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Is this the best anime to watch on Christmas? I say it is.
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That's not Toradora.
>Is this the best anime? I say it is.
I rewatch it every year on Christmas.

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How does this make you feel?
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Like finding whoever did this and fucking them in the ass.
Depends on who's saliva is in there

so...........there are gurlz now?

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I'm okay with this
I haven't seen Saint Seiya in like 15 years but i'm almost 100% sure girls are forbidden to be knights.
We yuri now?

Why do people like Code Geass so much? A friend forced me to watched it, it seems average.
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Back to whatever cancerous board you came from.
Sorry I have opinions.
>A friend forced me to watched it
Learn 2 English.

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What do they mean by this?
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Face abuse thread?
Face abuse thread.
Does this count?
Metaphor for stretching of her vagina by a huge penis.

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Did she ever discover the secret of body melding?
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Fuwa science.jpg
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Almost did through a dog in the Light Novels but said dog was neutered by the Decency Squad
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I want to sleep with her.

We await the man of rape.
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Lanka, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. La-n-ka: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. La. N. Ka. She was La, plain La, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lan-chan in slacks. She was Doggy at school. She was Lanka-san on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lanka.
>you will never have a tomboy sister
I recognise that quotation, you sick fuck.
Good taste..

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Explain an anime plot badly thread

>everyone gets naked
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>Everything you know is a lie
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>Everyone is gay
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Not true

Everyone turns into tang

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And instead of her being your servant you had a game where she wants to scape from the box.

You win if you keep her captive.

You may have touch features using a cellphone where she would complain all the time.

Would this make you buy it?
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I'm already buying it.
They should just make the HW and have community make the models, voice and SW. I'm damn sure people will try to hack it with MMD models the moment it comes out.
I'm buying three regardless.

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Why are we so notorious? From what I've seen/heard our fanbase is generally regarded as one of the most cancerous around .

I'd look for more examples but I'm lazy so bear with my ad hominem/populum/verecundiam/whatever you call it .I'm sure you all know what I mean though .

Rejoice fellows for we are kings in this area .

Now don't exit the thread just yet .We can talk about this .Such notoriety is almost refreshing as everyone who isn't a part of us shudders and hurls curses at our name .

Why are we so notorious ?

We cause chaos even among each other .This is about TypeMoon in general but most of this trouble is concentrated on Fate .

Discuss .
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>From what I've seen/heard our fanbase is generally regarded as one of the most cancerous around .
Because you guys treat your favorite series as a religion and ANYONE who can't recite it is a secondary, anyone who doesn't like it for it's obvious flaws are considered retarded,dumb,etc.
You guys rival JoJo for cancerous minus all of the gay shit.
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Because we are extremely pretentious and self-entitled.

Mostly enjoy it for a few characters and memes
Jesus christ you sound like such a fucking faggot

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Who is your favorite girl from to love ru/to love ru darkness. Mine is Kotegawa. hated here at first but then she grew on me. she's the reason i like tsunderes an girls with long black hair in anime.
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her's a sexy version just cause this is to love ru
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Yui. Shame they do fuck all with her as of late.
I'd honestly watch an anime with just her as the main love interest. A lot of the girls are too good to be in one series

Get in here believers, this will be our last chance, let's pray together!

>in memory of ALS kun
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Thou shalt entertain your god.
Thou shalt not be bored.
Thou shalt keep holy the Sabbath
Thou shalt enjoy costume-raping.
Thou shalt be a lolicon.
Thou shalt love boobies
Thou shalt have no other God other than her.
Thou shalt not worship other gods
Thou shalt obey Haruhi and all she demands.
Thou shalt be Haruhi's slave.
Thou shalt not tell the goddess she is god.

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what does /a/ think of Karin?
I'm re-watching it because I don't remember what happens
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dude's mom has it going on hard
also her brother has a rape baby
Anon there is something seriously wrong with your media player.
I never watched the anime but the manga made me sad

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Fuckboys: the anime
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OP, is that a picture of Fags on Ice?
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No. it's about a fat female Otaku who suddenly looses weight and become pretty. Enter fuckboys wanting to get in her pants despite her otaku-ness being a huge turnoff
So it's kind of an uplifting tale that people don't care about you as a person only what you look like?

Why does SHAFT ruin everything it touches?
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They tend to smother adaptations with their style. Works great for Monogatari, but it really hurts some of their other shows.
Maybe you should stop watching shit shows?

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