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colonel cunt.png
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>"I love you Hikari"
>"keep trying"
>"I want you to be happy!"
>hikari succeeds
>"heh heh, but secretly I'm actually nice, I'm only ironically being a bitch, hikari's gonna forgive me later like the dumbass she is anyway LMAO"
>"he heh, yeah I'm kicking her out of the job that she's longed for her entire life that she will probably never get another chance to be a part of all 'for her'"
>"wow I'm such a good person I better cry right now just to prove it to everyone"
>"I love myself ;_;"

I swear to God this fucking bitch

this fucking bitch
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shamefully self-bumping dead thread for dead show

Maybe S2 will be better
One can hope.

There have been only like two good ass shots this season, yet my entire strike witches folder is pretty much dedicated to ass shots. Just what the hell was SL thinking when they animated this?

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Official Dub trailer for Blue jacket Lupin

Red jacket DVD collection 1 Trailer (which is up for preorder now)

Offical Trailer for the upcoming Goemon film which is a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and the Fujiko series.

2017 will truly be the year of Lupin releases. Talk about everything Lupin.

>favorite characters
>favorite series
>favorite episodes
>favorite movies/OVAs
>favorite manga stories
>favorite jacket
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also dont forget to pick your favorite Lupin desgn. it is tradition after all
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>favorite characters
Goemon, Zenigata
>favorite series
Two, followed by Four
>favorite episodes
>favorite movies/OVAs
Fuma Conspiracy, followed by Cagliostro
>favorite manga stories
>favorite jacket
Red, duh.

First Contact/Angel Tactics/the mid-00s design is the definitive one for me, personally.
you have weird taste anon, and also the 00's Lupin is the worst decade for Lupin films. I will do my list soon enough.

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Why are reverse traps better than traps?
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not sure
tomboy + pretty boy look?
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I guess, something about a girl who seems just like a boy is perfect to me.
And you have good taste.

I'm going to rant for a bit about Haruhi here, if it's TLDR for you then that's okay, I don't mind, and no one is forcing you to read.

I've always found it extremely difficult to describe the amount of emotions that I have invested into The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have never had a more intimate experience with any other show, any other piece of media period.

Rewatching episodes now is a purely blissful experience. I laugh and giggle through nearly every moment and at the end of each episode my jaw is sore because I've been smiling the whole time.

I think the reason why is because every moment, every line, especially in those earlier episodes, is both a funny moment, and further informs you of the characters and/or moves the plot forward. I can't say that for most anime series. Every one of those characters oozes with interesting personalities, drips with multidimensional facets, and their bright colors shine through every single line and every moment. I can't say that for most other shows where there are lulls and there may be duller moments spread out.
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It was so easy to project myself through Kyon, I started doing it without even realizing it. We have very similar personalities, a sharp sense of sarcasm and dry wit, the best way I know to describe him in brief would be "intelligent but apathetic." It describes me too. Even from the very first line of the very first episode I could begin projecting myself into him because I never believed in Santa Claus either. By the time we got up to the movie, I shit you not, I was finishing his sentences for him. Something would happen on the screen, I would react to it, and then a second later Kyon would say the exact same thing verbatim; this happened more than once during my first viewing of the movie. I was taken aback, it was almost creepy, like the writer was inside my head somehow. But to be that plugged in, that engaged by what's happening onscreen, that's something no other movie has quite been able to do to me before or since. It was like we went on the journey together. There was nothing else like it.
So as I look back over a lifetime of watching anime I realize that no other show has affected me quite like it has. And as I reflect on the show itself, my opinion of it keeps getting better and better. The future just looks darker every day, but the past, even the dimmer parts of it, just keep getting brighter all the time. And when I look back on how much time has passed, I realize that I've been carrying these characters with me all this time. I've been hearing Kyon's voice in my head for years, sharing every sarcastic response and aggravated sigh through all my little interactions with this world. Haruhi's boundless energy making me smile. Nagato's smile appealing to my heart in my dreams. Tsuruya's dorky laugh making me laugh. These characters and scenarios have become a part of me and my life.

The music has also been etched into my mind. I listen to it during my boring, soul-sucking jobs, and I feel better; it's the only thing that keeps me going some days. The music of The Symphony of Haruhi Suzumiya can make me burst into tears of joy. It takes this music that I already love and am very familiar with and elevates it to the level of classic Disney music, it opens up all those feelings and amplifies them to this grand scale in a way that is so beautiful, it makes me cry. I can't hear any of the music without the image of the characters coming to mind and all those emotions of those scenarios come flooding back. I work through them and somehow it's like they've become a part of me.

How can one show be so powerful?
One thing I find fascinating about all of this is how Tanigawa described the character Haruhi naturally came to him one night, as if he had dreamed her up and had little control over it. That reminds me of how Robert E Howard created Conan the Barbarian, he describes it quite similarly that it was more like he was relating a series of events rather than creating them, it was such an effortless experience. He said it was as if Conan himself was standing over his shoulder telling him what to write. Also reminds me of how the creator of Pokemon says that the first ones came to him in dreams and he got up in he middle of the night to sketch some of them out. There could be some great unknown forces out there that speak to us in our dreams. Remember that Koizumi projected the idea that their existence was a mere dream of a god-like being. Perhaps that was Tanigawa's way of telling us that these stories were the product of his dreams. Perhaps Haruhi herself is some sort of force of nature, some elegant angel that visited Tanigawa so he could share her hope with the rest of the world. Hang on to that thought for later.

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>Flip Flappers
Should you really be having sex with your experiments?
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>angelic layer
Woman loses her legs then abandons her daughter to touch up little dollies with her perverted boyfriend.
>Soushin Shoujo Matoi
Cum on hand
Bitch gets strangled
Pseudo mecha

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Which would you bro it up with? Or the second option can be cat or notBatman.
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Number 2 best boy.

Boss is great too.
2 > 1 > 3

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>tfw there will never be a Monster Musume equivalent Pokemon anime
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Have you played Moemon?
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Black Lagoon starts again after 2014 hiatus. 「ブラック・ラグーン」2017年春に連載再開、広江礼威描くクライムアクション

src: http://natalie.mu/comic/news/213750
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can't wait till it goes back on hiatus for more texmex shit
I aint holding my breath. THis gets on and off as much as HxH

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>tfw when first time gettting it in the back door.
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>Implying something.

Never liked high school set ups in anime but I'm oddly interested in checking lucky star out. Is it a good or bad, help me make a decision /a/
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Why don't you download the first episode, watch it, form your own opinion and decide if you liked or not?

You're going to waste only 25 minutes.
First 4 episodes had a shitty director who got replaced, it definitely gets better over time namely when the side cast gets expanded in the later half. I like it much more than K-on, it has much more wit to it than that. People sometimes called it Japanese seinfeld, and although that heaps expectations too high it is still a pretty amusing show. Konata's rampant otakudom was actually novel in this kind of show back then, and this was the first breakout hit show to have a kind of meta/tongue in cheek perspective you see all over the industry now.

Even so, in trying to recall those first four Yamakan eps (which are pretty much why he is a joke to this day), ep 1's opening was probably the worst scene in the entire series, and parts of ep 2 dragged out too much too. I think ep3 was OK.
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>decide from the first episode

ITT: That one episode/chapter where you drop everything and force people you know to watch/read the series you where just enjoying
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You what?
Man that homoshit at the end came out of fucking nowhere
The Netero vs Meruem fight in Hunter X Hunter

I immediately redownloaded all of the previous episodes and streamed all of it for a friend of mine.

Fuck I love everything about that fight.

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The Jojo family
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>posts single hit specimen

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I can already see the disappointment:
>made by TOEI so shit QUALITY everywhere
>shit ost
>supposed female MCs will get shafted for max gold wanking

at least the inevitable new female myth cloth figures will be nice
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I'll watch it
maybe the OP won't be so bad but that's it
>Latter half of Omega
>Legend of Sanctuary flopping
>Soul of Gold

Being an SSfag is suffering.

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A challenger appears! who is this mystery person on the phone?
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What is their best work?
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Show by Rock and Wolf's Rain, they haven't made anything good aside of that.

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