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Is Ryuko an exhibitionist? Does she like showing off her sexy body?
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No she is pure. Trigger made her dress like a slut. She looks best on a wedding dress. I don't have a picture to prove it. But I hope some anon dies
>But I hope some anon dies
surely you don't want someone to die just to prove it, right?
Some things are just that important.

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Ssssh. Umaru is sleeping. Don't wake her up until 404.
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It is now the 24th in Japan that Means its the Despair twins (mainly Junko's thou) Birthday

Say something Nice about our Despair queen on her special day
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>Say something Nice about our Despair queen on her special day
She and her sister are dead and that's really fucking nice
silly anon we all know she's going to appear in V3 Dead is just a state of mind
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Ch. 124. Ninjutsu (Kana/Chiaki)

Previous thread >>151492475

This is your mom tonight
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That's unopened condom box right?
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>no, forget it. right now I can't look at anything besides you
this man
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never ignore your mom message

Didn't see anything in the catalog about this.
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I was about to make a thread when I realized the PV literally only had the casting and design teases. Come back when they've posted an animated one which will probably be on C91 or a few months from now considering it airs in Spring.
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Waifu Wars
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War is canon.

Warabi is best girl.

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>Asuta will never choke you out with her supple spy legs

Why live?
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I wonder if these two a destined to get together now. Look at what happened to every other female demon who interacted with an awakened male who still had a personality.
oh damn, they're really catching up quickly now. I should probably try and catch up myself now

And this shit is getting anime, are you ready for more friendzone and cringe?

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Watch as this gets adapted by Takemoto in a12 episode run in Summer 2017. KyoAni's business was successful with Kondasha and they would be stupid not to try it again.
Who the fuck can adapt this god tier art?

Only Kyoani or Bones can do this
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I used to enjoy the threads even if they died because the manga is dead. How can they be making an Anime when its dead?

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>this is getting a movie
>I found this out on a random Google search instead here because you fags only want to talk about moe and your waifus
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faggot op
Posts like this should get you public bans.
I heard about it on 4chan.

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Is this shit?
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It's good. Especially my wife Tomoyo.
If you actually watch all of it, I guarantee you will shed tears.

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he literally just makes bare minimum quality animated unintelligible children's films

howl's moving castle is alright just as abstract art inspo, but did he create anything that's an actual good, comprehensive story?

I'm watching the cagliostro shit right now and 25 min in all we know is fucking nothing. a bunch of stuff happened but who knows what's relevant or not, what has to do with whom and why. it's just a bunch of shit happening randomly. representation of western culture bordering on offensive as well. Do ppl enjoy this just for the bright colours or what?
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He's massivelly overrated. That's what you wanted to hear? It's true anyway
>someone talks shit about miyazaki movies
>ask whats he consider great anime
>says some shit like Gantz or Kaiji

whats your favorite anime OP ??

The NEW theatrical Lupin III film "The Blood Spray of Goemon" will be out on February 4th in Japan so I will make a few threads a week leading up to the release. It will mark the debut of BLACK jacket Lupin and it will be the first film to feature Goemon as the main character since 1987's Fuma Conspiracy (which just had it's 29th anniversary 1 day ago). hopefully for it's 30th year anniversary we can get a proper Blu Ray release to add to the collection.
anyway here is the most recent footage of the new film.


as well as the Official Trailer

and as a bonus, the Official Dub trailer for Lupin III Part 4.

Feel free to discuss anything Lupin related since 2017 will be a pretty big year for Lupin releases.
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I love Part IV to death, but Jesus that dub is shitty.
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I also should mention I notice a lot of people wanting to get into Lupin come to these threads and ask where should they start. here are my suggestions so you don't have to ask.

first series (watch all of it)
second series (watch a little bit of it)
third series (watch a little bit of it)
forth series (watch all of it)

Lupin shows tend to be episodic with very few exceptions so you wont need to watch all 155 episodes of second series if you dont want to so watch some of it just to get the tone of the series before starting the movies.

after you've seen enough of the red jacket (2nd series) feel free to start with the movies. these are what I recommend in this order

Mystery of Mamo
Castle of Cagliostro
Legend of the Gold Babylon
Fuma Conspiracy
Hemingway Papers
Missed by a Dollar
In Memory of Walther P38

I left out some other good ones but these ones are essential and should be watched 1st. after you've done all this feel free to watch the rest of the movies.

once you have a good feel of the overall series start watching the spinoff series "A Woman Called Fujiko Mine" and see if you like it. Right after that watch the sequel OVAs "Jigen's Gravestone" and then upcoming sequel Film "Blood Spray of Goemon".

Hope this has helped.
trailers are always really hammy. these actors are pros and most of them were featured in the red jacket dub on adult swim with the exception of the new zenigata. It will be great I promise.
we get at least one of these comments a thread even though this thread has nothing to do with dubs other than an upcoming release that you arent forced to watch.

Alright my lovely faggots, it’s Christmas Eve in the anime universe now, so we might as well get this shit started. Yes, it’s here. The 2016 anon and his waifu collage begins now.

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio (failure to do so will make it harder for me and make your submission look shittier).
-Your submission should be about your waifu, your dearest one. Nothing more. Nothing less.
- Also, put some damn effort in your submission, please. Your waifu would like to be presentable, you know? Treat her like the special woman she is.
-Have fun!

Deadline is when Christmas ends for the west coast (December 26 12:00 AM PST). Get your picture in before the deadline please.

I expect some good shit from you, so ganbarre anon. Let's make a wonderful collage together. And always remember: your waifu is beautiful!
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Could you provide an email address in case this thread dies before anyone gets their stuff done?
Yea, I just realized this might be a little early. I'll make another thread a little later in the day if this one does die. I don't think I'll need a submission email really.
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You are actually here, nice. I'm afraid mods will delete this thread, but let's hope for the best.

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This week we have Rinne, Fuuka, and Yumina's VAs inn a Christmas show. I have to admit, it was entertaining
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Fuuka was shit at decorating cakes, but crushed Rinne in the flaming contest
Did they give any actual info about Vivid or Nanoha?
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25th January for vol.2 of the Blurays, including OVA episode 5.5; 29th March for vol.4, including OVA episode 13.
Some special event ViVid Party on 7th May, but nothing specific announced, as far as I can tell.

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Kurisumasu soon. So let's have a thread for animu drawings & requests.
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Requesting a hairstyle chart of Sagiri from Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.
a lonely onee-san being sad watching happy christmas couples, please.
Requesting any girl from Keijo dressed in the outfit pictured; then her telling lies as her butt grows bigger.

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"Do you still like μ's more anon?"
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aqwhores a shit
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not at all

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