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In this thread we post best male characters from their respective series
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Based Zura
You are wrong lad

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Sorry Anon-kun, looks like mixed up the sugar with salt again.

You'll still eat it right?
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I'll eat your ass.
Does that mean you put a pinch of sugar in curry, or baked a cake with a ton of salt? Also label your shit if you can't tell them apart.
How the fuck can you not tell sugar and salt apart simply by looking at them?

Are you blind or just slant eyed?

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There was a thread on /wsr/, it seems to be the only chapter missing and I was thinking of doing a quick TL to consolidate the archives.
I'll be using the images from:
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[s]에~ 그러니 여러분도[/s]
So many people...
[s]올해부터 고등학생 이라는 자각을 가지고[/s]
Starting this year, I'm a high school student.
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새로운 생활을 밝고 보람차게 보낼 수...
I can start a bright new life...
신입생 여러분~! 동아리는 정하셨나요?
Freshmen! Have you decided on a club?
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아직이면 꼭!
If you haven't yet!
연극부를! 잘 부탁 드릴게요ㅡ!
The Drama club! Needs your help!

후지 언니ㅡ!!
Fuji sister!!

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She's best Alice, of course
I miss that design. It was the best.
Only difference is red eyes tho

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>mom suddenly becomes best mother in the world thanks to Kira

>get him killed so i can put my mother in to suicidal depression soon

Name a more horrible faggot
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>Let Kira live so he can kill me, my mom, and countless others

Kira was never going to kill him and his mom.

He needs them to carry on with his normal life
That still leaves the countless others.

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is this worth my time ? how good is the fanservice ?
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Yes. It is the Valvrave of this decade.
Watch it and find out.

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Did Yuri On Ice saved anime?
I thought it was just some gay shit but holy shit it's so good.
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Actually it's shit, and you're gay!
It's okay anon, it's already 2016 so you can come out of the closet now.
Tfw Yuri on Ice dominating ANN staff picks for AOTS.


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Did you pray to your new god today?
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The new shonen of the 2k17?
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>Tfw this went from edgefest to satire to an unironically great manga
Agni - The Fire Punch
Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Good, Fire, Protection, Liberation
Symbol: A burning man
Favored Weapon: Gauntlet
This is gonna be interesting. Agni now has to deal with his own doubts while pretending to be God for the people he saved and let's not forget he has to find a way to defeat the Ice Bitch

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udderly delicious.jpg
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Can we agree that this is one of the most attractive 2D boddies?
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Utaha is a goddess, I agree to that.

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He's such an asshole against anyone who doesnt like his works
Who will die first, him or Stan Lee?
I'm not into old men especially if they are 3DPD

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Would you fuck an anime girl who picks her nose?
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I'd fuck her nose
If she's picking it while we're fucking then no.

Surely, she can keep her fingers out of her nose for like thirty seconds.
>thirty seconds

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it

Is there a better adventure LN series?
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well what is it and what made you come to that conclusion anon?
>Japanese trying to understand European mythology
no thanks

How many months will it be till we get the threesome bath?
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hopefully it happens a week from now.
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More importantly, how long until the Mikan/Nemesis encounter and the resulting destruction of the fabric of spacetime?
Nemesis has only just got into school so it'll be some months away.

>tfw you have such a refined taste in anime that everything seems like shit
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You're not living your life correctly, OP.
Nice excuse to watch kyoani crap and fujocrap.
>everything seems like shit
Stop watching seasonal crap.

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