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Rude tbqh
I love the show and your picture if fucking hilarious
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Why is this a 4chan banner?

Is it because he's saying "caca"?

Look it's a protagonist who didn't become an evil bastard.
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I don't think Yusei became an evil bastard.
He did in the manga
Season 0 Atem was pretty much the definition of evil so it still counts

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ITT characters that may or may not have fugged
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implied fugging.png
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fuck wrong picture
She literally has a kid at the end. Which by the way, is the ugliest baby I've ever seen.
I don't know about fucking each other, but I do remember both taking the dick.

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What am I in for?
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a memedeep show
It's shit until around epsiode 6
The most interesting/fun part of the whole show manages to be an infodump about computer history and a couple other theories.
Just shut up and watch it first instead of making pointless threads.

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Anime Control.jpg
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>Shinzo Abe figures out the real reason behind Japan's low birthrate
>bans anime and manga

What will you do, /a/?
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Work on that backlog.
VNs and manga
How is banning all the anime and manga going to get rid of all the old retired people and reduce the stress that workers experience?

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Does anyone remember Chaika?
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Sad day for Chaika I guess.
No, what's that?
I never watched the second cour.

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>Norio Wakamoto pretty much retired
>Jouji Nakata seems to have taken his place, but he's bound to retire within the next 5 to 10 years as well

Who's next in line to take the mantle of "cool old man" voice?
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Koyama Rikiya

He did the job of voicing Mozkus, who is pretty much for Wakamoto, very well.
How will I live in a world that does not have Jouji Nakata in everything?
so no return of golden super saiyan blue cell?

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What's Satsuki looking at?
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Satsuki has good taste.
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kocchi muite.png
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What are the best anime OPs in your opinion? I'll start with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeomEKfy9x0
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I almost can't stand hearing this shitty same style generic high pitched jpop idoru anime/vn music anymore
Probably these three. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB5qUxR6ch4


Also, I clearly ripped the pic without any effort from another site.

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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Taiga is MAI WAIFU.

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Which baka would you test?
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Who else?
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No contest.

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>read first chapter of pic related
>the main hero is a whiteknight who gets beat up for some random slut
well, that was didn't take long, dropped
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this boy is the whitest knight in the world, and boy does he get rewarded at the end of it
>he says wants to be a true "gentleman"
I would have tipped my fedora if I was wearing it

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Because we were interrupted.
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Serika is best Chaos;Child.
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where are they.jpg
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Show me the Japanese shaman girls, Lintahlo, now.
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Are you happy now, Leskinen?

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don't strangle me.png
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Why does Asuka become strangle?
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>you will never feel Asuka's soft hand gently brush through your hair and caress your cheek before finally cradling your chin as she gaze up at you.
>you will never break Asuka's whore neck
Why live

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What characters would you add to your party and why Megumin is the only correct answer?
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>Megumin is the only correct answer
>casts explosion on a slime
>can't move anymore
It's like you want to die or something
You're an aquafag aren't you
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>name: Minamin
>class: Succubus
>race: Human

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