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What went wrong?
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WSJ is the real culprit
Kubo fucked around too much and assumed he'd be given 20 volumes to finish his last arc like Naruto got. Narutos last arc was utter trash but it was still selling volumes, Bleach sales went off a cliff years beforehand.

Honestly, Bleach was my favorite of the Big Three and I wish it got a proper ending, but the pace of the Thousand Year Blood War arc was so appalling that I understand the editors euthanizing it
The Arrancar arc pretty much killed all my hype for the series back in 2009-2010.

>Aizen turning from rusemaster to unstoppable villain sue who brute forces his way through everything, I remember Kubo even outright said Aizen is his favorite
>the Espada all getting wiped out one after another after all the hype
>Kubo decides to keep going
>a year later, the anime gets cancelled

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Merry Christmas! As a gift, I've improved Megumin for you. No need to thank me.
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We've already been down this road. The joke's not funny anymore.
But, it's not Christmas yet.
Congrats, you made Lina Inverse.

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Left or right?
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Is there some way to combine the two?
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Right. No contest. Are you even trying, OP?

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There are people out there who think not fapping for just *a month* makes them hot shit.
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There seem to be people that think not fapping for any amount of time makes them hot shit.

Stop fapping, and you'll feel much healthier.
Well, with such a cute loli around it is really is something impressive.

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Why loli likes to hang around adult?
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Being with more mature people is considered cool for kids
Because she's a teleiophile.
Why does she have the same Mikiya lust as her aunt?

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I've never watched an anime.
I know you probably want to kill me now.
I kind of want to watch one so what should be my first anime.

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go away

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It's kinda edgy. And they paired her with Hajime for some reason. I wish it were cuter. Hajime just seems like the most random fucking choice, it should have been a lesbo duet with Ahagon or something. I feel cheated.
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>character songs

literally who the fuck cares
Nene a shit.
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The show was pretty good other than going totally off the rails for the last four episodes. Felt kind of like Black Lagoon if it was less 80's/90's action movie inspired. How come it doesn't even get the occasional thread these days?
So they fucked, right?
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What's her name again?
I said

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>Give Kazama Rin to me
>You can do whatever you want with the other two
Well shit this manga got super interesting right when scanlators dropped it.
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Is that the mother?
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What was the relationship between Mon and the Beast? Has it anything to do with the Teddy bear?
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So what was the best anime face of 2016?
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amanchu watching you.png
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What's her name again, /a/?
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Because the party does not stop, and neither does the booze!

Requests are open as per usual. Please include a link if they're not in the database.

Also something something google r/a/dio
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/r/god knows
Merry Christmas Claud and /r/ Setsujou - Hyakka Ryouran
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already got the beer

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It's that time again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our finest UNTZ DJs!

- Link is in the pastebin -

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What was her endgame?
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Free Tang for everyone
Becoming my waifu
Being born into a misbegotten existence just to help a bitter asshole. Thankfully, she betrayed his worthless ass.

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