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isn't she the sexiest character from Kyoto Animation so far !?
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>sexiest Kyoani girl ever created
>her show is so shit that she barely got any porn
It's not fair.

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Why do people ship (non, generally gay) couples in shows that are clearly not romantic?
Literally all animes have more of such fanart that funny or action fanwork, many times like in One Piece , or kaiji ,the characters are clearly rough rather than cute.
So;why do so many japanese and western fans indulge in this trend'?
I'm curious.
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Because they like to self insert into the characters. That's why they get so butthurt when the ship loses or a character does something they didn't want them to.

Additionally for the fun of it. Its like betting for a sports team or playing a game of chance against other people that have other ships.

While its generally harmless, its disgusting when shipping becomes the main drive of the fandom and it overshadows the plot. Ex. Olicity's organic, Oregairu's muh genuine or Saekano's shipping wars.
It's not necessarily self inserting, though obviously it happens.
This is an old question. It's maybe more about that humans mostly just want some inter-character development.
That via any other than romantic relationship just isn't sufficient to some.
One theory was that women, who apparently are more invested in shipping, want more of the kind of emotional feedback a romance (sub)plot provides, so in the absence of it they feel the need to ship.
A common story among those who had sisters is finding their sisters playing dolls with their action figures, making them a couple despite it not making any sense at all.

Shipping is basically the same thing, but now your sister have internet access. And the focus on gay ships is simply because women like to fap to gay.

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If he hadn't died from that disease in Part 1, where would he be during the events of Shippuden?
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This guy was seriously the best character there was.

Naruto was dead to me after this. I literally stopped reading and watching this series right after this and moved on with my life with better stuff.

I seriously wish Kishi did a better job with the direction of his work from here on. It might have been a change in editors and stuff.

He would probably want to go back to his cell to live a comfy prisoner life, spending time with Jugo while both being test subjects Either that or he would eventually become Orochimaru's next vessel.
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His ability was cool as fuck

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Post em
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>no volume 1 scans
wtf I hate Japan now
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It never occured to me that what they're standing ontop of is probably the wall surrounding the orphanage.
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Dumping extra pages.
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Since it's the holidays, I want to spend some time gaming.
I want to do this primarily by finally sitting down and playing through Umineko after finishing Higurashi last year. I don't want to have to buy this shit on Steam cause the art looks like shit.

How does it stack up to Higurashi?
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>How does it stack up to Higurashi?
The actual story itself is worse, starts off well and then turns into a big clusterfuck of literally nothing. What I just said will make more sense to you when you finish it. The cast is more likeable than Higurashi's though in my opinion and the ride itself is nuts.

You can google how to patch the PS3 sprites into the game or use the classic sprites if you don't want to use the goofy Steam sprites.
Is the whole thing on Steam? Where the fuck am I even gonna be able to pick this shit up? I just wanna read stupid anime shit.
I want to deito Lucifer.

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Has any bitch ever deserved it more?
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>Has any bitch ever deserved it more?
She didn'd deserved it, she was a little girl tricked by everyone.
It's not Swim-chan's fault she was better.
That's not Snow White.

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Why does D-frag treat the fathers so shit?
Can you name a single good father in D-frag?
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Takao's husband kazama
What father?
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Have you ever watched an anime and felt 100% satisfied with it in virtually every regard? I just finished pic related, and I felt everything was exactly how it should be. Even though there's a little bit of a cliffhanger it still felt finished and satisfying. It just felt good.
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All I honestly get when I finish a series I like is the deep sinking emptiness that it is over.
A recent show made me feel that way; Bungou Stray Dogs. They tied up a lot of loose ends, gave a happy ending, and alluded to a possible new season if sales aren't shit. The main character started as a pussy bitch, but gradually manned the fuck up. The supporting cast had resolutions to their own troubles. The final boss had a satisfying defeat. It was just a good ending to a good show except that the new villain they hinted at is literally Deadmau5

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Best girl likes NTR
Movie when
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Are you uomi poster?
Btw, OVA raw when? It aired two days ago.
Threadly reminder that Tsuda has already canonically penetrated Kotomi
>OVA raw when?
>It aired two days ago

OVA doesn't air silly goose

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Is your computing infrastructure anime?

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Is it?
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My operating system is.

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My wife Aqua sings so well
Thread theme

KonoSuba Thread
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translation for volume 10 never
this ED is so good
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If you think Shinji is a pussy for not piloting the EVA's, you literally haven't watched the show and are just jumping on a meme bandwagon that you never picked up was ironic.
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Empathy isn't universal. Eva is kind of like a voight-kampf, in that regard.
Anyone who called him a pussy and watched past the scene where they deploy him directly into Ramiel's beam is either retarded or memeing.

And he always got in the robot in the end anyways. One of the core theme of Eva is about not running away from your problems because that just makes things worse.

In Code Geass, they make a big deal that Britannia is supressing Japanese culture. Why is it then that Ashford Academy is nothing like British/American schools and is instead just like a fancy Japanese High School with a bunch of clubs, student councils, festivals and all the other usual anime clich├ęs?
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Anime school is not the same as a Japanese school. There's nothing specifically Japanese about that school in Code Geass though. They're not teaching people to use bows or how the tea ceremony works. That's actual Japanese culture. Clubs aren't only Japanese things and the festivals weren't really Japanese either.
>British schools

Grange Hill is the only anime worth watching
>Clubs aren't only Japanese things
They mention that everyone has to be in a club, that's a very Japanese thing, in Britain school clubs aren't that important. The student council is also a very Japanese thing, British schools have Prefects and Head Boys/Girls (like in Harry Potter), which are nowhere to be seen in CG.
And then there's the public baths, you won't see that in any British school.

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Sasuga Ainz-sama
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>Albedo is technically a child too
I swear Ainz is retarded
Interesting how the LN art became more "defined" over time. In the first volume everything looked more abstract and more artsy.
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