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Why haven't you praised your favorite idle today?
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Happy birthday, Yurika-sama!

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What are your honest thoughts on how Sanji has been treated this arc?
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He deserves it.
Oda made him sink so deep to make him touch the sky this year with the greatest come back ever.
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It's all a set up for SanjixNami.
I don't mind

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>no Christmas raildex thread
Let's fix that. Chapter 91 spoilers if you missed it:
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That reindeer is super lewd
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Indeed she is.
Is grown-up Index about to get BLACKED?

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Precure Thread
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Story, characters, staff, OP/ED etc. added
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the signs of a new mktn?
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Honestly, which school do you think Alice will end up in? I'm just expecting a half-ass with her ending up at St.G's
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St G makes sense, maybe they'll even start using real tanks instead of the shitty Matildas.
Alice will end up at Koala Forest, Australia used Centurions (that look a lot better than regular centurions too) and have a cute Koala bear as their mascot.

They will lure her in with rare Koala-boko dolls and a sausage sizzle, mark my words.
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Big autism bags.

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How did you celebrate his birthday?
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>there are people in the last thread trying to defend Yuuri's reaction

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Shut up about baldfat for once and post cute fairies.

Las thread reached both bump and image limit, so keep posting those beautiful presents and lovely cards right here.
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Where the fuck are your gifts faggot.
I know you got them.
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I'll make you see that I liked your figurines!!!
I didn't get shit.

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Previous thread: >>151363729

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, /a/. May Santa Kubo grant you on this blessed day trollings, the Heart and sweet, refreshing IchiRuki tears.
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First for IchiRuki.
you must be a masochist
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Friendly reminder that Ichirukifags have now gone full autism: http://mizulily.tumblr.com/tagged/Kurosaki-Ichigo-diaper-fetish-discourse

merry christmas /a/from Tomoko queen of /a/.
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how lonely and desperate do you have to be to fall for tomoko?
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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we will finish volume 7 which concludes the third major arc in YGO: Monster World RPG!

Previous Threads:
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Chapter 52

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How do you think DIO celebrates Christmas ?
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with that tiny ass hat? he probably stays up all night waiting to suck Santa's blood only to be Visited by Krampus
give nightwalk

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You're mom.

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Do you like dominant girls /a?
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Love them.
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dis chart.png
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What type is a best?
Cool > Ara Ara > Tomboy > Cold > Disdain > Bully

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>Vidar ar universums mirakel
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Boring gundam aired a boring episode with little action when it needed more. Christmas may not be ruined, but it was disappointing nontheless
So how long will Vidar tolerate Miss Thang piloting a new suit before casually betraying her so that nothing can challenge the superiority of his Kimaris rehash?
Will he ever do anything at all?
Of course not

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Merry Witchmas, /a/
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Erika is mai waifu.

Man I haven't played Umineko in over 3 years, I should play it again.
>tfw finished first 4 arcs
>can't choose between S;0 and Chiru
Chiru is longer right?
Chiru is long as fuck, but the pacing is a lot faster than in ep 1-2 usually so I found it easier to read.It's been a while since I played it so I may be understating it.
Also I hope you're playing with the original sprite, the ps3 sprites just aren't as good.

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