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why single out sher?
Why would you bully Sher?
No, she's a cunny bunny.

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S2 when?
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Someone come play ping pong with me.
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Not OST but we are getting something.

Why do /a/ like this manga?
Many hate Re.Zero because it has bland characters, QUALITY, stupid dialogue and its plot is just a excuse for gore porn, but this manga is all of that!
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so i guess /a/ can't refute any of my points

Devilman's great, theres no argument. And you can't really shout QUALITY when thats literally just Nagai's art style.

Because Devilman is nearly 40 years old at this point and was never liked because of quality or writing. It was just edgy shit and low brow entertainment with a side of gore.

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A gutwrenching epic.
A boy grow into a man and a girl get raped and choosing to keep the baby.

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Who has the best cock?
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Are they going to animate God Eater Online? Whys that here? Also, Why bother promoting Sakura when nobody likes her? I'm not trolling, I'm legit curious. since IIya is the one people like in that route and Rin already got her turn 2 years ago. Are they going to try and make Sakura likable?
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>not using Mikazuki as their poster boy
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2017 will surely be the year of Sak-

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So, now that the dust has settled, did Manami do anything wrong?
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Her only crime was being against incest in a series that pandered incest.
She is the perfect wife.
She was right, but for the wrong reasons.

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Happy New Year from Orchestr/a/

Our final song to close out 2016 is Yasashii Boukyaku (Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ED): https://a.pomf.cat/itkxqf.mp3

Also, a couple announcements:
- We've recently completed a mashup arrangement of FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP and the Jinrui ED. There are a lot of parts that need recording, so stop by our pad for the sheets.
- We are in great need of the following instruments: Trumpet, Flute/Piccolo, Double Bass, Aux. Percussion

If you're interested in joining, please visit http://jibunwooo.com
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Replace with orchestra album
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Was Sailor Venus the prettiest?
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Try again.
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No, Venus is not the prettiest.

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What is your first impression upon looking at this cute girl?
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looks like a yaoi
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the tightest bod.webm
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m u h

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So how much Fate and TypeMoon do I need to know about before I can safely watch Carnival Phantasm?

I've 100% the Fate VN, read through some F/HA, watched F/Z, Watched all of Prisma Illya, watched UBW (TV), watched all Kara no Kyoukai.

When it comes to Tsukihime and Melty Blood, I just know they exist.
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You should play Tsukihime at least.
That's enough to enjoy it.
Play Tsukihime you'll miss out on a decent amount of the jokes and you're missing out on Nasu's best VN. CP has like 3 specific Melty jokes the entire show so you're not missing out there

How did he get behind the shield when there was power-plasma gushing out all around it?

Also why did Lancer become a wizard?

Honestly I haven't played "Type-Moon" I've only seen Fate/Zero but there was so much in this show that didn't make sense
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Command spells, son.

Also he was summoned as a caster. his true name s Cú Chulainn and can be summoned into multiple classes.
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>Also why did Lancer become a wizard?
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You can also summon him as a dinosaur.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Well then lets hope one of us dies soon.

Maybe both?

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So now that Code Geass is back and the waifu war between C.C. and Kallen has been reignited...

Which is best girl?
Who will win the Lulubowl?
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I really should just kill myself.
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Matsuri best girl.
They left the old man to die.
google and iqdb failed me.

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Picked these up on Thursday

Rate my pickups /a/
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Destroy yourself.
No baiting.

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