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So, who is best girl in Umineko no naku koro ni?

Pic related.
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Lamdadelta easily.

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Which tsundere is most tsundere?
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Helga is literally the best tsundere of all time.

Prove me wrong.

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Well... At least a nip is involved?
>sasuke is black
>naruto and konoha is white
>all uchihas are black
>try and make a racism message about all nigs getting killed
I find it funny you worry about any of them being "black"

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In all history of anime, what character has had the most personality and/or character development?

Pic unrelated.
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Beatrice from Umineko no naku Koro ni.
The VN.
Not the anime.
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Does regression count?
Kurosawa from masturbation master has the biggest believable 180 in terms of character I've ever seen

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>character design is utter shit
>story is god tier

Would you watch this hypothetical anime?
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I already watch a lot of Hirai anime, so yes.
Well I watched Special A back in the day and I also watched Shomin Sample so I guess yes.

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>dad walks in
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>Dad *screams geometrically*
>>dad starts to drill me

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sup mugi

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Is there a show with more asspulls than this one?
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most shounen anime in general
Your average battle shonen.

Am I the only one watching this stupid show?
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apparently I am. good to know. ill go shoot my self now.
>16 waifus
Why do they like her again?
Yuri route or bust.
Senpai route okay too.

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I made a thread about part 5, but now its 8.. what a twist. Thoughts on part 8 so far?
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Part 8 only*, I am really tired..
Still waiting for that Star Platinum drop.
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>Gappy is fighting Dolomite + Joubin
>Yasuho dies in the mess
>Gappy unleashes his inner Kira
>[Soft&Wet has learned the skill "BtD"]
>BtD himself
>goes back in time to stop the fucking mess he made

>character development

Why do characters have to constantly change in order for you to perceive them as good?
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it's not change. A character change would be akin to just rewriting them. It's character DEVELOPMENT. Aka GROWTH. The characters go through a hardship and learn something about themselves and overcome one of their flaws. It's important because it makes the characters relatable, and it gives the story purpose. Most of all, it's fulfilling. You can have as much mindless entertainment as you want but if there's no fulfillment it won't be as impactful or purposeful.
Look up these two words in a dictionary. They do not mean the same thing

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>Enhancer is the most powerful type!
>Killua teleports behind Gon literally at lightning speed and 1HKO's him

Wow enhancers sure are powerful even when they don't throw away the rest of their lives to fight one foe.
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When did this happen?
When Gon, Killua, and Kite ran into Pitou.

Also, OP is retarded. Enhancers do have the highest damage output. Doesn't make them invincible
Also Gon is a scrub compared to Killua's experience. The latter's always been above the former in term of fighting prowess, only that Gon's insane and can do feats that most people won't even think of.

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Why no more yandere?
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Well i've now lost faith in /a/
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Their series keep getting cancelled.
Because writers a shit that can't make decent characters.

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What is she thinking about?
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Her senpai.
These pretzels, are making me thirsty!
Torture devices

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Why is Suresuresuresure Suresuresure so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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>cheap tricks
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>Called Game
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