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Has science prove for once and for all that there's a more flat character than Megumin?
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Still the most flat.
Megumin isn't even perflat, she has developing mounds.
She doesn't have anything at all. She doesn't eat enough either to have developed mounds.

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Time to spoil Yamada, anon-kun!
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Get back in the attic
Worst girl
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Why are oppai lolis so rare?
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because she's not oppai loli, she's a shortstack like poplar

if you say "oppai loli" people start spamming pictures of children with overly massive mammaries that couldn't even fit ina wheelbarrow
Because people keep refusing to create an individual search tag for small women with huge tits.
Unless you want to look at children with huge tits you are forced to wade through porn of women with legs half the length of their torso because "shortstack" has been coopted by midget fetishists.
Doesn't look like an oppai loli to me.

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C'mon, we need a Shiro thread! Post your best!
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She's pure
Don't die on me, thread.
How is the manga?

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It's been ten years, anon.
So, are you hitori bocchi or hitori ja nai?


Also, are there any other anime about depression/hikki/neet stuff?
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it's all a downwards spiral now.
natsu no hi ni youkoso
>are there any other anime about depression/hikki/neet stuff?
Okane ga nai.
Hitori ja nai in my case. It's not exactly because NHK but through the years I have made more attempts to hang out with friends and eventually this helped me a lot. Slowly I've started feeling more secure during social situations, I can recommend it to anyone. I mean I feel like shit most of the time anyway but every little helps it's much better then how I felt years ago

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>no thingy that pops up the video here
not watching rofl
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>still no baggy eyes

Not-Haruka redhead friend looks nice.


Legal or illegal???
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Why would it be illegal to love?
Because we can't have happiness
Does it matters?

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I just got into my hotel room, I start unpacking, and I find this thing in one of my bags. What do I do?
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Nice onahole
Hug her

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"Interviewer: So we're planning a page for fans who don't know you (Itano) or the original Macross.

Itano: Macross Ace (the magazine this is in) is a damned bishoujo character magazine isn't it? I call it "retarded", though. Retarded character moe magazine. I think Macross (the original) was popular because of its balance, 1/3 each of cute girls, robots, and songs. But now they say mecha won't sell, robots won't sell, so they turn it into a character-based anime AND they want the fujoshi. I hate the stench of that sort of thing and so actually don't want to be in any magazine articles related to that bullshit, but I said I'd cooperate if they let me badmouth shit and here I am.

Interviewer: I... see... (tears)

Itano: I DID watch all of Macross F. It's not fair to badmouth something without seeing it (chuckle).
So, like, there's one bit where a sniper in space mounts himself on an asteroid, right? But by doing so half his field of vision is gone. And asteroids aren't stationary so his aim is going to be really unstable. And then they use sniper rifles at point blank range? I notice this sort of stuff, you know.
It's well-drawn for a TV show and they were trying, but the relationships were half-assed and the heart of the drama is way too messy. Last time we had Minmei become a human failure, but this time it was the main character (laugh). People who like this rubbish have a totally different sense from me, so I'd really be happier if they didn't know who I was at all (laugh)."
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Wtf I hate Macross now
Good source.
Wtf I hate Robotech now

I like air gear very much but im a edge lord so it doesnt count
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it was basically my first anime but i ended up dropping halfway for some reason
Great art

But as always Oh!Great can't write his way out of a wet rice-paper bag
this. The plot starts off making sense but at some point shit starts going off the rails and doesn't make sense. Questions and threads left unanswered and everything.

Air Gear was better about it than Tenjou Tenge, but only by a small margin.

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>perfect anime studios don't exi-
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>Perfect studio
>Only capable of animating slice of life anime
What is Musaigen no Phantom World?

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Who is she, /a/?
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An ugly nerd
My girlfriend
Hey she isn't you, anon-l

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santa yui.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

2 days! Not including most of Saturday.

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please let it all stop.
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Winter Mio.jpg
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How Much Value Do You Put Into Visual Direction?
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Would you suck my dick?
Not As Much As I Put Into Not Typing Like A Faggot.
alot but has to go hand in hand w/ story/plot

also nice repost

Purest form of love.
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There is absolutely nothing pure about masochism.
This is really sexual.
The weak should fear the strong.

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