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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love it.
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I don't
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Gonna dump the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Cemetery Hill - Geekboy Homecoming book sold at Comiket 91. Hope someone translates.

It's a sequel to the anime, not sure if meant to be canon. I have 49 photos.

AΩ Nova cameo
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Thanks a a bunch.

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Fansubs for the first episode are out.

How did you all enjoy this? I think it's safe to say that Seiren is going to be the most kino of all winter anime.

Every girl is best girl
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I came here for swimsuit.
>Fansubs for the first episode are out.
Memesubs you mean
this is by the same poks who did amagami ?

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When characters and plots in spin offs are much better than those of the main story, why do authors not consider incorporating them into the original?

Mayu is objectively a much better heroine than Megumi. She got all the good traits of Megumi and Eriri while also having better chemistry with the MC and more in common. Both are otaku, she's a lot more cheerful and she makes him less of a fag.

Also Koisuru Metronome is a much more entertaining story with Tomoya actually being more successful than in the main storyline (in Saenai he can barely keep his circle going while in Koisuru Metronome he's producing anime).

Are there other works where the spin off characters and story end up being better or more popular than those of the main story?
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Mayu is almost lame as Megumi. What's make Metronome interesting is how pretentious can be Utaha.
If being an otaku was all Tomoya cared about in a girl he would've picked Eriri in the main series. It's obvious he values more.
Koisuru Metronome is fun because it avoids the lame love triangle drama of the main series.

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Were they gay, /a/?
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Gai aint even close famalam
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Nah, you'd have to be delusional to think they're gay
Tiziano is kinda hot, though. I bet he loves to play with other people's tongues

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Discuss everything Dragon Ball here.
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Is Fat Buu stronger than Mr. Buu?
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Kid Buu was always stronger than Super Buu
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>#1 in the Chinese box office
>premieres #1 in the Korean box office
>inexplicably jumps 41% in the Japanese box office and climbs from 7th place to 3rd place in one week
>on the verge of surpassing Spirited Away's worldwide gross, making it the highest grossing anime of all time
>still in the top 10 in the Japanese box office towards the beginning of 2017
This movie is literally unstoppable.
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Still not yet out in my country. Will bring a bunch of friends to watch it, maybe we'll be the ones pushing it into first place.
If it's these two, live adaptation would be fine. I guess.
Where do you live?

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Certainly these girls don't live purely off blood, right?
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Na na na na na na na
Fuzzy Fuzzy
Na na na na na na na
You are my cutie girl,
and you've got me wanting you.

>thread is super slow all day
>I leave
>2 hours later thread maxed out
>new thread is super slow again

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you are forced to marry the girl below
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What a lad

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>50k in 3 days

why are fujos so thirsty?
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isnt this bad news

i hope good creators won't abandon real anime fans for the sake of fujo money
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>real anime fans


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so when will we see the episode
In 44.3 hours

Ono was a Mistake Edition
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I don't know how long this will live, but here's something to help.

Episode 138: 暗翼の竜 – Anyoku no Ryū
(The Dark-Winged Dragon)
Gongenzaka and Jack begin an intense Duel against Zarc. Zarc then summons a deadly menace to the Field: Supreme King Servant Dragon – Clear Wing, a dragon that resembles Yugo’s dragon. Defending his very own soul, Red Daemon’s, Jack attempts to bring back Yuya’s entertainment spirit, which has been locked inside Zarc.

Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu
Direction: Yamamoto Ryuta
Storyboard: Yamamoto Ryuta
Animation Director(s): Noh Gil-bo

Episode 139: 闇に染まる眼(まなこ) – Yami ni Somaru Manako
(The Eyes Tainted by Darkness)
The next Duelists to challenge Zarc are Sawatari and a resurrected Crow. As the two try to call out to Yuya through their Dueling, Zarc seems to be shaken for a moment. However, as if shrugging off their attempt, Zarc then summons Supreme King Servant Dragon – Odd-Eyes. And then, right before his eyes, Akaba Leo…

Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu
Direction: Lee Kan Min
Storyboard: Sunaga Tsukasa
Animation Director(s): Lee Sung-jin, Kim Hye-jeong

Episode 140: 魂のペンデュラム – Tamashii no Pendyuramu
(Pendulum of the Soul)
The fierce battle against Zarc continues. Ray appears before Reira once again, and tells him that there is a “soul” residing inside Zarc. The Duelists who have challenged Zarc also feel the same. A showdown between Reiji and Zarc then begins. Will everyone’s emotions toward Yuya be able to create a miracle in this battle?

Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu
Direction: Mutou Kimiharu
Storyboard: Ono Katsumi
Animation Director(s): Kawamura Yuya

Episode 141
Title and description currently unavailable.

Script: Maekawa Atsushi
Direction: Mikamoto Yasumi
Storyboard: Takada Masahiro
Animation Director(s): Satou Mizuki, Hasegawa Issei, Ehara Sayuri
Alexis will save this threads
real ending

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What kind of relationship would these two have if they had met each other?
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Asuka would have murdered him. He's an angel.
But what if it was Asuka who Kaworu met in that episode, and not Shinji?
What if Asuka had fallen in love with Kaworu? I think she wouldn't be able to bring herself to kill him.
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Pretty sure she would have thought he was a complete fucking weirdo with how nonchalant and emotionally straightforward he was and try to avoid him.

Touji is the superior crack shipping option.

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Why are sports anime getting so overhyped in the last couple of years?
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Fujoshit money.
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Because they are enjoyable and full of adrenaline, sport manga are the only decent reason to even read Jump.

How long are sub groups going to remain idle and finish S2 Pripara subs already?
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Worry not, for season 4 will completely start the series over from the beginning and do exactly the same things, but will somehow be even more crazy and a parody of the genre. It will be so good that multiple groups will rush to get the best and fastest subs each week. In another year and a half, you'll be able to see S2 subbed, but better.
Both are trash series
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only 4 u

now shoo, go away

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