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taiga a sad.png
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Say what you will about toradora, but this part...
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Tigers don't cry.
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you will never feel taigas silky love
Taiga a shit.

This is a Japanese fifth grader.
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>What an /a/non imagines whenever he torrents his Animu

>A portly fellow in a Love Live shirt waddles to the dimly lit desk in his basement
>He boots up his Arch Linux and as if like magic his screenfetch prompts him with
>"What would you like to watch today senpai?"
>The atheist squints around the new releases on Nyaa, his hands at the sides of his oppai mousepad like he had two holsters
>With one hand he expertly clicks the newest HS release of JoJo and with the other, he brings the tip of his hat down
>"Its Time" he mutters as his 3tb Seagate whizzes to life, almost as if to mock the poorfags
>A hush falls over his hotglued figurines
>Waifus from all seasons gush in their pantsu as whispers from other /a/nons can't believe what's transpiring.
>The ISP representative looks like he's about to faint, his cease and desist emails furiously shaking as he slides them over the internet to our hero
>The pocky avenger slaps down a reply with his sticky keyboard and his hamhock fist around the mouse before mumbling to no one that "streamfags get get out of my /a/", knowing he's a far more euphoric human being than people that choose to stream their chinese cartoons

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Left or right?
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What choice is this? Hotblooded girls are always the best
Nah, that's OK, I'm good.
Can I pick a character who isn't a shitty ripoff of a better protagonist?

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At age 21, I can't bear to watch Shōnen anymore. It completely bores me, which I think is natural to some point.
I loath most Shōnen components, but it is kind of annoying I can't enjoy the type of shows I used to
Do you guys still watch Shōnen?
When age did you stop?
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I'm 19 and will be 20 next year and I still watch it. There's nothing wrong with the genre itself, but rather individual shows.
Take Hitman Reborn for example. It's a wonderful show, albeit extremely slow in the beginning making it tough to get into.
Whereas One Piece just continues to spiral downwards in terms of everything. Dragged out scenes, shitty artwork, less than 12 minutes of actual new content in a fucking episode with the rest wasted on recapping and a 2 minute op. It's insane how far this show has fallen.

Who knows if I'll stop? I barely watch anime these days anyways. I'm more of a LN/Manga guy now.
Shounen is not a genre.
28. Still waching majority of shonens.

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i want to start being a piece of shit. is there anything i should know before i start watching jojokes
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Nah, you're probably good.
That Johnathan, Caeser, Kakyoin, Avdol, Iggy, Shigechi, Okuyasu, Rohan, Giorno, Narancia, Bruno, F.F., Hermes, Jotaro, Jolyne, Gyro, and Johnny die.
Jokes on you! There's no character named Avdol in jojo

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Why does no one on dbz earth remember Goku saved the world from King Piccolo?
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the Tenkaichi Budokai host dude remembers.
File: host.jpg (35KB, 225x350px)Image search: [Google]
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forgot pic
he grew 4 times taller in 1 year

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what is this.png
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What is this a picture of?
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Someone eating something
Mako eating.
A grandmother's face.

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Is Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita a metaphor for alienation and commodification under neoliberalism or have I been smoking too much?
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Probably both.
File: 1481178413355.jpg (77KB, 465x618px)Image search: [Google]
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it is a metaphor for watashi being best girl
File: 1400552579688.gif (431KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
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It's a deconstruction of my love for Mediator-chan

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No SYD this week thanks to christmas. Have some Imouto instead
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Well, I suppose there's the v14 omake. But I'll do that tomorrow.
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On a cold night

"It will get very cold tonight"
"Looks like it's gonna be cold tonight too"

"Then let's sleep together tonight"

"W...well, it might be warmer if we're sleeping together"
"But we're in high school now"
"Uhhhhh, but"

"I think we should save time going to the bathroom"
"So I'm the urine bottle"
Just as well. Now have even less time to do stuff between now and end of January.

ITT post girls you assume are best from anime you'll probably never watch
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Already wrong.
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Step it up.
File: Milinda.Brantini.full.1928079.jpg (3MB, 6474x4096px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 6474x4096px
Good eye.

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will anime ever be animated well?
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If it's a movie
If it was made 10 years ago
yeah but what about a decently animated series.

i hate this meme so much why can't animators learn to just not sleep.

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>mfw bakas hating of Re:Zero

It was legendary. Get over it. A new Eva for a new age. One of the best of all time.
Now lick my feet and I won't kill you.
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File: Regulus_Corneas.png (307KB, 669x710px)Image search: [Google]
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I agree with you that it's a good series, but the anime was shit.
I firmly disagree, however I'd gladly lick Emilia's feet. I'd scrape the corns and dried skin off her soles with my teeth in fact
I wouldn't call it legendary but it a very solid 8/10 in my opinion. With some higher and lower points of course.

Its impossible to deny that most of the hate it gets on /a/ is because its popular now. People love to be contrarian.

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If only blood related.png
327KB, 600x439px
Love between siblings is completely fine and perfectly normal.

As long as they are not blood related of course.
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Those two are not in love, though? Or did they get together in the manga?
I'm curious as well. It looks like the manga is complete, but I don't think it has been translated. Did anyone actually read it?

source? Google in unhelpful

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Did you like it? Or did you find it pretentious?
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Pretentious shit with bad animation and art.
Not as good as the manga.
It started out ok and had potential, but wasted it all as it went.

Ping Pong Girls are better ping pong show this season, and Ping Pong despite its animation efforts didnt even had the best ping pong scene in anime ever


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Why did Kana Hanazawa stop being in every show?
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More Horie in more shows when?
With her still getting main roles, and industry like to revive her old shows, she is sure still everywhere. She will be in 5 shows next season all which are main roles, the thing is nowadays she lost her hype value that people doesn't feel that she is in that many shows anymore.
She has better sources of income now such as singing and modeling.

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