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>reading manga colored
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>the one that colored the manga didn't remove the tones so it looks like absolute dogshit
every fucking time
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Shiting on something as trivial as colored in comics in order to feel superior.
>reading manga

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It's already 2017 though
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At least you can have as many daughterus as you like I add her to my ever expanding household this year.
>a daughter as perfect as Yotsuba will never exist.
Why even live?

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Some people defend Tokyo Ghoul manga like it's a masterpiece in storytelling, yet I've been told more than once that it's just generic edgy shounen schlock. I call that inmature defense because they only say "It's great read it" but don't tell you what does bring new to the storytelling table. Please state your defense points, without mentioning its anime adaptation. Just focus on the manga
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Most of the storytelling praise comes from Kaneki's development. Yes, a lot of his character is super edgy, but the author really buries the lead with a lot of his foreshadowing. The two biggest examples I can think of are a character talking about one of the MC's emotional tells. About 3-4 chapters later, we get a call back to it, as one would expect without a direct flashback to what the tell was. But then, about 25-30 chapters later (which keep in mind is about 6 months of real time) in a very unusual conversation the tell happens again, but it's one panel thing and no attention is directed to it, so it's pretty easily overlooked if you aren't paying attention. For those who did notice it though, it threw up a huge flag of "wait why would he be lying about that?" and added some mystery to a character we thought we knew pretty well by now.

The other example is the title of the second part, which has a translation trick in it. When the title got name dropped and explained, everyone felt super dumb since it was staring them in the face the whole time, but in fact it required a very specific character (as in symbol) that you wouldn't normally throw into a translator to get the translation the author was going for.

Then there's other stuff like scenes and chapters in part 2 mirroring and calling back to the same numbered chapters and scenes in part 1.
Only underaged people unironically enjoy Tokyo Ghoul.
>edgy is now be applied as criticism to works with literal ghouls and monsters

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I watched this yesterday after seeing several people put it on their worst-of-the-year lists and I got morbidly curious.
I was surprised. Its not great, and it definitely gets worse as the season goes on, but I found it enjoyable enough to finish.
Why does it get so much hate?
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KyoAni is generally a well-respected studio and it was seen as below their usual quality. The show itself was pretty average.
It's mind-numbingly average.
The only reason people talk about it at all is because it's from Kyoani, and they expected better.
It's the worst thing KyoAni's done since Munto.

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year end animago image clearing: ITT we post images that we will delete after posting in the name of clearing our pc's phones and magical dingus boxes for the end of the year so we will have lots of space for fresh 2017 images
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I don't delete images.
I still have shit from 2007

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How can anyone stomach this depressing pathetic human piece of reincarnated feces?
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Literally who?
I dunno I dropped it after like two episodes
Im the cuckoo

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Say something nice about Azusa.
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I like her guitar

That's about it.
She's not my favorite K-On but her relationship with the rest of the band, and particularly Yui, put the show on a level above your average CGDCTs.
She actually cares about the club activity.

You may have one of these maids for your tonights amusement.
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I want Yuki and only Yuki
Maelstrom best vampire ninja maid.

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skool dayz.jpg
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Try and beat this one
Pro tip you cant.

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This is a Mami thread.
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ai se eu te pego
Her tits appear lacking.
Cause with Mami it's all about the ass.

When do you guys think catgirls will be biologically engimeered?
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2030, but sexbots will be invented first and will be superior to organic catgirls.
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They'll be engineered in 2045, but you will die the day before they go on sale.
I still prefer the imouto than the catgirl though. I'm not into bestiality.

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This is a Madoka thread.
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Sweet, let me put on my trip.
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Not for long. Nine! Now!
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This is Mami feeding Kyouko omurice.

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FMA is the only franchise with any dignity. Everything else is pandering garbage for pedophiles and autismlords.
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Oh yeah so much dignity

kys shonentard
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dear diary.jpg
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Bullshit, overrated garbage it is. There's nothing special about it.

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OT3 confirmed.
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Mana doesn't deserve this suffering.
>thought Mana was going to be unbearable worst girl
>turns out she's best girl and best friend
She's not bad but she isn't best girl or anything.

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