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Why is it so terrible?
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Super > Z
better than most shit on this board honestly.
Z > DB > GT >>>>>>>>>>>Super

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santa yui.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

6 days!

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A SHIT.jpg
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Did Shaft finally get it right?
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Yes, this adaptation is a miracle in their current era.
I haven't been watching anime this season or visiting /a/ much.

Sangatsu manga is a masterpiece, and I love Shaft, but you're not telling me they actually adapted it well, are you? There's just no way.
No, Shaft is getting carried by a good source material for once.
I think any other studio with a decent director would have done better.

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Who is the biggest bitch in anime?
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inb4 shinji
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that doesnt make sense

I am thinking about making a Christmas Episodes Collection.

Name Anime and Episode Number

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 14
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Acchi Kocchi - 10
Kiniro Mosaic - 11
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha - 12

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I already like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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You gotta be shitting me.
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Just like my doujins!
Is this in the Realta nua version of the game as well? I always wondered whether Nasu put this stuff in as an excuse for the sex scenes or if it was actually an integral part of the magic/mana system.
>I always wondered whether Nasu put this stuff in as an excuse for the sex scenes
He did. How else was the game going to sell?

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How exactly was this supposed to save anime?
What was Yamakan's plan?
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>What was Yamakan's plan?
Same plan as all advertisement:
Get lots of attention to sell your product.
This was the first anime I watched as it aired so it will always have a special place in my heart.
>What was Yamakan's plan?

To show Kyoani that he can make it without their help. Much like a jilted boyfriend taking his new skank to Cracker Barrel to make his old GF jealous.

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Why is it that most anime shows rely strictly on dialogue driven humor?

Where did all the visual gags go? It seems nowadays that the only studios that gives a damn about visual based comedy is Studio fucking Deen and Bones. One character making a goofy looking face while telling a joke hardly counts as a visual based gag because all it does is supplement what is actually driving the joke: the dialogue.

I'm not saying dialogue based humor is bad but jesus christ almost every show nowadays does it. It's almost as bad as western cartoons where nearly fucking everything is done by the script.
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Because they grew out of radio, whilst Hollywood grew out of theatre.

>visual gags
>female punches MC for literally no reason, but MC is literally immortal so it doesnt matter
>le top tier comedy

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4 days until release. Will the meme subber deliver?
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I wanna fuck teenage Kissshot.
I wanna fuck every Kiss-Shot.
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who doesn't

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>tiny eyebrows
>cocoa infused subcutaneous bilayer
>toned bod
is she, dare i say it, /my/ girl?
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>>cocoa infused subcutaneous bilayer
That's an awfully fancy way of saying "shitskin"
see this is how you spot plebs. you associate brown with shit instead of chocolate. you just can't appreciate the tastiness.
So what is pale skin made of then?

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Euphemia loading.gif
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Did Lelouch kill Euphemia because he was jealous of Suzaku?

>Lelouch has the highest birthright, but no rank or power
>Suzaku is from a conquered slave people, but has one of the highest ranks and is fairly powerful
>Conflict of personalitites
>Euphemia falling for Suzaku but having been Lelouch's "first love"

Lelouch could have achieved the same effects even if he didn't kill her. Moreover, it calls into question the reasons why he goes about targeting her in the first place.

Even him "explaining" Geass to her might be suspect
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Laughing Lulu.jpg
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Maybe you didn't notice but her only desire at the time was to exterminate all the japanese people
But beyond that, Lelouch went out of his way to personally kill her

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Choose one.
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Why limit yourself?

I choose 5.
It's missing best girl.
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I choose the best girl.

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How's the progress on the scanlation front?
Anything you'd like to get translated?
Kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru? Watashi soretomo ano ko?
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>How's the progress on the scanlation front?
i wish i had a gun so i could kill myself
why not quit the hobby?
Even if I killed myself the rest of my group would continue bugging me.

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death parade.jpg
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Probably super late to the party, but I just finished watching this today.

How'd you guys like it? I loved it.
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>Probably super late to the party,
The threads got shit when cheating became a topic. Ever since then the threads were a mixture of /pol/ and tumblr.
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I havent watched it yet, that being said, Nona is a qt.
I'd highly recommend it. OP is a banger, and there's a lot of really great emotion, theory fuel, animation.

Gud shit, and Nona is absolutely a qt. I want her to be my boss.

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