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S-subs when?
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Don't you do this to me, anon.
Any Minute Now

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It's that time of the year again!
Rewatch ALL of Haruhi with /a/.

Every day from the 17th until Xmas.
20:00 GMT, 4 episodes a day.

On Christmas Eve we watch Disappearance.

Hope to see you there!


Starts in 30min! (Almost forgot to make thread edition)
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Best girl coming through.
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Best new show of 2016 incoming.
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Thank you for the webm.
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Bite the dust version of pic related
Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > *
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What anime did you used to love but don't anymore?
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Code Geass
Many but If I have to pick one that I really loved and now despise: Evangelion

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Since Shinkai is about to surpass Spirited Away and his old employees have set up their own studio without him for a new movie, has Miyazaki become irrelevant?
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Even if he eventually stopped making new stuff, his legacy will keep him relevant for a very long time.
He's unretiring for the 4th time or something and planning on a new film

All those animators will flood back to his side if he does guaranteed
Their both retards who only know how to make one kind of movie. miyazaki was at least a little creative in his early years. this is the japanese way, spend your whole life refining and training with one katana, then die. the stubborness is now neither interesting nor fashionable

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You understood this, right anon? It wasn't too deep for you was it?
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it took five or six watches but yeah i got it
Why do you evafags keep getting out of /m/ ?
I didn't get any of Evangelion or Lain.

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We're in the last week of anime for the year so time to get this shit started.

>Winter AOTS
>Spring AOTS
>Summer AOTS
>Fall AOTS
>Best Studio
>Best Feature Film
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>Winter AOTS
>Spring AOTS
>Summer AOTS
Mob Psycho
>Fall AOTS
Flip Flappers
Tie between Rewrite/Haruchika/Mayoiga
>Best Studio
>Best Feature Film
Kimi no na wa

The memest answer.

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idol anime plot.jpg
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How come so many people watch idol animes and don't get bored to death ?

I like the songs, but I don't understand how so many people love these shows/games with 98274 characters and apparently 0 plot, doesn't sound entertaining at all
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Those 98274 characters are all cute girls
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Plot is overrated. But even then idol anime tends to have more plot than the average SoL so I'm not what you're getting at.
It's an aesthetic choice, like with Magical Girls.

Marathoned this. Missed the threads. What did /a/ think of it?
How likely is it to get a second cour?
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Everyone likes it
No chance not enough content to adapt
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While I personally found the release format refreshing, it seemed to kill off discussion of the series over here fairly quickly.

After watching it, I felt like I've wasted my life away.
liked it

kariu a best

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Handsome Is Forever.png
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The thrilling conclusion to what can only be described as a true emotional rollercoaster of a drama is finally here.
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Owari da.
Shit, was about to post that.

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>doesn't asspull
>strong as fuck
>cool guy
>constantly outdone by the Mary Sue
Being a laxus fag is suffering
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>doesn't asspull
>strong as fuck
>has cancer
>cool guy

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What was Zura problem?
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zura janai, katsura da!
He was Fruit Punch Samurai
His problem was being a great character stuck in a mediocre anime.

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post retards
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I've not seen any of these translated since I scanned 1 and 4 a year or so ago so figured I'd do some, so here's the bonus manga that came with volume 1 of the BDs, I'll do the others as and when. Excuse the slightly shitty scans and typestting etc, translation is the only part of manga scanlation I've got any experience in at all.
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