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Is this the greatest bro of all time ?
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Bad thread
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>pathetic human maggot who can't even kill a measly zombie
Jonathan had a really poor taste in companions
Was he in love with Erina?

>Draw a girl
>Call it a guy
Why is this still allowed?
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To make you dick hard.
They needed the Yahari audience.
What are the chances that Silver Link will make this shit a little decent? I mean they can't make it worse.

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Was killing her off that horrifically REALLY that necessary? What stupid edgelord wrote this scene?
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I felt the same way about that death. They make a point to say she'll suffer infinite death and then promptly forget about her. Fuck FGO.
I know! It's like they came up with the most horrific way imaginable to kill someone off who we barely got to know for no reason other than to show that the bad guy is not a nice person.
And the worst part is that the main characters who saw it happen in front of them don't even really care and move on like it never happened!
Even if they weren't that close to her they should at least have some form of PTSD from that shit.
That was the most pointless and stupid death scene I've ever seen.
Isn't she freed in the Melty Blood manga?

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who /ping pong/ here
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This is what a best girl looks like.

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>event ticket
>Amazon special edition

How big of a drop?
Are you really resorting to bait threads as generals? Pathetic.
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>still no rips

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Puk Puck did nothing wrong. Puk Puck only wants you to be her friend. Kneel before Puk Puck.
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I-I want to be friends(with benefits) with Puk Puck.
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Wrong monarch. Bow to your shogun.
sw a shit

Now that Index III is hopeless, how will Kamachi ever recover its dwindling sales?
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Someone important to Touma, Hamazura, and Accelerator dies
They all go nuts
They all fuck one of their haremettes to fill the hole in their heart

Best girl
SoL of Touma trying to get his homework done.
>you will never tuck Misaka into her bed and then fuck Saiai senseless in the bed next to hers
Feels bad man

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How did Rem become so popular?
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Because i love Emilia.

She's basically Mattel's "My First Waifu"™
Is that what they mean by "nobody likes Emilia"?

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What are you looking at, anon?
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At best girl.
Reminder that the autistic staff behind this train wreck will do anything in their power to shittalk footfags whenever they can. The "feet scene" next episode will be total ass, just prepping you.

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Just one more month to go.
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Stop posting Kiratrash in the OP.
Every Precure /a/ thinks will be bad ends up being good

Every Precure /a/ thinks will be good ends up being bad

Therefore, KiraKira will be good
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But I was thinking krkr was gonna be good. Did I fuck up?

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any girl from Evangelion
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No waifu is entry level if you truly love her

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it is safe to follow this loli inside the dark forest?
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Yes just have some vegetable in your pocket in case she tries something funny l like handholding


hmm probably

if you see a van tho, leggit!

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Power rankings of Class 1-A if Hori wasn't a hack and actually had proper rules for using their powers:

1.) Deku
>no one should be able to stop his super speed and super strength with 100% OfA, unless specifically created to counter him
2.) Denki
>suffers from the classic "electricity is used to fry people!!" anime cliche (like fucking Pikachu); a strong enough shock (which he can definitely produce since his limit is 1.3 million volts) can easily stop your heart and that's instant paralysis + death if you don't get immediate help from a third party; he could even defeat Deku if the circumstances were right
3.) Mina
>virtually impossible to kill her without dying yourself in agony if you don't an ultra long range Quirk / high power sniper rifle and even then she might block the projectiles
4.) Todoroki
>basically a different version of Mina, weaker in damage/protection potential, harder to use, but slightly more versatile Quirk
5.) Ochako
>the possiblities are endless, they use like 5% of her Quirk's full potential in the series because Hori lacks imagination; puke or not she can kill almost anyone in the series by giving them a handshake
6.) Tokoyami
>very cute I want to pet his beak
7.) Bakugo
>the most overrated turd, his powerlevels unrelated to his actual Quirk - he can take hits from OfA that should obliterate him just because; he is able to sweat (=use his ability) in situations where it shouldn't be possible just because; and also the nitroglycerin he produces is magical, it's immune to the laws of chemistry just because
8.) Kirishima
>not much to add, his powerlevel placement is more or less accurate in the series; only 3 of his classmates can instakill him ignoring his ability but he's not as strong on the offense
9.) Tooru
>extremely underrated Quirk because it's used by a stupid slut who is only interested in the cock; just because she has to fully naked doesn't mean she can't hide assassination tools in her orifices and can kill almost anyone...
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> ...in the right moment / the right opportunity (stealthily)
10.) Momo
>wasted potential, her Quirk could place her much higher but her approach to using it doesn't use it fully; much stronger if a Villain had this ability, it's great for terrorism or getting past metal detectors and then making a high power sniper rifle to assissinate people / rocket launcher for exploding kindergarteners, etc.
11.) Mineta
>very strong Quirk, Hori admitted so himself, there's almost nothing you can do to free yourself once you're covered in even just two well aimed balls; he's weak himself but he can immobilze almost anyone
12.) Tenya
>pretty pathetic Quirk really, but he is h-hayai, so he can be good at fighting petty criminals and low tier quriks
13.) Shouji
>weak offensively and defensively but very good utility, plus he is the naturally strongest guy way above anyone else in the class, so he can choke any nigga to death if he doesn't have physical stat boosting quirks
14.) Tsuyu
>almost interchangeable with the place above her, similar strengths but she is physically weaker so probably should be below him
15.) Aoyama
>no matter how powerful his laser is, he can only use it for a short time, its hard to aim, easy to dodge
16.) Jirou
>sonic attacks are shit in general, her is extra lame and easily permanently taken care of
17.) Ojiro
>even his weak ass Quirk is better than the bottom of the barrel below
18.) Kouji
>strength of his ability is limited by animal strength... so almost completely worthless both offensively and defensively; only reason it might have some use is utility (maybe)
19.) Sero
>Aizawa can do the basically the same thing and has an actual overpowered Quirk on top of that, the tape is worthless offensively and for capturing
20.) Satou
>completely worthless, he needs to basically use a "drug" to activate his power and even when it's activated it's weak as fuck; I doubt his strength goes anywhere near AfO 50% when he gets a lethal overdose of sugar
>*the tape is only good for capturing villains (but still weaker than other Quriks in class at that)
You just gotta accept that they're hidden nerfs in universes like these, electricity displayed in the manga certainly looks like it should instant kill everyone, but for some reason some people are just brushing it off.

You just gotta accept that the physics has just fundamentally differing points than our reality. If you can just take that in maybe you won't be autistic.

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Celebrating the S3 announcement with the susumes!
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Mountain Lolis gets a season 3? Nice. I guess I'll have to finish season 2 then.
I want to bathe with Kokona-chan~
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Post 1 page of a manga. That's it.
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