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Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.
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stream tomorrow 2000 UTC
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Best girl.
What site?

This girl is adorable
will she get TRUCKED too?
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No just become irrelevant.
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Fuuka is better
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Happy new year from Yuragi to you.

[Right] Our goal this year is to get an anime adaption!
[Bottom right] My goal is a VR (Virtual Reality) adaption!
45: Yuragi and the Wunderkammer [TN: German for Cabinet of curiosities]
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VR animation
How does that work?
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[Right] Nothing but bad feelings from this

"Is this..."
"Sugoroku?" [TN: There's two kinds of Sugoroku. This one, e-sugoroku (絵双六), is like Japanese snakes and ladders]

"I was exploring Yuragi Inn and I found this in the storehouse out back!"
"It's old, but you can feel it was made with a lot of love"
"Why don't we all play since we're in the moment!"
Threadly reminder. Sagiri a shit.

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This is a japanese salaryman.
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Some poor Filipino man was given 20 cents to draw this...
Imma fuck that salary loli.
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*blocks your path*

What would you do?

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What I watched, what I expected, what I got.

Template is in next post.
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Vsauce isn't pseudoscience though. That's a bad WEG.
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Didn't ask for your opinion, read the vn

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Is a proper Shaman King adaptation ever happening?
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I'd be happy just with Flowers coming back.
I wonder because its the 20th anniversary next year. I heard something about flowers coming back in some form or another
doubtful, but at least >>151918790 might be true

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yeah no someone make a proper thread fuck off salagir
Never, even the ningens hates Multiverse
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Friendly reminder :^)

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Will Nami fight Pudding or will it be someone else?
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>being a shipfag in 2017
shimakaze is shit
I ship ShippersxNooses
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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we continue Battle City in Volume 19.
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Chapter 161
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We're all anonymous here. There are no names to forget.
That said, I might forget my own one day with nobody ever using it.
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Well I already forgot it so

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Am I gay now?
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You're still gay, but I want to watch!
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Yes, Yuuri, you are. And you were the moment you put a framed picture of him on your desk.
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It's not gay to want to fuck a man as beautiful as Victor

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Translations incoming.
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>In the dead of night, when even the trees are sleeping,
Looking up that phrase in Japanese, just about every hit related to Ninja Slayer. Don't know if it's supposed to be a reference but it's funny.
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>A lover's rendezvous!?
Hard to find something for Ooyodo to say that was still readable, so I'll take any suggestions.

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I... I wrote a song for Cocona.

You are my Cocona
My only Cocona
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Cocona away

I hope she'll like it.
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The longer these threads go, the shittier they'll get.
Let go.
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How can anyone like this bitch?
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She gets cuter later on, trust me.
She gets worse
Every other girl is the cast is still better than her even then. It's pretty baffling.

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I love her reaction face.
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It's so bad lmao
why does this even exist?
so this show is basically going to be /pol/-the animation and flood /a/ with all the shitty /pol/ kiddies and generally shit up the board until March, right?
Part of.
I mean, Youjo Senki thread is already become chaos that you can make a bingo picture for it.

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