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Hey anons, I have yet to witness FLCL in all its glory. Should I do the anime or manga? Sub or dub if anime?
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Dubbed manga
Or both?
Haruko's voice in the manga is trash.

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How do you do tournament arcs right?
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By interrupting them.
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Interrupt them and have the intended last battle of the tournament as the climax of the resulting chaos.
Make them an absolute joke like in the original Dragon Ball except for the final fight

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Was it rape?
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I mean it's kinda clear she was asking for it...
No. It's Code Geass, not Valvrage.
Must be a terrible kind torture to be gang raped and then tied up with a tray of food sitting right in front of you.

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I've wanted to watch Fullmetal Alchemist to study the magic in it for a while now, but I'm afraid it's just going to make me nauseous and sad.

If I don't want to watch a depressing carnage-fest is this the wrong show?
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2003 > brotherhood
for you what is too much carnage?
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If you don't want depression, don't watch FMA.

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No, but 2013 was.
When disapperance stream?
Anytime after the 10 year mark for anything animated is nothing but Purgatory. Once you accept that this work will never continue again is when you can move on.

Haruhi fans are a special case, since they're stuck in an eternal purgatory cobsidering the source material will never be completed and the franchise's collaborators keep cock-teasing them with cruel announcements like Pachinko (which also symbolizes the death of a franchise).

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Thank you for spoiling me, /a/
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I love her voice
nanako dies
Yamada's tight pussy.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!


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One Calendar week left?!
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Has a character ever been assassinated by their author as hard as Sinbad?
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Not that I know of. She wrote herself into a really bad corner and couldn't think of anyway to make a conflict out of the story.
It hurts more that he started out as basically a benevolent superhero king that spent all day fighting monsters and banging and spent all night partying and banging.
>Has a character ever been assassinated by their author as hard as Sinbad?

How? by doing EVERYTHING she hinted she was going to do with him, both in the main series AND the spin-off for years now?

Or by "assassinating" do you mean that you're butthurt because your husbando is not the good guy you headcanoned yourself into thinking he was and he's going to get BTFO?

Strike the Himeragi
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IEEEEE SENPAI, you a shit.
I'd rather strike the Sayaka.
With my dick.

Should Nichijou have a second season? I know that the marketing sales were a complete flop. But would you personally watch it if they made a second season?
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I personally wouldn't. They would have to cut the budget by 70% if they were to make a second season.
Well they could always start a kickstarter.
I would

It'd probably be cheaper for them to keep the manga going though, and I would enjoy both equally

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The Yurus play horror games (for example, SCP: Containment Breach).

What are their reactions?
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I think they'd get at least a little scared.
Take an image of one of them screaming and them put one of those high speed blur filters on it. That's their reaction.
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Anyone has watched this? What do you think?
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main girl needs a beating
I like the dumb one.
Hidden gem of cuteness. Too bad the antihet mindlessness of yuri/purityfags has penetrated too deep into this board for it to ever garner an appreciation beyond a small fanbase making occasional small threads so it will go mostly under the radar.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but metaphor is hugely underutilised in anime (maybe less so in manga, but still not something I notice as much as I do in literature).
I watched Angel's Egg recently and it struck me how it was so different, and clearly it is from a different and unique era. The only other anime I recall seeing good use of metaphor in are Akira and Evangelion, but in those cases it's more of a device and not the main object of interest.
There have been times in Berserk where there was some idea of metaphor and allegory, but that was only in the early and middle chapters, not so much in the later stuff.

I just wish more anime or manga would have this, it would make things far more interesting.
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Not many series in any kind of media, Japanese or otherwise, use metaphors.
Until a certain era they did, but yes not many use metaphor nowadays. It's kind of sad but that's how I think the best stories are told and you end up with a sense of fulfilment.
It's a metaphor for pedophilla

so japs seem to love german for some reason. Why can't they just hire a translator and get this shit right?

This is so triggering holy shit. Like all they could bother was google translate.
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It's the same for pretty much every other language. They use foreign stuff because it is cool and nothing more
Jap anime viewers dont see anything wrong with it and buy bds anyway. Their profit margins are so small hiring any extra talent would be stupid.

Its not like an extra talent is needed. Just pay some nerd 10$ on twitter to proofread and you're set.

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ITT: Characters who, if removed their anime makes it a lot better.

pic related this fucking asshole

Literally who gives a fuck about this guy
>muh dead wife
>wah why do all these high school girls want to fuck me
>muh music

Fuck off.
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Every MC.
Sounds like you are just a yurifag.
>assblasted /u/ fag

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