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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we continue Battle City in Volume 18!
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1st time I ever caught this thread live. Are you doing Yugioh R after Battle City? Is it even canon?
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Chapter 152
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Image (03).png
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No plans to do R at the moment. I don't consider it canon.

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Post characters who are NOT virgins in this thread.
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Sleep eating.png
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She has a very cute daughter as well.
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canon double penetration
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How did she remain straight in dyke prison?

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It's like Re:Zero but if Re:Zero was actually good
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KonoSuba is like Slayers with all the boring bits cut out.
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It's the only show from last year that was actually fun
Imagine playing D&D, except everyone is in it to have fun.

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>tfw no Keijo episode today
I miss it.
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>still barely any buttjob porn

One nuke was not enough. We need to finish them
>One nuke
can drawfags please provide buttjob?

Takamatsu: I think the yuri genre is now in its second growth period. The term “yuri” has permeated the general audience, they’re aware of it, and they’re receptive to it. If the time comes when the term “yuri” isn’t needed anymore, it’ll truly be spring for us. I think both Bloom Into You and Happy Sugar Life are both works that display this possibility. With An Introduction to the World of Yuri also helping to create this push of the yuri genre, I truly hope that this is the spark needed to spread the world of yuri in the future.

Kusunoki: Bloom Into You and Happy Sugar Life were sold at almost the exact same time, but there wasn’t any quarrel between us; instead we collaborated friendly and cultivated the good merits of each other’s work. If the overall yuri genre could do this on a larger scale, that would be ideal.

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Stop shilling your shit blog on /a/.
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>nobody cares about his shit thread
>bump it anyways
/u/fags are pathetic as always.

Engrish thread
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Maybe "Forever" is just a nickname.
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Best Engrish 2016 coming thru.
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Is Okusan's ass too big?
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Hell no, it's perfect.
I just want an anime adaptation of either this or Ashitaba-san

This looks sexy only in manga but a fat womans ass irl looks saggy and disgusting.

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Maria was a good girl.
Bernard sure got salty.
Raped or not?
The age old question

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Will she make a return?
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> in b4
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basically Pan is kidnapped and Jaco accidentally released a virus on Earth that makes people evil

Chapter 168 leaks.
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Sumire: "What are you doing in such a place?"
Teru: "Ah...the kind person from the other day.."
Sumire (thinking): "What is this?!?"
Teru: "Reading!"
Sumire is one of the top 4 mahjong players in East Tokyo.
She wanted to go to a stronger school like Senriyama (!) or Takako, but her parent wouldn't allow it.
Teru thinks Sumire looks more like a pro wrestler than a mahjong player.
Sumire introduces herself (弘世 菫).
Teru introduces herself (宮永 照).

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>Yuri on Ice - 35k
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>never spend a single cent on BDs
>complain when your favorite anime sells less BDs than anime you don't like
You know whom you have to blame for this.
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won what?

File: 1481260924969.jpg (253KB, 369x515px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>BD sales 24,513
>DVD sales 11,076
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>no identifying text to show that this is a yuri on ice thread
>fraction of the thumbnail is vaguely identifiable as yoi
abysmal thread desu
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BTFO haters
>not knowing the BD sales numbers by heart

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I wonder if crab will get enough positive feedback on these three girls to give them an official name. Knowing he likes his pun names, what would they be?
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Well /a/ has been pretty responsive to them, that's a start
There's another thread up though it's autosaging.
Leech-girl has easily reached my top 5 easily. And Lamprey-girl is easily my sixth favorite character. Mosquito-girl is cute too.

1-10: Cerea, Cathyl, Suu, Polt, Leech-girl, Lamprey-girl, Lala, Manako, Darling-kun, Doppel.

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The "I'm watching it for the doujins" of the season is just a few hours away.
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These girls are cute but come on
>foremost girl gives me a Yukino vibe
>girl with bigger tits on the right gives me a Yui vibe
>girl on left has that amused air like Iroha
>MC looks like a cunt
I dropped the manga, but picking up anime since despite the manga flaws, it`ll be a fun watch. And yes, i am looking forward to doujins
She's even more of a cunt than Yukino.

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rulah keychain.jpg
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Rulah may have died early, but she was just a terribly tsuntsun girl who deserved to have fun with her mini family.

Also, I want to MARRY Marika.
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I love Ruler!
Two for one special.
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Mamori pleases old men for money

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