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Raw out.

>Who are you talking about?
>...sa, Ah?
>No idea.
>Whose memories are these?
>They are living in an endless struggle.

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>>...sa, Ah?
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First for Dennis
Manlet and Armin are worst shingekis.

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>If you use this technique too much you will die early/it will ruin your body
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>they obtain some new form or power that allows them to use said dangerous move whenever they want with no consequences
every time
>He has monopoly over literal death-overturning wishballs
>Afraid for his health
wait who?

Why is this show trying so hard to turn me gay?
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it's the jews' plan for white genocide
there are aso chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay
you mean the french canadians?
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>turn you gay

Honey, you've always been one of us.

What am I in for, /a/?
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Reliving your high school days.
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Something deep.
Its one of my favorite comedies, along with fumoffu

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I want to turn Megumin into a Megumom.
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No tits. The baby will starve.
She's just for rape, not impregnation
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Megumin looks like the kind of girl who will grow into a SSS+ grade semen demon in a few years. I mean, she's already delicious at 13!

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Is she a good sensei?
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She fucked her adopted son, her adopted daughter left her, she killed her little sister and her kouhai who was outright gay for her

Real Oboro was a better teacher

in the art of jobbing, yes

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Why is he the most badass character of all time?
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Welcome to watching anime OP, I thought that too when I was new too
Anderson was more badass
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Might as well post the new abridged episode

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Would your waifu survive the miracle of childbirth? No C-sections or medical help allowed.
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Wouldn't even get to see her tummy grow
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>probably not, may survive but go into a coma

Too slender and fragile to bear children
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A last thread of saijaku muhai no bahamut in 2016 with Lisha like main picture
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On episode 11 of this show. It is hard to know which girl likes Lux and which doesn't. I hate all the vagueness on the feelings. Also the mech plot and the action are immensely uninteresting.
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Celestia a best. A BEST.
I want to lick Lisha's tummy.

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Volume 9 was released a few weeks ago, but I still haven't even managed to find summaries for volumes 7 and 8, much less 9.

Does anyone have information or know where I could go to find out about it?

Finally, any new info on the upcoming movie about volume 6?
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Worst part is the author is from Brazil but never releases in Portuguese. Never once living here is an advantage fuck
Tet gives me a foot fetish

This will be the last Lupin thread for the year of 2016 unfortunately. Luckily though 2017 will be the year of Lupin with a bunch of Lupin releases as well as being the 50th anniversary for the Lupin franchise.

The NEW theatrical Lupin III Film "Blood Spray of Goemon" will be released in Japan on February 4th, so I will be making a few threads a week leading up to the release. It is a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and the Fujiko Mine spinoff series. It will mark the debut of BLACK Jacket Lupin as well as having Goemon as the main protagonist since 1987's Fuma Conspiracy (which will be having it's 30th anniversary in 2017).

Here is the most recent footage of the film.

as well as the Official Trailer

and as a bonus the official trailer for the dub of Blue Jacket series which will be released in 2017 on Blu Ray/DVD by discotek. If you don't care for dubs, it will also feature new subs obviously.

this thread isn't limited to the new releases. feel free to discuss anything Lupin related.
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also I notice a lot of people come to these threads who want to get into Lupin but don't know where to start so here is what I suggest you watch.

(Green) First series - (Watch all of it}
(Red) Second series - (Watch some of it)
(Pink) Third Series - (Watch some of it)
(Blue) Forth Series - (Watch all of it)

once you've seen enough of the red jacket series, feel free to start the movies. all of the series is episodic for the most part so their isn't a main storyline that needs to be followed until you get to part 4. Anyway here are the movies you should watch in this exact order once you have seen enough of red jacket.

Mystery of Mamo
Castle of Cagliostro
Legend of the Gold Babylon
Fuma Conspiracy
Hemingway Papers
In Memory of Walther P38
Missed by a Dollar

when you're done with these, feel free to watch the rest of the movies however you like. I have left out some other good films but these ones are essential.

once you have finished with all you wanted to see, check out the Fujiko Mine spinoff series to see if you like it. It serves as a prequel to the green jacket series but it does have a main story as well as being episodic so you may need to watch all of it. Be aware it is darker in tone. Once you have finished that, watch it's sequel OVAs which is called Jigen's Gravestone. once you have finished Jigen's Gravestone watch it's sequel film Blood Spray of Goemon which comes out on February 4th.

Everything comes full circle. Hope this helps.
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also for those who are interested Red Jacket collection 1 will be out on the 10th. So less than 2 weeks away. it will contain the 1st 40 episodes of the series sub and dub, as well as having audio commentaries as well as other special features including the original adult swim bumpers.

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I also have a few images of the new movie. Here we have Black Jacket Lupin.

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Happy New Year, /a/.
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I hope I die this year.

Tired of this board.
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you too

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Last reaction thread of the year. Make it count, anon-kun!
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>tfw /a/ will never experience Devilman Lady in their lifetime

Such a waste this board is.
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>implying we would want to
Low test.
You're too plebeian to experience the human condition presented in Devilman Lady.
Good one. We all know Nagai can't write for crap.

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I wish you all that is the best. Successful shows, good plots and ''plots'', fulfillment all of your hopes for the /a/ related stuff and satisfaction from /a/.
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you too, old sport
You too!

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