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But that's wrong, Koichi, you fucking moron.
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greatest ally
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koichi nervous sip.png
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Is it just me or did Koichi get even shorter between part 4 and part 5? On Jotaro he came up just a little past the knee, but on Giorno he's only at dick-sucking height. Jotaro is a 6'5" monster and Giorno's a little over 5'7"
Koichi was made to suck that fat Jonathan cock

There's only one episode left before all of this season's shows are over, and with them the 2016 anime year will come to a close. Now it's time to look back on the year and remember what we liked, what we hated, and how shit our collective taste was before 2017 rolls around and we do it all over again.


Categories include best anime, worst anime, most surprising anime, most disappointing anime, best OP, best ED, best OST, best scene, best girl, best boy, best seiyuu, shows watched, and shows dropped.

The poll will close on the 1st, by that point all the one cour shows will have finished except Long Riders so you can safely wait to vote until you've finished everything, or you can go back and edit your responses if anything makes you change your mind.
Results will be posted on January 2nd.
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>Requires Google account
Fuck off with this shit!
Are you the same guy who made the one last year? If so can you post it?
Sorry, I keep forgetting to post part two.

As an added bonus, I went back through last year's results and updated it to include different spellings of names into the same tally. This changed a few of the rankings, so I'll post the updated ones here.

Best Girl:

Winter - Katou Megumi, with 15 votes, retaining her position
Spring - Oumae Kumiko, with 19 votes, retaining her position
Summer - Speeddraw Fremy, with 13 votes, dethroning the previous winner, Sakurada Akane, who is now tied for second with Tomori Nao with 6 votes each
Fall - Kafuu Chino, with 10 votes, dethroning the previous winner, Tatsumaki, who is now tied for second with Oshino Ougi and Kirima Syaro with 9 votes each
Overall - Oumae Kumiko, with 13 votes, retaining her position

The Seasonal Waifu Award has also been taken from Sakurada Akane since she actually did get a vote for best girl of the year.
The new winner is Sturluson Celty from Durarara!! who got 5 votes in the winter season, but was completely forgotten by fall.

Best Seiyuu:

Winter - Kayano Ai, with 7 votes, retaining her position
Spring - Hayami Saori, with 13 votes, retaining her position
Summer - Yuuki Aoi, with 8 votes, retaining her position
Fall - Yuuki Aoi, with 9 votes, breaking out of her tie with Inoue Marina, who is now also behind Sakura Ayane
Overall - Yuuki Aoi, with 17 votes, retaining her position

The full results for last year can be found here:

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Samurai Champloo was substantially better than Cowboy Bebop

Anyone who thinks differently is objectively wrong
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Its more boring though
Space Dandy is better than both of them.

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jojo lunch.png
1MB, 601x923px
This is the most legitimately funny moment in JoJo. Discuss.
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Italian hol horse is my favorite brojo
Most of the casual conversations in part 5 feel like they belong on Seinfeld.
They were so good.

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haven't you heard.png
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What was his name again?
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Tada Banri

So I guess that was made to make us hate Araragi for not making Hanekawa a bowl winner, right?
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>this whole movie

It ain't fair.
Did it ended? I've read this a long time ago. Also, where can i read this?


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i finished Usago drop and help me i'm crying.
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Now go read the manga.
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wake me up.webm
158KB, 500x300px

You want him to cry for a different reason?
Yeah, go read the manga. You'll cry over how bad the ending is.

>[Ohys-Raws] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 12.5 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
AOTS isn't actually over yet, bitches! Episode 13 confirmed for BD extra.

But what the fuck is it even going to be about? Yuri-baby-making with Clarus and Flors? Yuma getting her Hollywood boyfriend? Matoi and her mom going on adventures together? Another beach episode?
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Subs never.
M-maybe seiya will come back!
I dont think seiya does any translation.We can hope though.

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Is Neon Genesis Evangelion overrated?

I want to watch it but i dunno if i should i bother at all.
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watch it and find out anon
seriously though there is a reason why it's a meme anime, mainly because it genuinely is very good
I guess i will

But i have a huge backlog.
Newshit you type like a fucking retard.

Go watch it and think its a masterpiece.

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RR Novel (1).jpg
39KB, 580x1031px
The Novel Illustrations are out. Starting with Itsygo confessing.
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RR Novel (2).jpg
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File: RR Novel (3).jpg (70KB, 580x1031px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
RR Novel (3).jpg
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Orihime’s favorite flower is strawberry flower, and she made wedding veil with it.
The wedding veil on the novel cover is Orihime’s gift for Rukia.
Rukia named her daughter after strawberry flower, and this behavior is symbol of Rukia and Orihime’s friendship.
Kurosaki sisters think that Orihime looks like Masaki, and Yuzu wants affection from Orihime.
Renji and Rukia went to Orihime to announce their wedding before going to Ichigo.
Byakuya talked with Renji and Rukia.
Rukia appeared in 3 illustrationns.
There is a poster of Renuki in this novel.
The pront of the poster is Rukia on the novel cover, the back of the poster is Renji on the volume 73 cover.
Last illustration is Ichihime
Ichigo falls in love with Orihime.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it.
But I like fish in general
I like Sakura.

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I just finished this manga and sheeiitttt the ending sucked.

It had so well done characters and relationship and then it throw it out of the window with that shitty ending.

Still, I really like it. Should I try to read I am Hero from the same author?

>"Happy Birthday anon, thank you for being born"
>mfw a girl will never say that to me
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Ending sucked? MC was a shithead all the way though he did good in the game .I am Hero is an entirely different mc.
>Should I try to read I am Hero from the same author?
Only if you enjoy cuckoldry.

I am american and I am ok with this.

To my backlog it goes!


yeah, but after seeing the cover of the last volume I thought the ending could be something else.

anyway, I like it really.

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You've had your girls of the season. But there can only be one girl of the year.

Nominate she who you think was the best (or breast) that came out of this year's worth of series. Can be in terms of looks, personality, both, or something else entirely.

I'll start with what was arguably the perfected female form. Mai.
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Objectively best girl, only fags and kikes disagree
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All hail the great and proud Lisha-sama!
File: 1473368098475.png (319KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319KB, 720x720px

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What is she listening, anon?
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Desu Metal
She's a Kumeta girl, so Burzum

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Was it ever real?
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I see the Eva references, but I don't recognize the show.

Nor why they would use Dilbert.
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58KB, 370x540px

God I'm old.

>ME-tan makes me think of Lost Universe
God, I'm even older.
Remember when people used to draw the Windows girls instead of Touhou?

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