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Why is Hanako so perfect?
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Her name is Rin, not Hanako.
She's no Akky
Because she has great design

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Why does Clarion suffer constantly at the hands of those around her?
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She brings it on herself
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>Ears are off limits

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What does /a/ think about a race war against Kyubey?
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I'm already training for it.
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What's the oldest anime you've seen?
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Mazinger Z.
ur mum
A bit of astro boy, but if you mean really watched then speed racer, that was a fun show.

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Have you understood what was that all about?
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TWiM's about a terrorist, a giant bear, a hunter, and a news reporter who covers the other three. Hard to explain beyond that.
TWIM stops being confusing a few volumes in when it turns into a police drama.
and by drama I mean explosions/murder/rocket launchers.
And then it gets even more confusing
I will never understand the end of TWiM though, which makes me a sad panda.

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Find a flaw
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Her speech impediment.
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Dear anon-kun, today I will visit justice on you for your evil ecchi deeds and thoughts!
You only have one chance to prove to me not to put an end to your life!
Fufufufufufu, I'm sure you'll bumble and die a dishonorable death.
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I'll brush your teeth for you
Murder is wrong you inhuman monster. You aren't even a real imoto anyways, just a pretender and so have no authority.
Too bad for you, I live in 'Murica

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Is Sakuragi Matsuri the cutest girl child in anime, manga, and related fields?
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Not she keeps wearing that megane
>wears uniform that's too big so she can grow into it
>wears a big bow and two little bows in her hair
>also has messy sex hair all the time
>is very shy and looks soft to the touch
tama-tama is a cutie
forgot to mention that she's pure and loves Papa! and likes to draw old men

Just finished watch Witchcraft Works and enjoyed it a lot, S2 when?

Also Tanpopop & co a best, when do they get their own spinoff? The OAD was a good start, but it needs to go further.
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So many great girls in this show.

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What would happen if instead of getting a death note, Light got a rozen maiden doll?
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He'd probably use it like an onahole.
Suigintou probably wouldn't like that.
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he'd regret trying desu

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They've been making a lot of character sketches for Free with Bows. I'm worried they might do an anime sooner than expected.
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Who is more badass than Uchiha Sasuke?
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My shit in the toilet.
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Ryoma Nagare
Any of the other emo bitchy characters

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Why did Ryuuji like her in the first place?

She sucks.
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Well he's Japanese so of course he has shit taste
Might aswell post this, since it's christmas
>had her naivete going for her
>seemed to be a nice and caring person

its not impossible to see why

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New chapter.
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How do we fix her?
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Give her the T.
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Give her her Ika chan.
Don't fix what's not broken.

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