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Which Keion is best Keion?
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That one.
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All Keions are miracles, but my wife Mugi is the best.
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All K-On's are best

But some K-On's are more best than others

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13 hours until sing along and cosplay screening event with director Maketo Shinkai, Kamisharaishi Mone (Mitsuha VA), Kamiki Ryuunosuke (Taki VA)

See it via Line Live: https://live.line.me/channels/21/upcoming/310265
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Then why make the thread now?
>13 hours
for what purpose? Are you retarded? Fuck off with this normalfag shit.
13 fucking hours.
You want us to jerk off first or something?

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What show is the best not-Code Geass: Guilty Crown, Valvrave, Cross Ange or Aldnoah.Zero?
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Best Waifus: Guilty Crown
Best um? Vampires?: Valvrave
Best Music: Aldnoah
Best Mech Designs: Valvrave
Most OP mechs: Valvrave/Aldnoah
Most OP protagonist: Aldnoah
Worst Ending featuring both the Hero and Antagonist being NTR'd?: Aldnoah
I still can't fucking believe that they have wasted such a great character like L-elf in such as shit franchise.

Ange was a top tier MC. Second half had too many issues though (way more than Valvrave).

What is she doing?
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Just hanging out.
Oh, you know. Just hanging around.
That's bad. And you should feel bad

You won't, of course, but you should.

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kurumi feet.png
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They're just feet anon, I don't know why you're thing is getting hard ufufu~
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Kill me Kurumi-sama!
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Because you're implying a footjob, dingus.
I want to be stepped on and teased by a qt 2d grill.

I'll start.
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Frolaytia 1.png
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What are they talking about?
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honoka maki rub.webm
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lesbo things

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>tags: monster girl
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Kumo desu ga, nani ka -_.png
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>tags: monster girl
>tags: monster girl, femdom
Yes please.

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Is Madoka actually a Hindu deity?
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why do you think that
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>a Hindu deity
That is not all. The anime resulted from a combination of factors. Madoka shares a number of qualities: the incarnation of the Saviour in Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism and the embodiment of Guanyin or Vairocana in Buddhism. That's why Madoka Magica gained great success all over the world in the modern era of expanding globalization.

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Post relationships where the intentions of their connection was completely misunderstood by the fandom

>Would literally have killed her if the Gary-Sue hadn't come to save her
>The fandom believes their to be something sexually between them
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>Would literally have killed her if the Gary-Sue hadn't come to save her
But that's wrong you dumb bitch. Also, Ulquiorra had literally no reason to stop Ichigo and Co from getting Orihime, since Aizen had already let me retrieve her. He did it all because
Dude Ulq-kun would have realised that she would have lost her purpose eventually, so what is stopping him from putting her out of our sight after he thought of the inner meaning to THE HEART without dying?

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/a/'s thoughts on drifters?
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too much magic shit
Hijikata is best boy.

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What's up with so many overpowered main characters lately?
I guess it's better than beta MC but it makes everything trivial.

There is no sense of danger anymore and it's boring as shit.
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Writing balanced character is hard for an average author in the anime industry.
>sense of danger

The fuck are you on nigga?
Go detox.
Wish fulfillment

Self-inserters get high off of being some special existence thats leagues ahead of everyone else and just casually destroys everything.

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Why are you attracted to Haruhi?
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i'm not
She has the best pachinko
She's a 2D girl.

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What do you honestly think of these two? Japan loves them.
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Gary Stu and Mary Sue author self inserts of herself and her husband

its shit.
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I love Lacus. Kira, not so much.
Euphemia is going to be revealed alive in the 3rd season!?

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Why is every isekai nowadays built on MMORPG elements?
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Couple of reasons: first you can make something however stupid up and just say "that how game work" second games are pretty popular so the MMORPG theme pulls a lot of normies into anime and lastly it got pretty popular after shows like SAO or Log Horizon went big so everyone tries to get some free moneyskinda like the zombie survival theme in games
Do people really have so little imagination they have to fantasize about playing a game?
What happened to wanting to be a pilot or a scientist? Is that lame and gay now?

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