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Kiss the loli
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What am i looking at?
i wish i wasnt so depressed, my fellow lolicons
probably a page from "Majou Shoujo of the end"

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How did Toriyama get away with this?
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the 80s were a different time
The 80s.
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ITT: Favorite school uniforms. Pic related.
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what is this face trying to convey?
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Jealousy at best girl.
they angry because they trapped in a piece of turd animu based on a piece of turd ln

Aim for the top /a/, never compromise!!!
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So few minutes, It just unfair.
Not enough Warsaw Pact really.
the pubes girl

Why is Stella so perfect?
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Because she's modern tsundere.
Stella a shit.
Neo tsundere and worst girl is the opposite of perfect.

Is Megumi Katou the best main heroine of the last ten years?
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Stella is better.
No she's a shit
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Megumi's trait is not that special, it was all thanks to the writing. Heroine stereotypes are bullshit. And she proved it.

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Well Here's the chapter. sorry for the delay after I said that I was going to do it right away, but I got caught with things IRL, so...
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Is there any girl in any series who is more best than Yohane?

>Best aquor
>Best Love Live
>Best anime idol in general (better than all [email protected] girls)
>Best chuunibyou in all of anime
>Best spherical uni-bun in all of anime hair

the list goes on and on.
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Chuuni characters suck. She's not the best love live, not the best sunshine, not even the best first year.

She's better than Nico though.
>Chuuni characters suck

Only when they believe their own bullshit and act like it's serious business

Yohane is fully aware she looks like an autistic sperg when she does her angel act
Thus better than Nico. Still near the bottom of the list of Sunshine.

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>In the end, actually, I am...!!

What did they mean by this?
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>mfw the ride ends
The whole school is shouting that part in unison. And then devolving into chatter because not everyone is the same kind of being.
Wow the series really does feel like it's about to end.

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yotsuba sticker.png
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What does /a/ want for Christmas?
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My two front teeth
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A daughteru like Yotsuba
Happiness and freedom away from this hellhole.

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Why is she so smug?
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because she eats semen demons for breakfast
Because she's like 14 and already a lieutenant in the army. I'd be smug as shit if I was that well accomplished, too. Also, she knows that she's the best character.
Because she's super cute.

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Post anime that only informed and educated minds could understand
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you first
You first
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Posted two now, your turn

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It's only in the last decade and a half that TV shows with a continoes plot gained traction in the western world, saying that it's even better than movies. Stuff like Sopranos, Lost, 24...stuff that you would "binge watch". Before US TV, was mostly episodic, crime dramas, comedies and sci-fi.

Anime did serials with anticipation from the audience so much earlier.
Sure you could say Sci-fi in the early 70's in the form Leiji Matsumoto has been done before...but really to me, these shows felt like Star Wars in TV format rather than anything else. I felt the same for Ashita no Joe. It's like Rocky, but a TV show.

But especially things like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, or even Lain were in the later 90's, were just so beyond anything American TV could offer.

I'm not debating whatever Anime or American TV is better or whatever. Just the ideas of serious TV shows with long overarching plots were done with Anime way before it gained traction with US shows.
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Fuck no, if anything anime is behind in the way stories are structured and restricted to a 20 minute format.

Anime originals fare better in concepts but don't have the funding to pull off what they need if you compare GitS: SAC to most anime.

The concepts in anime are far ahead but the content of broadcasting is also very restrictive.
>The concepts in anime are far ahead

That's what I was arguing. The characters in live action are still way more human in the way they are written.

Altough I still like Anime better because the characters are eccentric.
Western media evolved in a way where "serious" narratives with themes, characters, etc were limited to film. Part of this is because film came before television and many early films were built off of screenplays adapted from existing literature, which already had overarching plots with solid themes and characters.

The history of television is really fucking weird, and it was highly experimental early on. It was more of a utility and service than anything, and network studios had to be careful and make things which had wide enough appeal to generate high ratings so they could satisfy their advertisers and stay on the air.

As media giants emerged, they were able to take more risks and experiment with niche content that had coherent narrative structure to see if there was an audience for it.

This has been happening since the 60s and 70s, but has definitely increased recently because people are starting to realize how much more interesting these shows are and how it's worth investing their time in entertainment that has a higher payoff.

Nip animators realized fairly early on that animated series were a good platform for overarching narratives because the production was more straightforward (and less expensive if you cut corners) than making a TV show with high production values and also had less risks if it ended up flopping because the contracted voice actors just had to be around to record their lines and not do a ton of takes on set like live performers.

Was it autism?
just finished 3.0. Who kickstarted this fanfic?
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2018 is the year 3.0 + 1.0.
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>Who kickstarted this fanfic?
Does it have an english dub yet? Like holy shit.

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