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What's your favourite and least favourite Jojo parts and why?

I like SBR because Gyro is a beast and dislike Stone Ocean. I thought it was kinda bland.

I'd still stone jolyne's ocean though
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Man, the blue-ray for part 4 looks good
>DIO and Deadpool have the same VA in Japan

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Yeah, Goku. Are you really dead?
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When does the episode air? I always watch it on Sunday.
Goku was really dead since he blown up by Cell, nothing rare.
>Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls, just to switch minds with Goku
Wouldn't it just be far easier for him to use the Namekian or some other dragon balls from some other universe? Pretty sure switching minds isn't a difficult wish, because Ginyu can do that. At least when he wished for immortality, the Super Dragon Ball gave him that and more.

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Oi. Time for another delinquent thread.

New chapter of Rokudenashi Blues has been scanlated, hopefully the guy doing it hopes to carry on past the Onizuka arc.

Delinquentanon scans have slowed down (as he said they would on his blog) so we are all patiently awaiting the conclusion of Bakuon Rettou and by extension waiting for Bad Boys and Bucchigiri but I seem to be the only person who reads those two.

Vendetta scans seen to have stalled on Clover, still 12 or something volumes of that left, although the fact we have 31 volumes of it is impressive on its own.

And Hokuto no Gun is continuing to regularly put out new Karate Osu Bu, Akatsuki Otokojuku and the GOAT delinquent manga, Be-Bop High School, which I'm going to story time a couple of chapters of.
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When I read this chapter of Be-Bop High School I realised it is probably the best delinquent manga ever. I used to call Rokudenashi Blues my favourite because I really liked the art and fights, but you can tell it has the pacing of a popular WSJ since we're 16 volumes in and not at the real meat of the story.

I think that now I have thought about it more, my top 5 series in order would be:
Be-Bop High School
Bakuon Rettou
Rokudenashi Blues
Kyou Kara Ore Wa
(Hot Road would probably be next)

But seriously, this chapter sums up yankii manga perfectly for me.
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>no thread up
Spoilers out
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Well, last thread got deleted. Probably for shitposting.
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Nah, there wasn't much. Also, it's a nornal thing in tg threads, so it's just mods being clowns
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Saiko is just too cute

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It's Christmas Eve everyone! That's less than half a day until Christmas, and the 2016 anon and his waifu collage is on it's way. So let's continue on.

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio (failure to do so will make it harder for me and make your submission look shittier).
-Your submission should be about your waifu, your dearest one. Nothing more. Nothing less.
-Also, put some damn effort in your submission, please. Your waifu would like to be presentable, you know? Treat her like the special woman she is.
-Have fun!

Deadline is when Christmas ends for the west coast (December 26 12:00 AM PST). Get your shit done and picture in before the deadline please.

I expect some good shit from you, so ganbarre anon. Let's make a wonderful collage together. And always remember: your waifu is beautiful!
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Fucking autists.
Delet this ;_;
What happened to the previous thread?

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So what happened with this, did the translators drop it or what?
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Japanese flu got the manga artist. The next chapter won't come for at least two more years.
well aint that some shit
Pretty sure that's not the case. Wasn't there supposed to be a chapter in this month's magazine?

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Merry Xmas. Sucky internet sucks. Anyways, here's new OVA and it needs a round of QCs before I put it up.

Here we go: https://mega.nz/#!58AjwaxS!Mj1XfakPceEyzqvVTjZjH-eEE9xziM-Gp2HZt7H2gAE
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If nobody shows, I'll drop it again later
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Guess everyone too busy downloading to respond...
Thanks anon-san

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Get in here and post your gifts you fags.
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I haven't really been keeping track of how many cards and seen posted and received, I'll just put it down at this point as mostly
Might be posted here
> No one posted my sent gifts yet

I should be patient but it hurts a little bit

As a fellow shinki/FAG fag, fucking nice.

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SEASON TWO TRAILER OUT!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDrjS3ePLso
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The ShingekiDOMINATION returns
Hanji is /ourguy/ indeed.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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Christmas Eve draws nigh motherfuckers, time to sit back and enjoy the Christmas spirit /a/ style. Install the script and images will turn into a clickable links that play sound. If you want to post stuff yourself then .png only, no .jpg. Be sure to check the sites and archives for guides and help installing

to listen
4cs Player: a.pomf.cat/pempda.user.js
Alt Player: a.pomf.cat/efdrhg.user.js

Merry Kurisumasu!
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guide & instructions

to make

old sound folders
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[brackets] if you need them

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What went wrong?
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What went right?
It was always bad. But for Endride and Asu no Yoichi reasons (being too banal)
Not enough fucking the robot girl

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Will we ever get a season 2 of the best anime ever?
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It was trash.
All it had was the kissu gimmick, which got old quickly.
Shit taste
it was just a better version of Yuru Yuri

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What the fuck is going on in this show?
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Nothing good, it is one of the worst anime ever made
And you don't seem to understand

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What an utterly useless power
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nigs i thought she was gonna say friendship or some normie shit
I like these threads
Depends on what constitutes touch. You could wear gloves with liquid nitrogen contacts and they would never need recharging cos she could keep the liquid consistently cold. Same thing with a sword, just heat up the blade until it's red-hot, and grab the sword. If she can keep the blade's temp consistent she has a permanent high-temp slicer.

What did /a/ think of this show? I just finished it and the last part of the show is disappointing as fuck.
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It was garbage, just like everything else Kon has been involved with.
g8 b8 m8
Pretty entertaining. Great OP.
Fuck off. It was probably Kon's worst work but it's still pretty good.

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