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>just an illiteral peasant girl capable of hearing divine voices
>literally lifted the siege of Orleans, which completely changed the tide of the 100 years' war
>got burned at the stake for being heresy,
>after her death, became a saint and the most loved heroin in history

Is she a good protagonist material?
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She is good rape material. Also, I want to steal her clothes.
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She'll make a fantastic mother of my legions of children
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She is. She even defeated Vlad.

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Would she survive in prison?
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You mean would the prison survive with her?
Very well actually.
Fuckmeat is treated reasonably well in prison, so yes.

>Adding an actual romance subplot to an idol show

Holy shit, how did idolfags not kill themselves when this aired? Did nips end up wanting her to kill herself because of this?
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stop writing bullshit, also the show makes it clear they can't date
Wouldn't her just admitting she loves the dude be enough to set idolfags off and have them start demanding she shave her head or some shit?
the show was for people who weren't idolfags, yet

Why doesn't /a/ like Children who Chase Lost Voices?

Hard mode: don't mention Ghibli
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I don't remember why I got bored.
I just remember that after having it paused for 2 hours, I decided to watch something else instead.
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Just like with many other anime movies, it meanders about for too long and not the character nor the story or the writing are compelling enough to keep your interest. It's solely the visual experience, but that is always true with Shinkai.
I actually liked the Ghibli vibes, but compared to pretty much any Ghibli movie it's really watered down.

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Last gundam I watched was Turn a Gundam is Iron Orphan worth watching
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Watch it and find out.
watch this
it's okay for the robots
the main character is boring
the main character's faction is a bunch of bloodthirsty child soldiers who are basically being indoctrinated by Kamina-lite (though his intentions are pure, he's just dumb).
there are a couple of qts but they don't stand out that much.

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Time pass... Chaika, tired. Front page, lost, time long. Chaika want return, Chaika tired. Just close eyes for moment, Chaika rest...
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Did you think we had forgotten?
Did you think we had forgiven?
Behond now, the terrible vengeance of the Chiaka!

Chaika to the thread!
And Chaika to the front page!
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Chaika fuckin sucked dude

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Does buying doujin support the anime industry at all?
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It supports the porn artist himself
what if the porn artist makes anime?
Doujin doesn't mean porn.

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>reading a nice little comedy manga about a boy and a girl trying to foster a relationship
>it turns into a harem

>watching an amusing anime about a lad and a lass thrust into an unfamiliar situation together
>it turns into a harem

Listen, don't get me wrong, I am not judging anyone for their tastes. I just want to know what the appeal is for harem type stories. I just want your honest opinions, that's all.
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Why have one cute girl when you can have five?
I'm alright with harem stories but I understand your sentiments, except in my case it's love triangles to harems.

The harem genre is highly compatible with comedy, so I have absolutely no qualms about harems when mixed with comedy.
I don't like harems in general unless it's declared in the first episode/chapter.

And let me tell you, 3x3 eyes can piss off with that. I know nobody will ever translate gaiden, but the memory loss thing still triggers me to this day. should have never introduced any other grils

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You disgust me.jpg
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Make a real soul-sucking, generic-ass anime/manga plot that will make me look at you in disgust. Do it.
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angsty boy is unbeatable because he's angry and all the girls want to fuck him. he fights some things but also sometimes is sad
Yuri? Only undertones.
With the Umaru OST
Shota cowboy with a huge bounty tries to form his own outlaw gang to rob the biggest bank in the country.

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Thoughts on New Game! anime/manga?
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I always wanted to fuck a vita
Aoba and her pantsu are adorable.

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Does Kino have the comfiest existence in anime?
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She is technically homeless. Have you ever been homeless? It's not comfy.

>Constant travel
>An infinite world of amazing new things
>Comfy camping
>Comfy self reliance
>Literally a new adventure around every corner

Why would you want to stay in one place?
Absolutely not.
Well actually, I can't recall a single story where she got injured or even remotely seriously hurt.

>Jap moving to 19th century Paris
>her hometown will be nuked in her lifetime
How the fuck am I supposed to feel comfy while watching this?
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Drink coffee and eat cheese while watching
>no new chapters since 2011
why live
>Jap moving to 19th century Paris
>Paris will be liberated by krauts in her lifetime
How the fuck am I supposed to feel comfy while watching this?

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You know what Karen wants
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This lacks meaning or significance to me. I'm bored
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do what you want cause a pirate is free

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>look at the other end of your red thread
>see this

What do?
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have sex
complain because they knew what they were doing but won't deliver because muh wider target audience
time to test my fingering

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2O5whvn - Imgur.jpg
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Why do we not talk about this show anymore? Is it just cause it didnt have cute girls? had any 10/10 plot for modern standards.
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>almost 30 year old manga
>shows been over for a while
>discussed to death

its a good show
Is their really just not a lot to talk about in this show? I feel it was a great show but i never hear anything about it...
Kana best girl. In both version.

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