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Thoughts on TSF?
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Worst and most annoying Himouto.
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She's fucking adorable.

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Another based Sarada release. Praise lord Sahara Wataru.
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Does she get fucked by sasuke? Otherwise it's trash
any scans out?
I can't stand his shit, but I'll do it this time for her.

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>rec thread
They're legitimately almost extinct anymore. There hasn't been shit since Lupin 2015 and only Dimension W before that. Before Dimension W, only Dandy. The fuck is going on?

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Post your 3x3
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This is cobra
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"I swear to god, Chinatsu, her ass was this big."
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Akari and Chinatsu passionate sex is so arousing. Especially anilingus. I just love the tought of them kissing eachother's buttholes.
Chinatsu is for sex, Akari is for pure
I want to bury my face between Akari's soft buttocks and just stay there until I forget about everything else.

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Not for another 45 minutes, retard.
>Not living in the weabooest country in Europe
>not thinking other time zones exist.
Good job retard.

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An entire volume has just been uploaded. Can we have an Ika Musume thread?

Also, why is sensei the best?
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>Also, why is sensei the best?
Best sisters.
And volume 21 is a pretty damn good new year gift.
Isnt volume 21 the last volume?
Nope, that would be volume 22. There's one more left.

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>The blue started showing up in 2017
Are you ready?
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Stop reminding me of that show. I want to forget.
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I won't let you. Remember her.

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Happy new year anon!
You were only allowed to be a little gay on Christmas. Today is not Christmas
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Happy new years /a/!

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Idk what this is.
If this is a high school girl
Then this must be a 2 year old girl
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This needs to stop. Now.

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>Japanese male protagonist gets transported to another world with gf.
>Proceeds to be the chosen one getting wives in the process.
>All wanting his babies and it'd be politically correct to do so, he doesn't fuck them anyway.

I picked this up on a whim, and I kind of feel really embarrassed by reading this. Does anyone else know about this? Don't think I've seen a thread on it.

This shit is going to get an anime I bet. Miyazaki was right.
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>japanese beta MC doesn't touch girls
What else is new?
Artist stopped being a porn artist for this.
At least Tosh made it big. He'll always be in my heart.

Since cuck spammer has finally been banned, can we all agree that MC won best girl?
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How is she the best girl? She had like 5 mins of screen time.
>Being a secondary
Don't let your newfag show
>a stranger stared at her with a weird look and started crying
Why didn't she run away?

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Name a more edgy anime?
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Gore doest not equal edgy. Please go be a teenager somewhere else.
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Yakushoku Distpiari is pretty edgy
Edgy is a worthless buzzword.

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Superior Race.png
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Next time you sully your mind and expel your seed to blasphemous debauchery about disgusting Elves, remember that they consider themselves superior and consider you equal to that of an insect.

This is why I hate those Elf demons.
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Shitposting about a fictional race? How about we shitpost about a fictional race with barely /a/ related posts where we make shit up about fantasy. Headcanon and memes welcomed.
oh golly, I wonder who could be behind this post?
You are lowering yourself to their level, my friend.
The xeno filth isn't even worthy enough of human hate, you should know that.

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Grown adult women and developed/developing high school girls?

We need more aged 20+ protagonist males in anime as well.

Previous thread deleted for no reason. Fuck mods. Get the money. Dollar dollar bill.
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Best woman
>watching anime for realism
gtfo kys diaf
>enjoying the physical form of little girls
Found the pedo

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