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Well Daiz?
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That wasn't Daiz you fucking retard.
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>replying to fakes

See >>151020103

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Just dropped this because it seems the plot is going nowhere 10 episodes in, and Oz is a fucking cunt.
Did you have a better experience with Pandora Heart?
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>Oz is a fucking cunt
No you, faggot. Oz is a miracle and is too nice for his own good. Alice is an usurper bitch.
Lottie > Echo > Alice > all
Read the manga instead. Even though the last arc was shit.
It's like the Ever17 of manga: it is very good once you get to the Big Final Twist that explains everything, but until then nothing seems to make sense.
That's why the anime (which ends way before that) literally has no purpose.

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fucking shitcunts.jpg
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I finally got around to watching the Akito the Exiled movies because of the new season announcement, but the mechs are CGshit.

This is just for the movies, right? The new season is going to have proper hand drawn mechs and not CGshit, right?
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Are those movies actually any good?
we have no idea

they're ok
CG fights were awesome
I hope they are in R3 too

Meme show
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Not an argument.
All fiction is a meme
Colors is also a meme

Why was this so bad?
Was it because it was a 1:1 clone of NGE?
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>Why was this so bad?
I'm going to hurt you.
>anon still shitposting
Neither the reaction faces nor the appearance of mulder & scully could save this show

Why is she wearing this
everyone else wears normally
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So she can plant her ass firmly on my face, now fuck off.
Because she's the major and she doesn't give two shits
To compensate for originally being a dude

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>a shitty flash bang and a few light jabs
That's all it took?
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Glad Ripply actually killed her instead of freaking out how she was just a kid
She won't be missed
It was an enhanced flashbang from Calamity Mary's own stash of weapons.

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Tejina Senpai
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>filename isn't Tejina Senpai
Tejina Senpai
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Without any prior knowledge, can you tell if a show is a LN adaptation or not just by watching the first episode?
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You probably can with at least 60% accuracy.
LN adaptions tend to drop a lot of explanations through dialogue alone, originals will have an example play out for you while a manga will have notes and text boxes.
If I dislike the first episode, but enjoy the rest, then it's usually a manga adaptation.

>Is ripped as fuck
>Lives in perpetual fear of a girl wanting your dick

Why is this allowed?
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then again, if her mom found out he would probably end up castrated

Cultural brainwashed by the purityfag society.
Pushy girls are a turn off.

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>Its a he

What the fuck dungeon meshi
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Elves dude.

>not liking it better this way
Everybody knows male elves more beautiful than their female.
>this manga will never be popular enough to have doujins of the mad sorcery mind and body raping Laius

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Why didn't Goku wish him to comeback as a better person?
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its a show for children
>better person

What are you talking about? He was already perfect.
because despite his evil personality, he was still a proper fighter, unlike buu who was just a crazy mindless kid. Goku thought it was a waste that such strength would go to such a wild being, thus he wanted him to be reborn so that he could have the ultimate challenge.

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My greatest wish in life is to have an animu girl step no me.

I hope VR makes a semi realistic experience some day.
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The answer is Yes. Absolutely and totally Yes.
I wonder what are her feet like.

Favorite Horror/Suspense manga?
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Warau Kyuuketsuki
Why? Because I love vampires and this particular take on the myth was pretty solid.
Also it handles really well the paneling and use of the pages. Besides it has some great dialogues.
This kiss is such a mesmerising moment, during my first read it left such a deep impression that I had to stop reading.
Hellstar Remina had the happiest ending.

Gyo was more of a comedy horror.
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Franken Fran was pretty comfy.

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What was the last great anime original?
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Flip flappers
>buy the VN lol

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