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It's here bois!
Is there anyone who knows japanese up to TL it?
If so, I can gather a small staff to work on it.
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That just downloaded me a torrent for fate grand order.
Well fuck
Here's the actual link: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=download&tid=885452
No one knows japanese here.

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He deserves only the best.
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A long and passionate kiss.

That I personally want to give him.
A good manga for him to be in.
Sad books and expensive coffee.

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Will there ever, EVER be a moment in anime that tops this? It's been 4 years and it's still the apex of anime
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wtf I hate 2012 now
Never watched this, why is this scene considered so amazing?

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What are some anime only you remember
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What is his disability, /a/?
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He's been through a lot anon, give him a break.
Tries to solve problems by making it more severe hoping whoever he's arguing with will see the how absurd the situation is and come to their senses to fix the problem, sadly common sense isn't common and he's wasting his time with idiots.

Last SAO thread of 2016. Looks like there's no new Progressive for this year.

What's the 2017 announcement going to be?

S3? Alicization just finished up.

Progressive anime? Danmachi is getting their spinoff animated.
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Probably just SAO s3. Progressive has only 4 vol., I doubt they can make a full series from this and a s2 would take 10 years, judging by how slow Reki is.
If they make Alicization, it would be long as hell though.
Alicization is as long as the rest of the series combined, 4 cours long, unless they split it up into 2 separate seasons.

4 volumes is easy enough to make a season out of, especially if a bit of work is put in to fit in any manga content.

Jojo Movie.
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What could be in those fucking gigantic zippers?
That's just a straight up zoot suit, not a school uniform
Who is this girl?

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Since it's already 2017 in Japan I thought it's about time we take a look back at what 2016 have brought us.

So /a/, have you been keeping up with what's new in Japan? what new titles have caught your eyes?

Do you think there's a manga that managed to rise above the rest? which one is it?

some notable titles that started in 2016:
The Promised Neverland
Yuna of Yuragi Manor
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Fire Punch
Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (new manga by Your Lie in April creator)Your Lie in April
Kanata no Astra (new manga by Sket Dance creator)
World's End Harem
Uratarou (new manga by Nejimaki Kagyuu creator)
Black Night Parade (new manga by Arakawa Under the Bridge creator)
To You, The Immortal(new manga by Koe no Katachi creator)
Vector Ball (new manga by Gash Bell creator)
Hoshino, close your eyes.
Toppuu GP (new manga by Aa! Megami-sama! creator)
Maou-jou de Oyasumi
Komi-san wa, Community-shou desu.
Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan (new manga by Midori no Hibi creator)
Origin (new manga by Sun-ken Rock creator)
Souboutei Kowasubeshi (new manga by Ushio to Tora creator)
Yuukoku no Moriarty (new manga by All You Need Is Kill manga adaptation writer and Psycho Pass manga comicalization artist)
Shounen Shoujo (new manga by Medaka Box duo)
Master Grape (new manga by Bamboo Blade writer)
Kaiou Dante (new manga by Peace Maker creator, he only does the art)
Rokudou no Onnatachi
Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyuubu: (new manga by Shinryaku! Ika Musume creator)
Owari no Chi, Asanagi Gurashi

>please no spinoffs or sequels, no games, novels, dramas or anime comicalization and only list titles that started in 2016

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no translations 2016
>no English scans

>Toppuu GP (new manga by Aa! Megami-sama! creator)
there's nothing this guy can do that will be better than being 50 y/o and marrying a hot 20 y/o cosplayer
>The Promised Neverland
>To You, The Immortal(new manga by Koe no Katachi creator)
These two are the best ones in that list.

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She will win the saimoe and hayate bowl.
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Surely this will be her year. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
>mai waifu thread on 1/1/2017
I'm loving this year already.
>Winning Hayate bowl.

I gave up on the manga because I knew this would be a lost cause. Also, the manga was taking too long to just fucking end already.

Full metal Alchemist Movie announced for next December.
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For what purpose

I want Konomi-chan to put that finger up my peehole
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Not for lewd
Natsumi looks like a fucking tranny, how can anyone even like her?
Her cuteness leaves me no choice

Announcement made/PV shown at Soushi birthday event.

>Miwa narrates and is shown boarding a Fafner
>Soushi Jr. has the same voice actor as Soushi Sr., and is rebellious, and is seen admiring Nicht
>Maya’s still piloting
>Koyo, Kurusu, and the Third Gen appear
>Mk. Ein’s name appears
>Kazuki still piloting Sein
>Walker still alive
>An Alvis shuttle entering the atmosphere with Fumihiko and three others inside
>2ch thinks it’s not a new series
>PV online January 6

Are you there?
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So Miwa pilots the Ein, since her father did, right?
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I guess, but Ein was a pretty basic unit -- Tatsumiya didn't bother basing the Third Gen units on it, just skipped to Elf Rebuild, Funf Rebuild, and Sechs Rebuild. If Ein back in action, it's probably had a complete overhaul.

>Fafner Mark Eins (I) – NO CURRENT PILOT (possibly Miwa Hino for Beyond). Originally supposed to be Soushi Minashiro’s, eventually piloted by Michio Hino (destroyed by Fenrir/Idun/Nicht).
>Fafner Mark Zwei (II) – NO CURRENT PILOT. Supposed to be Karin Kuramae’s, gets scrapped to repair Mark Elf after Kazuki wrecks Elf in the first episode of DA.
>Fafner Mark Drei (III) - Sakura Kaname (also piloted by Canon Hazama in first Operation Azure).
>Fafner Mark Vier (IV) - Kōyō Kasugai, kind of. >Fafner Mark Fünf (V) – NO CURRENT CORE. Previously Mamoru Kodate, Hiroto Douma. Core currently in Raison.
>Fafner Mark Sechs (VI) – NO CURRENT PILOT. Previously Shoko Hazama
>Fafner Mark Sieben (VII) - Maya Toomi.
>Fafner Mark Acht (VIII) - Kenji Kondō.
>Fafner Mark Neun (IX) - Rina Nishio (not confirmed for Beyond).
>Fafner Mark Zehn (X) – NO CURRENT PILOT. Previously Akira Nishio.
>Fafner Mark Elf (XI) – NO CURRENT CORE. Core currently in Sein.
>Fafner Mark Zwölf (XII) – MISSING IN ACTION. Seri Tatekami.
>Fafner Mark Dreizehn (XIII) – Misao Kurusu. Previously Canon Hazama.
>Fafner Mark Elf Susanoo (XIV) - Reo Mikado.
>Fafner Mark Fünf Tsukuyomi (XV) - Mimika Mikagami.
>Fafner Mark Sechs Amaterasu (XVI) - Sui Kaburagi.
>Fafner Mark Sein – Kazuki Makabe.
>Fafner Mark Nicht – Soushi Minashiro Jr.
>Fafner Mark Zero – ???

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>His favorite song isn't Yujo No Change, Mermaid Festa Vol 1, Snow Halation,Kayuga no Shrio de Odoritai, Wonder Zone, Listen to My Heart, Koi No Shingunaru Rin Rin Rin, Soldier Game or Magnetic Today
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Fuck you! Best is Puwa Puwa! And Snow Halation is the worst!

Please keep being a whore in 2017, Nico.

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Three days left.

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I wish Toshino Kyoko got more roles. To think that I'm reduced to watching this garbage.
But it's not garbage, it's fun!
Go fuck yourself.

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1,2,3,4, FIRE!
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