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I love this meat!
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One out of one Kobatos prefer the night sky as their onee-chan.
Medium rare is best.
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>that ass

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amelia boobs.jpg
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Amelia's got a nice pair of knockers.
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and Lina's flat as a board.
Slayers would have been better, if it had a DFC mage. instead it has smalltits big tits and cowtits. but no DFC. fucking shit.
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flat is justice.jpg
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Is Valvrave a masterpiece?
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I feel like it had potential but it became a train wreck.
Like Code Geass, which is a masterpiece, which makes Valvrave a masterpiece
No they ran out of cash and had that blue haired bitch disappear because they couldn't afford her VA. Not to mention they were supposed to go for 30+ episodes but also couldn't afford that.

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why there's no more updates after chapter 108 ?
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>reading the inferior shitty drawn version instead of the superior MURATA version
>Literally nothing happens: the manga
I'm pretty sure 1 page update per month is better than 0 page update for 4 months.

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Would you a Tomoko?
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No, she smells and her hairs probably oily
I feel like I'd break her in half
Until she couldn't stand.

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Which is the best fansub /a/ ?
And why is it Puya!! ?
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nani sore?
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-Commie.......... yeah I liked some of their "trolly" subs

Coal digger?

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Holy shit, Shinka is hot!!!
How can I marry and fuck her?
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Still not real
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Training on the spring of drowned dog
I will never marry you, op.

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Why is this allowed?
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Because this is also allowed.
it had to be done
Why did it have to be done? What situation could have possibly necessitated it?

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Terra ForMars Asimov Final Chapter
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Get it here. I'll dump some pics.
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ronery christmas 2016.jpg
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Hey /a/, there are two videos for the ronery Christmas 2016 waifu collage up on youtube right now.

The first one is Jizzy's :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMUwhLXY6U0

Jizzy's video is region-blocked in 5 countries however beacause [email protected] music, and it features a scroll through the collage as a visual mechanic. Therefore I made a temporary version that bypasses the regional copyright and focuses on one image at a time.

The version with no region block and no scroll is here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=80u9lpXI1ww

It's slightly sped up and pitched down to avoid copyright but it sounds fine and I made sure to include most of the anons who didn't make it into the collage as well.

Merry Christmas /a/, and have a happy New Year. See you all again on V/a/lentines Day.
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whoops sorry the non region block video is actually here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80u9lpXI1ww
If it is block in US, then it's irrelevant.
Thats why I made the non region blocked version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80u9lpXI1ww

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OPM Translation Thread

Looks like a poll. Can somebody translate this?
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its a popularity poll
Sonic = Number 1.
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>Sonic winning the poll
For a character with so little panels throughout the series, that's pretty surprising.

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REAL best boy is here
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that's not jonathan
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post a page from the mango that shows why your fave villain is your fave villain

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Hello, Commander.
In light of recent events, this Council of Nations has convened to approve the activation of the ICOM Project.
Individuals possessing unusual powers have been appearing across the world.
They call themselves the "Japanese". They claim to be ordinary high school students.
They are anything but.
This is not an accident. This is an invasion.
You have been chosen to lead this initiative. To oversee our first—and last—line of defense against this so-called "Isekai" threat.
Your efforts will have considerable influence on this world's future. We urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed.
Good luck, Commander.

>you have no bullshit OP heroes.
>you have only average soldiers and mages
>you must do it all in secret
What is your strategy?

I would invest heavily in honeypots.
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Throw meme beacons.
Also explosives.
make them work for you by baiting them with waifus
A anti-isekai force would ironically consist of a lot of waifus. Waifus of all sizes, shapes and races for good coverage.
Just get a cute girl up close to the boneheaded MC and kill them in their sleep or something.

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Would you allow this?
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My dick allows her to be the first one.
She didn't actually love Murakami did she?

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Because Anno can't
They're milking the franchise. What else do you expect?
Because she didn't die?

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