picking up pic related.

Is the anime worth watching or should I straight up jump to the manga?
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read the manga and get the viz scans from nyaa
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Watch it. 2011 is a great series. A couple places where the manga provides more detail/development, but it captures all the salient plot poinst more than adequately and had excellent production value. For a first timer, it's a more accessible and fun intro to HxH imo. Definitely read it afterwards though.

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do it faggot

we both know you won't
I just moved

now what?
xing ke!

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Find A Flaw
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>dubfag thread

Found the flaw.
He was such a neat character. Honestly one of the best parts of brotherhood. Ashame he didn't get more development
>Find A Flaw
King big dick has no flaws.

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