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18 days left!
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New designs!
is this vore

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Now is this the most pretentious bullshit I have ever watched or what
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why the fuck should I know
You clearly didn't watch Evangelion then
I've foreseen the weird grandpa being the younger police guy from the future based on similar hair lmao

How do I psyche myself up to marathon something?
Hardmode: longer than 12 episodes
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If you need to psyche yourself up at all, then it isn't worth your time.

Am I right?
Do acid

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>Season over, nothing on TV, nothing good in theaters

Which anime has more rewatch value, Kill la Kill, or /a/'s favorite?
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Killing yourself is always an option.
who's this ugly waste of space

What does /a/ think of Sakurasou?

One of the greatest love stories ever told?
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Worst girl won.

Best girl lost.

It's shit.
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Shiina a qt
I like Sakurasou, I love Mashiro.
But I hate Sorata so fucking much.
So I guess I like it at times.

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What was his endgame?
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Oberstein was just sick of incompetency running rampant in the reich.
He wanted to put some caca on the throne.
he just wanted a better government

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Too pure for you?
What are you talking about?
So how do you feel about the website change anon?

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If Ougi is Aragagi himself then does Aragagi secretly want to be a girl?
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yes, so he can finally be with best girl
If Ougi is Araragi, does that mean Araragi is my waifu?
Araragi sees Mayoi as Onee-san he could never be. Part of this frustration, after he sends Mayoi off to Hell ultimately causes Ougi's creation back in Owarimonogatari during fight with Seishiro. Yes, there are other causes, but this is why in Onimono, Araragi is explaining himself to Ougi, who technically would not know who Mayoi is, at this point.

Araragi says he'll accept the closure when he really didn't. And since Ougi was created to fix Araragi's regrets.......

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Why were they so perfect?

PallaPalla > the rest
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JunJun >>>>>>>>>>>> the rest
Fish was best.

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Okay /a/, tell me why did you like this garbage? What was so good about it? Why is it one of the loved ankme Classics?

Just list your reasons for liking this show.
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I liked a lot of things about it.
The soundtrack is God tier.
The cast is great.
The art (setting, character designs, etc.) was great.
The themes and ideas of the show were interesting.
The symbolism and methapors were fun to decipher.
The black rose arc was great for giving all the secondary characters development.

So in summary: soundtrack, art, characters, ideas and symbolism.
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Because it was 2DEEP4U
But why didn't you like the show?

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Why didn't he just commit suicide after this and start again?
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He doesn't like dying anon.
Also he doesn't know where the check point is.
Oh boy, its summer all over again with the questions
cause dying fucking hurts.

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Why don't we have anime about the Bible?

Some parts of it are preety entertaining and could easily be adapted into something good.

Also nips have a hard-on about Christianity and it could be a bigger cash-in than they would expect from it
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The Koran is pretty interesting itself, Muhammad is a huge badass but also ruthless and a harem lead. Yet, Muslims would revolt if he were depicted in any media.

I honestly feel like if not for that restriction, the world would be a lot more relaxed toward Islam, versus the Jews who are not liked anywhere in spite of their story being the most well-known testament of the Bible.

>being this new

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Why do girls(male) make better wives than girls?
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They know what men want.
They don't.
how does the ribbon thing stay on?

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It took a long time but I finally made it home to open my package and claim my numbered prize. I thought I was mentally ready for the size of this thing but I most definitely was not.
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I was not the chosen one this day.
you arent meant to insert it m8
yea when i got my hands on mine the size actually surprised me, i expected it to be a bit more small

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The new theatrical Lupin the Third Film Blood Spray of Goemon will be released in Japan on February 4th. I will be making Lupin threads a few times a week leading up to the release.

The film is a sequel to the Fujiko Mine spin-off series and the Jigen's Gravstone OVAs. It will mark the debut of BLACK Jacket Lupin. i will post the most recent footage.
as well as the official trailer
and as a bonus the official trailer for the upcoming dub of the blue jacket series which will feature the cast of the original red jacket dub (with the exception of zenigata) that was on adult swim.
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I typically see a lot of recommendations for these Lupin threads from people who want to get into Lupin but don't know where to start so here are my suggestions for how to go about that.

Green jacket series - (watch all)
Red jacket series - (watch some episodes. dont need to watch all. its episodic with no realy story)
Pink Jacket - (see red)
Blue Jacket (watch all)

then watch these movies in this order

Mystery of Mamo
Castle of Cagliostro
Legend of the Gold Babylon
Fuma Conspiracy
Hemingway Papers
In Memory of Walther P-38
Missed By a Dollar

side note. feel free to start watching the movies after you've seen at least a few episodes of red jacket. you dont need to watch all the series 1st before checking out the movies. just watch some of the series to get a feel of the general tone

after that check out the Fujiko spin-off series and see if you like it. then watch the sequel OVAs which is Jigen's Gravestone (which everyone loves)

after all that feel free to check out the rest of the movies, the ones that are listed above are essential and should come 1st, but there are other good ones.
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also dont forget to pick your favorite Lupin design. It is tradition after all.
2015 was the most fun I've had in a long time. Hope they make another series alike.
Although the Da Vinci plot got a little weird in the end.

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