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I just got through watching this and Tsumugi is just the cutest.

What did /a/ think?
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Loved it, was very cute and comfortable. Every character was a joy to include. Ended up reading the manga because it was a good time
>got through
Isn't there one episode left?
It was alright. Among the cleanest anime I've seen, which is pretty nice for this type of show

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Christmas is near. Post cakes.
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I don't know how MC didn't fuck both her and her daughter.
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So apparently the first 3 eps were already screened.

Do we at least know if its going to redo the two OVAs or is it all new content set around those times?
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The former, I believe.
Will Diana actually get to fuck the shotas this time?
>So apparently the first 3 eps were already screened.

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The last song you listened to is the OP

The second to last one is the ED

Write a plot that fits
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>Suikoden Touching Theme
>Suikoden Ending March

So a Suikoden anime? That's already a dream that will never be fulfilled.
>We Are Number One but Stingy Claims Everything
I call it JoJo Part 9: Lazy Town
OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nokLEHTLf6I&t
ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV3Fu5csdcA

War story with romance subplot that ends in a tragedy. Most likely fantasy-themed.

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What's this guy's name again?
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Monarch Rouge
Todd Howard
Meme man

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Sing it with me /a/

I know, I know I've let you down
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Name a more powerful anime character

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The Brain
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Steins;Gate is everything an anime should be.
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It is interesting to say the least.
Fucking boring until half of it?
Considering the shit that comes out these days, I'd have to agree.

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Now that Yenpress has licensed Utsuro no Hako, that means it will eventually get an anime.

Which studio should be in charge?
Who should direct?
Who should the VAs be?
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>Shilling shitty YenPress
>Wanting this to get animated when it'll be shit since it can't be animated well in a visual medium

>it can't be animated well in a visual medium
When will this meme end?
Not even.

If you like have any respect and like the LN at all, you wouldn't want an anime. All an anime will do is attract a shitty group of fans and make it unbearable to even follow threads on /a/. Not to mention the waifu wars even though we all know who the best girls are.

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So he gave up an NHL career to do street fighting in the middle of a Texan desert?
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>Texas Snowmans

That is not the plural of snowman

Now, the Texas SnowMEN won the Stanley Cup last year, they're the real deal
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Why do all the best boys have to job?
First military physicist Scud Missile, now Burger-kun.

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91 Days was never good
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Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for someone?

Come down to Wiz's Magical Shop and pick up that last minute gift for that special someone!

Remember, the goods are seldom sold and always unique.

No refunds
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How much for one entire Wiz?
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The shopkeeper is NOT for sale.

Maybe I could interest you in a nice fashion accessory.
How could Chris not know about Wiz?
Or did she know but didn't care?

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The MC of the last show you watched is replaced by Juuzawa "King" Juu, how does it improve?
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Not much changes. They don't have sex because they're beta faggots, he doesn't have sex because he doesn't want to.
He doesn't join the club or give a shit about Yukino. Sensei wins by sticking around him and constantly trying to reform him until he gives her the dick.
>Tawawa and Keijo

Uhh, yeah.

/a/ like this show, right?

How could you not? That's a pretty good romance, and even though it's not super haremy his blood sister still kisses him on the mouth.

Why the fuck is there such a situation about Cavalry/Chivalry though?
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Stella a best. A BEST.
Shame we won't get S2. I think it actually gets even better in the next arc.
I only liked that aspect of it. He chooses a girl at the start.

It doesn't change the fact that the premise of an overpowered MC is retarded. Their excuse is always something like:

>his true power couldn't be measured
>his true power has been locked away
>he had yet to discover he was the chosen one
>he had yet to unlock the magic item/companion that would make him a legend

MCs need to lose. They need to struggle to win and make it apparent that they won't always do so.

You know what would be the ultimate game changer for a series like this? The MC works doubly hard after the introduction that he was the weakest or less-than-average, and then when it comes down to it, he loses. Maybe even a long-standing companion dies.

Which Ping Pong is the best and why is it Futamaru?
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I love that the power of doki doki made her hotblooded as fuck.
Ace > DESU > *
The whole cast is great though.

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