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will you watch Eromanga Sensei?
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Yes. But for the plot, not for the cute girls of course for the cute girls.
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The Kawaii is the Justice absolute

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Just finished Love Lab, and it was funny and entertaining.
Should i read the manga or just wait for a second season that will never come?
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The manga is 4koma done right.
The boys ruined everything.
Second season never ;_;

Haven't been able read this shit in like a year cause of the tumblr fags. Literally killing my enjoyment.
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I don't care.
If the threads are shit, ignore them.
I pretend the fanbase does not exist
Just ignore them? Holy fuck. That was hard.

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Rokka no Yuusha.

See you in Season 2, Summer 2017 /a/
>Makes this thread
>Post a 2/10 show

What did op mean by this?
You forgot the "pic unrelated"

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This 8 year old little girl appears lost. What should you do?
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Marry her
Impregnate her superiour sister.
I don't believe that 8 years old can have such a hips to shoulder ratio.

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What did /a/ think of Bokurano? I liked it when I watched it since it was a real emotional gut punch and it was interesting exploration of the human psyche when confronted with an unavoidable demise.

I've heard people say the manga is better but it felt a bit unnecessarily cruel compared to what I watched in the anime, even if it made a bit more sense internally and thematically.
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Is it safe to read the manga if I have depression?
Maybe not, depending on whether or not you get off on suffering.
It's a bittersweet ending at its best, but way more bitter overall than the anime ending. None of the main characters get a happy ending in the manga.

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Reminder that White Fix surpassed Kyoani.

Let us praise our new overlords!
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Adaptation babbies
>Mom, look, I opened this thread again. Are you proud?
>White Fix
You are a complete failure.
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At least post a studio that can actually compete.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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More than Disappearance
Plot 5/7
Animation 2/7

Even if the animation is godly, if the plot sucks then I'll drop it. The characters and story have to make sense.
Really? Anime is a visual medium so I expected people to value it a little more than the plot.

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Why didn't Shinka just ignore Dekomori?
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Because I want to look EXACTLY like Shinka.
Because Shinka sounds like "Schinken", which is German for ham?

(seriously, the fuck kinda answer you want?)
She ignored but chuunibitch always ruined her time, her picture at the art room, was pushing her to fall and all. Deco deserved all the abuse she got, she was always the first one to start shit.

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This porno didn't have any right to look this good.

Any possibility for a new upcoming season, I started only for the fanservice, but somehow I got invested in some of the characters.
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I stopped watching after S1 because this cunt is so annoying
Its still an extremely popular manga, that would move merchandise with an anime. Will always happen, it consistently still gets OVAs
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I thought they would just be pretty wall flowers, but turned out pretty fun and badass as well.

Did you forget about her already?
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The Stig's Japanese cousin.
I only remember Onsa's hair.

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Kizumonogatari or Dark Souls 1 cut scene?
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Dark Souls didn't have chromatic aberration

Nekketsu is meant to be coming out on BD on the 20th, right? How long do you think before it shows up online?
The Tree of Life scene

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What did she mean by this?
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Sister should have gotten a chapter

other girl was ruined by big tits
She was teaching her how to self-induce vomit through the gag reflex by sticking two fingers in your throat.

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Banana stuck in her ear.
Can't you tell?
Trapped in a shitty show and can't get out.
>shitty show

Subs out
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Kool, I wouldn't have noticed without this thread.
Which raw is it compatible with?
Oh yes.

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