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And the Girl of the Year award goes to
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Hotaru thread?
Hotaru thread.

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Can why please give her VA an award already?
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She sounded better in S1, I don't know why.

Maybe she was more happy.
All those sounds of her holding back the tears, she's great.

Sadly, she's either going to voice more anime-ish characters or become forgotten, I don't see any show coming coming soon that would use her in the same way as Hibike.
They give out 3 non popularity VA awards in Japan. We'll see if she wins one of them.

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Why can't normalfags into mecha?
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Blue gender should be on there instead of aldnoah zero
Because pure mecha is fucking shit.
I can only tolerate them, if something else is the main focus.
>no Giant Robo

Into the trash.

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I actually really like the soundtrack for this. What's with all the hate?
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What? Shit was well received when it got out.
Because /a/ is full of edgy retarded teenager
It is different.

Who the fuck is the Boss of the Black Organization? Two decades of Detective Conan and I can't figure out shit.
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His name is Kogoro Mouri
It's obviously Genta.
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The Boss.png
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You make it sound like Aoyama himself has the answer.

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Now that we decided the AOTSs for 2016 what do you expect from 2017?
This was a solid year, plenty 10/10 endings, it's going to be hard to surpass it.
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>Anne Happy
>Not Sansha Sanyou
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>Not Flying Witch
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Both were pretty good so it was a hard choice but Unhappy had a better ending and gayer girls.

what would be the result if they did a fusion dance
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Hopefully tumblr gone forever so faggots like you don't post dumb shit here anymore. That would be great.
Worse than ever actually.
Something like this

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Love Live is the best selling anime of the year.

Well done, Love Live, well done... HOWEVER..
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Re:Zero wins AOTY because it's not shit
Hibike is AOTY.
This, officially and objectively.

> [HorribleSubs] Girlish Number - 12 [720p].mkv

I will miss Chitose.
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Me too, time to download.
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Great episode and great ending. Season 2 NEVER EVER.
We've Won! Gahaha!!

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Is Panty better then her sister?
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Is panty deader than her sister?
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Well for her sister she need to treat some matters.

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I never see anybody talk about this. Did people just not like comfy robot building or something?
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It was good while it was about comfy robot building, but then went into "hahaha what" territory for those who haven't read Chaos Head.
I wish it had been 13 episodes of comfy robot hijinks.

And animated hair.
i liked it a lot

i always forget it had a "twist"
was good, but not as memorable as it could have been. had a good cast and good ideas

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What emotion does this face convey?
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Something like this one

Someone still prefers 24 episode over 2 seasons of 12?

No one else misses 51 episode series and long running series?
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So many good shows/adaptions could have been infinitely better with longer episode counts. And vice versa.

I think a lot of it comes down to not wanting to risk that kinda investment.
Yes and no. In some ways it cuts out some filler episodes that shows that are 26 episode have. Code Geass had a few filler episodes in R1 that really didn't do anything overall (cat steals the mask episode, etc).

Comes down to how much material there is and what is being adapted.
Is there any better porn artist than Ghettoyouth?

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Is anime stagnating?
Is too much of it becoming the same?
What could shoot some much needed life into it?
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No, it's all good.
anime, movies, games, novels, etc tend to favor one or another genre in a period of time.

"retro" say FPS is video games stagnating but most of their favorite series are nothing but nintendo platformers. It's pretty much like that
Nope, fuck off with your shitposting threads.

Is there a name for when one or more non-toddler characters become toddlers for a short period of time (like a single scene, or a couple of seconds) to emphasize a particular moment, and then return to their normal state?

I don't mean that they transform into toddlers in the story, but that they're just drawn differently to look like toddlers for a moment (the style often changes as well, and they're drawn in a less detailed way).

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Pic related. They look something like this in those moments.
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The answer is chibis.

blah blah, spoonfeeding etc fuck off.
t. oldfag
This seems to be it, thank you.

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