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I just finished Berserk 1997.

The ending was really confusing and made me mad.

Is 2016 a continuation or a remake? I don't even know if I want to watch it. 3D anime is so fucking awful to look at, it's kind of embarrassing.

Please tell me, how bad is it really? How much do I have to drink to make the animation bearable?

pic related, my reaction to 3D anime
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I have dyslexia and mangas, especially the cluttered Berserk mangas, are really difficult for me to read
The 2016 picks up after 1997, 1997 is an arc within berserk. It's the beginning but kind of the middle.

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So was he even important in the show? Feel like he wasn't really having that much of pivotal role like Lelouch or C.C.
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hes there only to tell you, whatever he's doing, you should do and root for the opposite thing
Are you fucking serious? Why does this show attract so many stupid people?
whos he aiming at?

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>she actually gets scared and cries easily
I want to see it!
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Please do not bully the Hayasaka.
Watch ishigami be the one to do it.
I want to believe

Did we ever get pictures from No Game No Life: Practical War Game? I know the book is out right now.
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This thread is highly relevant to my interest.
Your interest is of some high relevance to this thread
That child is not wearing panties.

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*sssssip* mmmmmmm
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>that first sip of the day
Oh wait, wrong board.
It is not safe around these parts, Japanese goburin.

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How do I introduce my wife's son to anime?

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I think /tv/ is better suited for such questions.
let him "accidentally" find your porn
put your doujin in it
Kill yourself and put it in your suicide note

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>You will never have loyal honest friends like these
>You won't ever hang out with the crew in the LAB
>You won't ever hear Mayushii's Tuturu's when she greets you
>You won't ever have your loyal right hand man Daruu
>You won't ever have weeb conversations while trying to understand Faris's nyaa-language
>You won't ever argue with Christina
>You won't ever have Lukako around being shy
>You won't ever have friendly banter with Mr.Braun
>You won't ever pay monthly rent for the Lab
>You won't ever experience any of this
>You realize you're stuck in the 3rd dimension
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>you will never receive a hug from Leskinen
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full of ragret.jpg
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>You wont ever hear Kurisu say "I'm always on your side"

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I liked it
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This is /a/. You're not allowed to like things here.
I want more Ranma 1/2
We're in the time of nostalgia being milked. It should happen.
how much time has passed since the last ova?

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anyone remember this try-hard character?
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>try-hard character
I'm sorry, what?
>"Piece of Trash"
Seems about right. I always thought that name has something endearing about it, if said in a loving or positive way.
Robutt did nothing wrong. At some point I was only continuing to watch it for her.

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Was Kira more evil than Dio?
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kira was realistically evil dio was almost cartoonish evil. a dick just to be a dick.
Considering that Araki calls DIO "the ultimate evil", no.

This is required reading before ever talking about DIO's character.
You do not need that much text for a character who's motives are essentially just "hurr durr im envious of people with money and power and want money and power myself".

Are you fucking stupid? Dio is not a complicated intricate character and anyone who says he is is delusional.

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Now that the dust has settled, what were your thoughts?
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Its alright. I dont really get how its doing so well sales wise and I think Shinkai's other films are better overall.
I love Mitsuha
>the dust has settled
>dust hasn't actually settled

>Cherry Blossom scene at full bloom.
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I love them.
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cherry blossom shit.jpg
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Speaking of cherry blossoms, about how fast do you think these things fall?
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something like 5 miles per hour

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There will never be an anime that tops Evagel-
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I'm tired of this unfinished sentence thing.
Yeah there are better ways to expl-
madoka is the naruto of our time

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ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong.
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Episodes 3 and 4 are out in the wild. Low quality though.
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Himeragi a best.

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