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Has anyone figured out what this image from the Rei-tank scene might be? A lot of the overlays are obvious, but this one just baffles me.
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Having spent a while trying to disentangle the overlay from the Rei clones, what I get is this pile of WTFery. So I wondered if any /a/nons might have an idea.
It's a funyarinpa.
What's the hell is a funyarinpa?

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Virtual Kurisu.jpg
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Loving all the S;G threads lately.

Discuss about the new game, the upcoming anime, or waifus.
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Are we going to be shortchanged with a shitty adaptation forced to fit in 12 episodes?

I've already given up on chaos;child because of this. I don't want my Maho to suffer the same fate.
Doubt it, S;G is their money printer and they know it
Considering S;G's success, they will surely go for a 2cour.

All the latest VN adaptations have been 1cour but they weren't nearly as popular as this one.

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so he's Jesus right? and also the reason Hitler killed himself in the new world?
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>and also the reason Hitler killed himself in the new world?
Hitler only killed himself so that he could help another world build a truly great empire, where he will die once again and once again bring peace and order to the next world and the world thereafter
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>mfw the madman writes in Jesus as the villain

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Reminder Mine canonically fucked Tatsumi in this scene.

How can one girl be so best?
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>doesn't misunderstand her lover's situation with another woman
>uses it to cement her own standing
That's how you do sexy.
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>Called it back then and now it came true

Feels good.
tsundere done right

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Breaking News

New Fate anime is coming in 2017

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Holy shit, this is what I wanted.
>video not available in my country

alternative link?
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>SHAFT Extra anime 2017
>Apo 2017
>Heavens feel 2018
>Go anime 2017?

Whats next? Melloi case files 2018/9 ?

Pretty good year to like typemoon franchise albeit the general direction is shit as KnK&Tsukihime is far superior compared to Grail nonsense.
Do you guys have rare KnK/Fate jpgs?

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>What exactly went terrible?
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File: 1439263033385.png (258KB, 1279x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>What exactly went terrible?

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edgy moe edgy.jpg
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Just rewatched this. It's kind of overrated desu.
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Thanks for the information senpai.
I spent two weeks reading about all the jap history and XVI century culture and sad jap christians and japanese trading with catholics and it hugely added to the quality perception.
history references >>>> pop references

This, pretty much. It's good, but there's a lot of historical context that westerners don't really know about.

The hip-hop references are mostly cringey shit.

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Make a good show you fags
th-thanks you too
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Every Anon
Happy New Year

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>A1 Pictures
can't see no video, mate-sama

Why does everyone hate A-1 Pictures? At least it's not DEEN or J.C Staff

Milky Holmes is saved and it only took 5 years.

So season 3 when?
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Also why is Kokoro-chan so cute? She should dress like this more often.
Feathers still showed up a little too often for my liking though.
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Hopefully soon I need more Herc x Saku in my life.

Would anyone want the novels translated?
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Would anyone not want the novles translated?
I would want to see how different they are to the series. Based on the anime I can't really believe that this was once a DnD campaign, mostly because everything is so centered around Parn.
I know I would

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Why do so many manga that start out interesting and compelling wind up turning into uninspired formulaic shit by the time they end?
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The author.

Example: preboat Berserk vs. Berserk now.
why is it so common though?
Its the plan all along. Get readers with premise then stall as long as possible.

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Has everyone forgotten she's a wanted criminal?
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You reminded me of VHS tape episode.

Now it's raining in my room.
That was probably one of my favorite episodes
Who is 'everyone'? I'm sure she'd still be pursued by the cops if they saw her.

Was this fujoshit?
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No, just shit.
which one is it?
fujoshit or normal shit?
see for yourself

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Is there a reason why this show plays like it's going in reverse?
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It is.
but why?
why not?

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