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Without being delusional, can you honestly tell how your waifu would really react to you when you confess to her that she is your waifu?
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I'm a fat lazy useless piece of shit, I would never ever confess to her for fear of the very small chance that she might say yes and ruin her life by being with me.
>Without being delusional
Sure. She wouldn't react at all because she doesn't exist.
then assume the delusional part only take place where you're stuck in her world as a 2D background character.

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>watching anime being broadcast on Animax
>some anime called "Beyond the Boundary" is on
>it's pretty good with decent story and characters
>start getting invested into show
>those faces
>those beautiful backgrounds
>those moe archetypes
>turns out it really is
>suddenly feel different about anime
>subconsciously labelling characters and plot as factory-produced generic shit

Advice, /a/? I honestly want to enjoy this show without being judgemental
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Keep watching and you'll realize that it really is shit.
Is this honest advice? Pls no troll
You'll get better advice if you don't greentext every line of your blog.

Who is more messy left or right?
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Both, after I'm done with them.
Right probably has Pizza grease stains
Kallen is overflowing her shit into the middle ground, she must die.
but this shit is pretty clean compared to a mob I was living with once.

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Looks good I like the artwork.
Not very great
The story is top notch

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Would you have liked Code Geass if Suzaku was the main protagonist?
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You would have wanted an MC who thought about his murdered love interest all the time, which wouldn't even take advantage of his red haired friend, who hates him for being a superior race?
We already had something like that, it's called Gundam Seed/Destiny?

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this was good.
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>that gokkun scene
Chapter 2 was a massive disappointment
not even Yandex gives me results
please help an anon out

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It's that time of the year again!
Rewatch ALL of Haruhi with /a/.

Every day from the 17th until Xmas.
20:00 GMT, 4 episodes a day.

On Christmas Eve we watch Disappearance.

Hope to see you there!


Starts in 2 hours!

Today : Endless Eight 6,7,8, Sigh 1
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>EE finishes tonight
I just skipped the entire series and rewatched Disappearance, because it's literally the only good part of the series

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Memes aside, is this the shittiest scene in anime?
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I was so confused the first time I saw this. Then I saw EoE and it was why Shinji why.
here's a (you)
i was quiet surprised and pretty satisfied with this ending. still got complicated feelings for EoE but this scene still sends shivers down my spine. on top of which, i almost cried when shinji finally accepts his life is worth living so this scene after that gave a more powerful impact than it should give on its own.

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>mfw she literally disappeared from this world right after the movie called "Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" where she once disappeared then came back for the protagonist who literally said we could wait a little bit longer, and it's been like 5 years since then

Life is Suffering
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One day
Haruhi looks better with the ponytail tbqh (to be quite honest)
You can always read one of the other 25,000 LNs starting a crazy bitch and a normal Japanese high school guy.

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What will be the results of HxH popularity poll if it took place at the present time?
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Killua and Kurapika would still be top two I bet.
I love Hisoka.
I thought HxH wasn't all that popular anymore

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>the perfect body type doesn't exi-
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Preteen cunny and pits!

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Who is the best girl of Kyoani?
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TL note: Yuki means best girl.
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Tight chuu2 ass.
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S3 never. also pillow girl best girl
Rikka's teenage pussy.
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In want to fuck Rikka

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Kill yourself you dumb hamster.
Die. Please.
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Junji Ito is adapting No Longer Human for his next work. What are your thoughts on it?

Junji thread.
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I don't shit about this book, mind elaborate?
That story suits his style well. Looking forward to it.
we already got an anime that people thought was amazing and I was only marginally impressed by it

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