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The ufotable anime will air in july 2017.

ready for more sword boys.
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Aww yeah. People keep saying the Zestiria adaptation was boring so I'm a bit worried that'll happen here too, but at least I'll get some nice screenshots of my husbando.
Only the composer is the same, Touken Ranbu is directed by Toshiyuki Shirai.
Depends on story and whose writing.

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anime girls with uzi thread
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This is now a rifle thread
anime girl with guns general?
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>fucking boring this time of year
>rewatch Toradora, ep1
>fucking amazing, can't stop watching
>end up finishing it in one go again

What's your thought on this /a/ classic?
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Taiga is a fucking cunt and ami shouldve won.
I'd say that was the best way to make her look better
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toradora is top tier

time to re-watch

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Will 2017 be the year we finally get an anime about office cakes finding younger boyfriends?
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Anime adaption of this?
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>Even in manga, only Chads get cakes
Life is suffering

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itt anime whose rating is right in the title
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Out of a score of 8, right?
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You just wanted someone to post this right?
Any and all Rebuilds.

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Does Tenjho Tenge go full retard like Air Gear or is it more grounded/consistent?
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Full retard.
Ending was so half-assed.
It is the very series where Ogure Ito started going full retard.

It is amazing how every other character in this mess is more interesting than the alleged protagonist and main heroine; the times this manga didn't suck completely was when some other character was the focus, like Bushinchi and Masataka.

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How old is Lust supposed to look?
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She's a mature beauty type, so 30s I guess?
Mid 20s - Early 30s.

Kind of clever how she was visually made to inspire sexual lust but her personality is more reminiscent of bloodlust.

Best mothers in anime/manga.
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Maybe you mean
>Breast mothers in anime/manga
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That works as well.

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Fuck man, I was enjoying it until the armpit licking and spanking.
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Are you some kind of queer faggot?
what is wrong here?
>until the armpit licking and spanking.

kys you're self

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>Plan to Watch
>TV: 212, OVA: 6, Movies: 10
2017 for sure.

Currently finishing up Total Eclipse, going to watch SM afterwards then marathon either Parasyte or Toradoa. Already seen Toradora so I'll probably watch Parasyte.

Might start Les Miserables anime WMT did sometime this weekend, looking forward since it'll be my first WMT.
Nothing for this week, waiting for 2017.
Akuma no Riddle will be my first backlog anime for 2017.

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What's your opinion about yandere?
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Don't stick your dick in crazy.
That right now its more a parody of itself than the actual thing...like pretty much every other element in anime, manga and LN nowdays, everything is a parody or a version with a twist of itself and few play the actual straight thing
Sticking your dick in crazy is the worst thing you can do at any moment in time. Stick your dick in a power outlet before crazy.

These two are literally perfect for each other. Their situations practically set them up for them to get together, yet the author pulls the bullshit incest ending. Why didn't they get together? This is why we can't have nice things.
I am beyond mad right now.
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And to make things worse I just read she gets together with some literal nobody. This shit is worse than NTR.
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I don't remember this being resolved in the anime, it's a long time since I watched it though. But yeah, that is bullshit.

Pic related will also probably never happen.
It's "resolved" in the manga, not in anime though.
In my headcanon they got together while Rin got together with the boy.

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Is this normal behaviour?
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>stream quality
Its normal for retarded niggers like you.
They're not blood related so it's not normal.
>implying that being blood related makes it not normal

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ITT: Name people who did nothing wrong. I'll start

>Pic related
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in b4 griffith
How about you name people that did plenty of things wrong but you forgive him because you want to put your dick in his ass?
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Merry Christmas, Anon-kun!
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howd you know exactly what i wanted?
What's inside the box?
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It's a secret! Say, shall we open it together?

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