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What does Anno think of people making his girls into peoples waifus?
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He is pretty much king of all otaku.

I think he gets it.
Like Anno hasnt jerked it to Asuka

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Interview with Dogakobo

Q2. What kind of things will the studio be working on in 2017?

A2. For the first time in a while, we are working on a S2. All the staff are having fun.

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Plastic Memories 2, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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More talk about the Neo Heroes and how the HA is shit
Unless the NHA is providing free housing, Saitama's not budging
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Still no tl?
The fujo hasn't translated it yet?

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Subs never.
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Which Urara would you cum inside first?
Surprisingly decent first episode. I appreciate the amount of bellies shown.
It's not very hard to figure out what's going on, even without subs.

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I decided to watch Nanoha finally
Halfway through A's and everythings pretty awesome so far
I hear after A's things go really downhill
Is it worth it to watch the rest after A's or should I just leave it when it's at its best
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It depends if you want more NanoFate.
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Just watch it. You will be better for it.
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You heard right. The third season is a complete mockery and it doesn't get any better after that.

I say finish A's, watch the two movies and wait for the third movie with the rest of us. It will release this year!

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There are people who unironically believe Jinbei will die
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I unironically believe that Jinbei will die someday. We have never seen anything in the series to suggest he's some kind of immortal who will live forever.
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What is the opinion of these ships here /a/?
no discusion about zolo

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The biggest question here is, would you prefer to have a footjob from Aki or anal from No-pantsu?

Or maybe you're into T H I C C and prefer the maid route?
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Best girl.

Aki a cunt.
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>Aki a cunt

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Aki a cute and best.

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Flip Flappers.jpg
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I was worried that this will be just random episodic bullshit till the end but the ending was great. Finally we got a more theme-focused story and some good character development.

What did /a/ think of flip flappers?
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sadly not even in my top 3
It was fucking shit.
For me it's up there with Rakugo, Mob Psycho and Luluco.

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Hm? You were thinking something, Yuuya?
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Remember, there's a stream later
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Who /NVA/ here?

>Yuuya hit that
>then he got a harem

Lucky bastard. Literally.

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There wasn't a thread for this up already so I guess we're doing this

>open akinator
>answer the questions as yourself
>when it asks if you're from an anime, say yes
>find out which anime character you are
>post results

Bonus round: select the opposite gender
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>is your character a lesbian?
>does your character have small breasts
What the fuck is wrong with this machine.
Doesn't work. It just gives me my alter ego.
>Does your character from from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

My favorite anime

Discuss everything Dragon Ball here.
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Toyotaro confirmed on his instagram that he has finished his new poster for this month's Saikyo Jump.
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Bottom right panel of Bulma made my cock throb.
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Upa is the greatest Dragon Ball character of all time. Prove me wrong.

Maybe I made a mistake in watching the kizumonogatari movies first but I feel like Araragi should of been with Hanekawa instead of crab bitch. After all the shit they went through it seemed more natural. Than again if I was in his position I probably would of done the same if a hot girl confessed to me that quickly.
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Nah your wrong OP crab is best of all girls
Do good subs exist or is everyone still watching that LN script crap?
Good subs came out like 2 or 3 days ago check the usual places.

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Lets get some nice drawings drawn, here are the steps:

1. Post reference material.
2. Pray to the drawfags.
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that everything though
Hideous picture anon.
That OP image is so ugly
my god

Remember when Jotaro just kinda started levitating in his fight with DIO?

That shit was pretty rad.
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All of the stand users were basically flying at that point. Araki said it was for dramatic effect to have them be airborne but I like to imagine they had their stands punch the ground to propel them upwards.
Jotaro vs Dio is the most underwhelming disappointing fights of all time.
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>there are animeonly fags who don't intend to ever read SBR on this webstie right now

Are you excited? Only 3 days! Then a couple more, because waiting for subs sucks!
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Then Little Gentlemen Academia for Summer!
Not yet. How do I get excited?
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>out of all the streaming sites it had to be netflix

fuck. please let a decent fansub group to pick this up

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