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Just finished this,what the fuck is this ending?
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A Masterpeice
Kinda wish Jotaro went down fighting.
He just got jobbed too hard considering how OP he used to be.

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What the fuck did i just watch?
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Something really endearing.

I wish we got a small peek into that world again, an OVA or something.
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Fun ride with lesbians, mecha and dragons. What else could you possibly want?

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You now remember Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
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Thanks for reminding me.

What was up with the loli in the nun outfit? Do people actually like this shit?
Just for Sena
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Joke's on you OP, I never forgot.

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Monthly Kakushigoto
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Who were the best girls this year, /a/?
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You're an idiot.
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Why is Rem so ugly?

Can't believe we don't have a thread for this yet

You guys fucking suck you lazy slackers

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Are those even legit.
Less about being lazy, more about no one really cares where the plot is going anymore.
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/a/ told me there will be early spoiler this week. Have I been lied to?

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Azusa, obviously
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>This is official art
yui chan

Takagi-san broke 1 million sales with 4 Volumes and will now get an anime.
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>Lying on the internet
it will be shit
So I guess the author made the right decision to choose this and end his other manga.

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Back to Hell.png
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Which anime/manga protagonist has the most fucked up fate?

To me it´s Archer/EMIYA. He is Shirou so he has lost his original family, his new family, then his new new family and who knows how much he lost after the war. Then he dies and signs up for a new kind of hell, where he is supposed to kill and kill until he doesnt even know for what reason he is doing so. Until he practically snaps and travels to the past to finally kill himself. All for the small chance for his existence to be erased. Must have been pretty fucked up future.
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I'd agree if it weren't so fucking chuuni god damn. That's one of my main issues with the Fate franchise though its more on my side from the look of things.
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>Back to Hell.png

He was never out of it to begin with, you newfaglord, servants are just a copy of the originals and once they dissapear they do forever, they dont go back to anywhere.

Only Saber is the one who can go back, because thats part of the contract with the world she did in the past.

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What anime or manga best corresponds to each board?

I was thinking

/v/ Hyperdimension Neptunia
/o/ Initial D
/k/ Girls und Panzer
/tg/ Dungeon Meshi
/pol/ Jin-Roh
/b/ Ghost Stories
/r9k/ Watamote
/co/ Boku no Hero Academia

Help me out here
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Himouto Umaru-chan
/vp/ Digimon
/a/ yuri on ice

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Wait a second. The Major is actually guy, right? He just has a female cyborg body.

Does that mean in this scene a full grown adult male was going to fuck that little boy assuming he said yes?
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>The Major is actually guy, right?
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mite as well go gay 4 dicks now ;_;
>The Major is actually guy

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I watched this like 5 times and still don't know how the heck can the real world be affected by the wired
2 deep 4 me?
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because the internet and media overall have an influence on the real world, something something
I love Lain
Magnetic fields messing with everyone's minds and shit.

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Christmas week is here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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Suu 4 days

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>"Kyon! Kyon!"
>He turns around
>"I know what we can do! Lets go hunt autistic people along with aliens, time travelers and espers!"
>Later on that afternoon, Haruhi drags you down to the SOS clubroom
>"YAHOOOOOOOO! This is Anon and he's autistic, autistic people are VERY mysterious, right Kyon?"

What do you do?
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Announce my undying love to Haruhi.
"I am John Smith."
>You're looking for my brother. See, we're twins.
I just realized how Haruhi would take that, shoot.

What is her name again?
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