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The first cap is live now.
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So going by the chart this is best girl
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>JC Staff

Is this going to be another JC Staff masterpiece?
There will be blood or will be another "girls fights with big weapons but never get wounded" anime ?

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>No thread
Get in there nigger
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Why do the mages carry rifles instead of just flinging bombs into the enemy trench like they should be doing?
because it's a garbage story
They supposed to be reconnaissance force not ground attackers.

But rifles seem rather stupid indeed. Why not carry LMG or SMG for aerial combat.

Did you enjoy the first season? Are you looking forward to the next?
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I did and I'm hoping for as much new stuff as possible.
The parts that were the same as the game in the first cour were dull as hell.
Cautiously optimistic.

First half fixed a ton of stuff but I'm still wary of Tales of Rose becoming a reality too in the anime.
>ufo make the perfect anime to redeem zestiria for alishafag otaku
>it flops

And those faggots on 2ch said they would buy it if she remains heroine but they can't put their money where their mouth was.

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Read the guide before asking questions: Buyfag.moe
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MHToyShop doesn't allow to pay in full anymore?

I'm not seeing the option on any of pre-orders.
I bought these mini kokeshi doll keychains, but I'm reluctant to carry them around because they'll probably get scuffed and broken.
Any chances of this being sold out there anywhere? Tried auctions, suruga, manda, and still nothing.
Also, True Kagura scale by Alter fucking when?


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Pechika makes delicious omnoms, yet I still seek to MARRY Marika!
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>Top Girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
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Swim Swim both hates eating and getting penetrated by bananas, so it all works out.

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Post you're favorite reaction pic
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At least post a pic

Less of a hour for the new Bycicle's show.

first thread.
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Until Long Riders, this.
Waiting for stream.
It's going to be hard to find people who are excited about this, isn't it.

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Holy shit I didn't know that one knight with cute girls copypasta got its own manga
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Your new is showing.
I wish it was actually that.
so, just a few more days till we get the illustrations for vol 4?

Why don't the boys just ignore her?
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Because there is no filter function in real life.
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>Boys ignoring pretty girls

This has been in my backlog since god knows when. But wow, it was bretty good.

He seems like the perfect villain.
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Shitpost Buffs.webm
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Shame the OP/ED are such unlistenable trash.
Holy shit. This. It was terrible. I can't even listen to the whole OP and ED unironically so I don't know what it fully sounds like.

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New Year, new you, new drawings of waifu.
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Requesting Tharja:

With extra long hair(past her waist). Please note the strands framing her face and the side-tails.
Maybe making her look slighly older/more mature would be nice too.

Laying in bed reading a tome or studying magic.

Wearing anything from these albums.

Anything with SI or our daughters.
SI - http://imgur.com/a/0LyYQ
Tharja - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
Noire - http://imgur.com/a/pl09P
Morgan - http://imgur.com/a/PW7Tf
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Cosmos request 2.png
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Hello to everyone on WWHD and have happy new year! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Wearing the "Clothes That Kill Virgins" outfit (https://my.mixtape.moe/hodhpg.jpg)
-Her going to buy groceries/going shopping.
-Anyting else cute or cutelewd is also appreciated.

And thank you for your time.
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Requesting Erza please! Anything is fine, but no lewd please.

If you want something specific, here are some ideas:
-Her wearing a plugsuit
-Her wearing an apron and telling the viewer that dinner is ready like in this image https://i.imgur.com/2kxFjsH.jpg
-Cosplaying as Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY
-Her hugging or riding an Arcanine Pokemon

Thanks to anyone that does this!

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Reading Steiner
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Kurisu is cute. CUTE.

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pic related.png
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Which character from 2016 anime did you fapped to the most, /a/?
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probably that one
You posted it
Asuka Tanaka of course!

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AK girl solder.png
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Making one /ak/ thread before somebody made GuP only one.
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can someone post that yukari picture from that snuff doujin i cant find it thank you :)
Don't use emoticons on /a/.

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Haru, "qt 3.14" Haru thread
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Cute bunny.
Where is the imouto? Ded again?

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