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Has there ever been anyone more alpha?
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>Implying that taking your friends used goods is alpha
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How can she smell a bit?

She is a clean girl
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She's fat and fat people sweat and smell a lot.
She is only fat in the boobs
That what you get for using cheap fake tan creams and chinese bootleg make-up

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What hour will the new OPM chapter drop today?
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Murata said he'd submit it at about 12, so 1 more hour from now. After that, it'll take an hour more for it to actually get uploaded onto the site.
>After that, it'll take an hour more for it to actually get uploaded onto the site.
Do they still use dial up shit for internet?
Eh. I don't know how long it takes for someone to get around to scanning it. So that plus the time it takes to scan then upload it somehow ends up as taking an hour to do. I don't really know the process well besides that.

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We post forgotten characters in popular series.

It's weird I keep forgetting Sheska existed when she was pretty vital in Ed and Al finding out more about the Philosopher's Stone.
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Nobody likes Saya-chan except me.
Well yeah, Sheska was pretty much relevant for one episode and then forgotten about in Brotherhood. In the 2003 series she wound up having a much bigger role.
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Aisa Himegami.jpg
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I don't even think it was intentional for Sheska to be so forgettable, but then you have Kazuma Kamachi who completely fails at doing it on purpose with Himegami. Kind of ironic.

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Why are smoking 2d girls so hot?
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cuz they both blowing somthing hot
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Smoking is disgusting

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>this is anime of the year
Can't prove me wrong.
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i want to impregnate rin
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>2016 didn't have any good an-
It wasn't made by Kyoani

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>2017 is around the corner
>Yet another year without christmas cakes winning
>Yet another year without office lady protagonists
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Well yeah, they aren't supposed to win so they can serve as a warning to girls that mess around and don't get their life in order, just like single salarymen.
i`want to toy with a christmas cake and abandon her
Are there male christmas cakes or is this a category exclusive for women?

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>OP by Kanako Itou
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>OP and the ED songs are both the same
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OP by Mami Kawada
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>Kanako Itou...

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Your Name..webm
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Mitsuha a cute.
So will Mitsuha's sister and their children inherit the body swap thing? Because Mitsuha's grandmother had it.
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Finds a way.

I just started watching this.

And I had to refrain already from the idea of marathoning entire seasons. This stuff is clearly made for an audience of genetically enhanced mutant supermen with unfriable brains.

It's like Milky Holmes on crack. I frigging love it.
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I just finished S1 myself. I'm surprised /a/ isn't all over this, it's a top tier comedy.
You do know the show is like two years old already, and the eps are couple minutes long?
The threads are just as manic and ephemeral, and S8 just ended. You'll be all caught up for S9 before you know it.

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Where is my yuri ending fuck this shit
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mdese sdese end.jpg
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Honest didn't deserve that shit
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>Leone didn't make it
>All the characters you like are dead

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What the fuck
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What didn't you understand? Let's say someone you don't have any feelings for, confessed to you all of a sudden. Would you accept her confession even though you love another person?
Yes, because I'm not an asshole who hurts people
Or you mean someone who's never had anyone love them before and would jump at the first chance you got

Because really we all know this is the person who's offended here.

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Initial D is a thing of the past. DEJA VU.
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Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - 002.jpg
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Why didn't Sugawa end start a trend?
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What the almost unrelated (but good) side girl winning? If Shuffle! couldn't set a trend years before it, a manga without an anime can't.
No one cares about this.
is this the first time that a gyaru wins?

Kyoukai is best girl and there is literally nothing you can do to prove me wrong.
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Concubine girl is best girl
There is barely any girls in the manga to compare her dipshit.
why are ou ki's lips so perfect

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