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This is your hostage now. How do you put her to sleep?
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>The time when humans and demons once existed. A demon king, the existence that throws off that balance of perfect stability, kidnapped a human princess and confined her in his own castle.

>People raged, and sent a hero on a journey to rescue the princess to the castle she was confined in. She was supposed to be weeping, despairing, and waiting for a rescue, but... Having so much spare time, aside from sleeping she has noting else to do.

>Now, the "imprisoned princess" does as she likes in the demon king's castle in a seek of a quiet sleep!

>This is a sleeping short comedy!!

I put her in a sensory deprivation chamber.
Send out my Parasect.

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What the fuck was her problem?
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hi /g/
She found out Santa DOESN'T EXIST
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People save and post gifs from Tumblr with her in them.

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IIT: manga that were unfairly axed
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That virtual fighting manga by guy who authored gantz
But Love Tyrant is still going
And it's getting a anime
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When it comes to anime, how old is too old for you?

2011+ is fine. 2009-2010 is a little iffy. 2007 and 2008 is getting pretty old and ugly and gross, but some series are tolerable. 2006 and older needs to get go and stay go.

(For the record, I'm 20.)
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It's fine to dislike some of the art styles from a decade ago that look weird or straight up awful now, but some of the best anime in existence has come before 2006.

Then again posts like these aren't surprising considering the fact that half of /a/ only comes here for Jojo and the usual shounen crap now.
its not the fact that its too old but its that weird art design, especially eyes, that makes me hate old anime
9yo are already too old

5yo are the best

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Someone stole my external HD with all my animu in it, I want to die desu
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>he doesn't store his animu in his diskettes.

>tfw realizing 90% of your anime has no seeders anymore so if you lose it and you want to rewatch you'll have to stream it and because it's from 2004 or something all the streams have less than 4 pixels
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How would you fix Re Zero?
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Remove it from existence.
make the mc quicker on the uptake. The fact it takes him three entire lives to come to the conclusion that shit is resetting was a good example. Also Emilia was absolutely unnecessary unless she somehow becomes relevant later in the series.
>inB4 have Rem Win
But seriously I would add in lost dialogues like the one between Dark Souls and Subaru, the fact Subaru accepted both of the main girls feelings
And most importantly


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Has anyone deserved to die more more than this bitch?
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You're waifu
Don't hate the Player.

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On January 5th and the 9th Princess Mononoke is coming to theaters, i have a few questions.

1. Is it worth seeing in theaters if i have never seen it before?
2. Is it worth 35 mins of driving to said theater?
3. if 1 and 2 are a yes should i see it dubbed or subbed?
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preference. dub is well done

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Debatable. Gaiman wrote the translation. It was decent. Claire Danes and Gillian Anderson were miscast. Billie-Bob Thorton and Minnie Driver were also miscast, but both of them were talented enough to turn in unique takes on their characters. Driver in particular managed to give a lot more range to some of her characters lines then the Japanese actress.

I'd still opt for the sub myself, just because the tertiary voice actors did a better job.
Watch it subbed in the comfiness of your own home.

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What are your expectations?
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I expect it to be awful, just like the first season.
Better show without Hestia
>Making a spinoff for the boring, autistic love interest

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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>with Oreimo
Taiga best girl.
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idk, i feel like edge can never truly be done write, but this shit is down right entertaining.
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I can't tell whether this series is supposed to be a parody of grimdark edgeshit or not. Either way it's entertaining, but am I laughing with the author, or at the author?
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There's nothing edgy about this series
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I dunno man, but it's a rucking ride

>That title drop

What studio should animate Oyasumi Punpun?
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None of the studios can animate it to its full potential.
Rotoscoped. It gives it that creepy factor.

Who is best love live?

Hint:It's Nozomi
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good shit OP
I like Nozomi a lot, but her singing voice is just so bad.
She's still my 3rd favorite after Eli and Honk

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What would you do if you suddenly became a loli, /a/?
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Probably panic, honestly.
Film myself masturbating then masturbate to that.
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Lez out with another loli.

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Rider or Rider?
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I'd rid(h)er


Would drink beer and cuddle while discussing books

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