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Lupin The Thread

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This will be the last Lupin thread for the year of 2016 unfortunately. Luckily though 2017 will be the year of Lupin with a bunch of Lupin releases as well as being the 50th anniversary for the Lupin franchise.

The NEW theatrical Lupin III Film "Blood Spray of Goemon" will be released in Japan on February 4th, so I will be making a few threads a week leading up to the release. It is a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and the Fujiko Mine spinoff series. It will mark the debut of BLACK Jacket Lupin as well as having Goemon as the main protagonist since 1987's Fuma Conspiracy (which will be having it's 30th anniversary in 2017).

Here is the most recent footage of the film.

as well as the Official Trailer

and as a bonus the official trailer for the dub of Blue Jacket series which will be released in 2017 on Blu Ray/DVD by discotek. If you don't care for dubs, it will also feature new subs obviously.

this thread isn't limited to the new releases. feel free to discuss anything Lupin related.
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also I notice a lot of people come to these threads who want to get into Lupin but don't know where to start so here is what I suggest you watch.

(Green) First series - (Watch all of it}
(Red) Second series - (Watch some of it)
(Pink) Third Series - (Watch some of it)
(Blue) Forth Series - (Watch all of it)

once you've seen enough of the red jacket series, feel free to start the movies. all of the series is episodic for the most part so their isn't a main storyline that needs to be followed until you get to part 4. Anyway here are the movies you should watch in this exact order once you have seen enough of red jacket.

Mystery of Mamo
Castle of Cagliostro
Legend of the Gold Babylon
Fuma Conspiracy
Hemingway Papers
In Memory of Walther P38
Missed by a Dollar

when you're done with these, feel free to watch the rest of the movies however you like. I have left out some other good films but these ones are essential.

once you have finished with all you wanted to see, check out the Fujiko Mine spinoff series to see if you like it. It serves as a prequel to the green jacket series but it does have a main story as well as being episodic so you may need to watch all of it. Be aware it is darker in tone. Once you have finished that, watch it's sequel OVAs which is called Jigen's Gravestone. once you have finished Jigen's Gravestone watch it's sequel film Blood Spray of Goemon which comes out on February 4th.

Everything comes full circle. Hope this helps.
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also for those who are interested Red Jacket collection 1 will be out on the 10th. So less than 2 weeks away. it will contain the 1st 40 episodes of the series sub and dub, as well as having audio commentaries as well as other special features including the original adult swim bumpers.

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I also have a few images of the new movie. Here we have Black Jacket Lupin.
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Best wishes and have a prosperous new year, Lupin fans.
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holy fuck it's not even christmas. I always wanted a Fuma one. still have the others.
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and Here we have Goemon and the villain nicknamed "The Bermuda Spectre".

also have some images of the future BD/DVD releases which I will get to.
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the Blu Ray Gold edition of the film which I believe they said comes out in march.
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and the DVD version
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as well as some poster art
is no one interested?
guess not.
What is the worst Lupin episode?
It's funny that you ask. I've never seen a legitimate bad episode of Lupin. The worst i've seen are gimmick episodes or just bland episodes about Lupin having to save fujiko from generic villain ect.. i'm speaking about red jacket though. green jacket had at least 3 or 4 bad episodes. the worst ive seen is episode 1 with the racecars. such a horrible way to start off the series. the pycal episode is also pretty shit.
oh and I almost forgot about that real shitty episode where Jigen couldn't shoot properly because he lost his hat.
Any Goemon episode
why do some people like goemon? he's so incredibly bland.
I don't think anyone "likes" Goemon. You either tolerate him or hate him out right.
Huh. The first episode isn't amazing, but I really like the murderous, violent Lupin from the Osumi episodes and the manga.
the first episode is shit. it really is dumb and boring.
Fuck off, shillturd.
we get one of you a thread. I wonder if people feel like they actually gain anything from taking the time to shitpost.
i dont hate him, but i cant understand how some can consider him their favorite. i cant logically see any reasons.
It's probably just a fujoshi thing.
I knew it was delayed, but didn't know the status of it. Thanks.
yeah from what i know it will be out the 10th of january guaranteed. its even cheaper now then when i originally preordered it which kinda sucks..
Couldn't you just cancel the current order and then place a new one, or even just contact the site's customer service?
its like $2-$3 less. no big deal. not worth the trouble. i preordered off of rightstuf. if i recall amazon was a little to overpriced. its kind of weird how cheap the show it for 40 episodes.
Weird, I don't see a listing for it on Amazon. I know they're selling part 1, but I figured they wouldn't have it available for pre-order, and would just start carrying it at some point like with other anime series.


go for rightstuff instead unless you live outside of north america, then idk how expensive it would be.
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i really need to chill the fuck out with all the Lupin shit im buying. already predordered red jacket and i literally just got done buying the green jacket series. I even bought some random Lupin novel book a few days ago just because it was like $5. I also buy rest of red jacket plus the blue jacket blu ray and the Walther P38 blu ray when they all come out next year. not to mention im still waiting for a pink jacket release as well as a goemon blu ray, and a few other movies that havent been released on blu ray yet.this shit is just too much.
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I assume its going to be be a 5 disc set. Maybe 6.
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That's like $300-$400 for Jews.
Got any of the Figuarts?
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You bet your ass I do. Have the blue jacket SHF as well as the green and red jacket revo. I don't have any of the other characters just because jigen and Zenigata are too expensive. Plus Lupin is my fav character so to me he's the only one worth owning. You could literally buy the blue jacket figure for less than $25 now which sucks since I paid like $45 when it came out.
The figure from Part 4 are great, if i'll ever get one, it will be one from that series.

Great taste in characters choice btw, too bad they are too expensive
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I wouldn't say the part 4 figure is Great... It has one major flaw which is the default head sculpt give him fish lips which is kind of annoying. It should of been more paint rather than sculpt. The other heads look great but they are too exaggerated and I like displaying figures with simple faces and grins. Other than that, it's perfect.
Oh, i guess i have seen the statues not the figures then, but still, pretty good
The statues have great sculpt but they are statueshit which isn't fun.
Yeah, but just imagine showing a majestic Zenigata on your shelf
I'm a pleb that only saw Cagliostro before watching Blue Jacket Lupin.
The standalone episodes which focused on a single character were my favourite of that, does the franchise as a whole tend to have a lot of those?
Yeah tons.
Bluepin is the best Lupin.
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Thanks for your duty throughout the years lupin friend. I appreciate it.
So no new details or anything? Sometimes i saw promotional image for the new movie on my twitter, but nothing new.

Also was this >>151684512 translated?
Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 19

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