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How come Mitsuha and Taki never figured out they were three years apart when...
-They have calendars on their phone
-Any diary or note they wrote in each other's phones would have been dated.
-The newspapers around them would be dated with the day, month and year.
-A date would most likely have been written on the chalkboard in the front of their class.
-If they were using laptops or computers, there's a date in the bottom right hand corner.
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It's probably not the first thing you think about when you're inhabiting someone else's body. Also. you don't see the year all that often. No one goes around reminding you of what year it is. None of my computers show you the year.

Maybe if Mitsuha was an Apple fangirl, she would have noticed Taki was using an iPhone model that she had never seen before.
Have you ever remember the details of your dreams? The surrounding and all, instead of your experience in it?

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He was wrong.

And worse still, he was a retard

Real double whammy.
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Death Note in and of itself is retarded. Not the death note itself, but the characters. They had an amazing concept but ruined it with hideous characters.
Stop making Death Note threads.
I like to take ideas that I think could be done better and change them enough so they are mine. I think Jurassic Park would be a good one to rip off. You gotta change them enough though, but that happens naturally just as you go.

>I can't use a book to kill people, that's been done, I'll use....rings!]

A detective uncovers magical rings that make you immortal, but slowly tighten around your finger if you go too long without spinning them, about three days at best. When you spin the ring and look at someone, they'll just die. You obvs can't remove the ring after you've spun it once, it's stuck on you. The only way you can be killed is other rings, or by not spinning your own ring for too long. So anyway, the detective got his ring because he handcuffed this guy and he couldn't spin it so he died and the detective took it.

And so then he decides to go kill the other ringbearers for whatever reason. His first foray takes him to the old age ward of a hospital that has weird deaths that fit the pattern of ring murders. A nurse tells him about a dementia ridden lady they found named Ruby, and when he asks how they know her name, she explains they just call her Ruby cause of a ring that is stuck on her hand real goodlike. Anyway, the detective kills Ruby from afar using his ring and later breaks into the morgue to collect the ring. He is taken aback when it still doesn't budge from her finger like it should. It's superglued on. It was all a ruse! He killed an innocent woman lmao. The real ringbearer gets away, for now at least.

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Characters that you want to perform impure acts with
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I want to bake some cake with her.
Like summoning the devil or something?
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I want to play with her cheeks (without her permission)

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What does /a/ think of the end?
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Did it really end? Cause by the looks of it the author set it up for a next installment.
Did the Usain bolt guy lived? Didn't read the part 2.
I guess it's one of those open-ended stories.

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Why is a meme VN like Nekopara getting a perfect kickstarter but Dies Irae translation might not make it's goal
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Because my dock wants its catgirls
Fetishes. That is always the answer and you know it.
>"perfect" kickstarter

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will we ever get an Innocent anime?
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It would be interesting to see the art adapted, maybe the "action" part will be in slideshow to direct the budget towards the overall art.
Most likely not, I don't remember a singe anime adaptation of Grand Jump's series (not counting older series that have been moved to it). Besides, it would look ugly as fuck animated.
Has this shit ever been updated in the past years?

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How can a show be carried so much by a single character? Is this real life?

Also fuck the schizophrenic mole.
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>hating on Iori
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>Inaban will never masturbate to you
I'd like to connect my penis with her mouth

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Onihei today

is there anyone fansubbing it?
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Looks dope, hopefully subs soon.
horrible-subs will surely sub it
Are you retarded?
HS subs nothing. They just rip from official streams like CR.
This show is being streamed on Amazon Prime. We'll have to rely on actual fansubs unless they pull a Vivid Strike instead of a Fune no Amu and actually release english subs for some country like the UK. In that case, HS would still not be the ones to rip it

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Do you think TYPEMOON even remember they're supposed to be doing a Tsukihime Remake anymore?
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>Hey Takeuchi, you ever wonder if we should go back to our roots and finish that Tsukihime Remake?
>No Nasu, I'm wondering why you're not FUCKING ME.
>We ensnare each other like the tentacles of two Alaskan squids, tongues undulating like mollusks...
They're probably hoping everyone forgot about it

Which is fine by me. Those redesigns are stomach churning except for Akiha's.
I get the impression Nasu just isn't that interested in working on it. And Saber's not in it so you know Takeuchi doesn't give a fuck.

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I'll fight you m8
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>expect to watch a cute, relaxing show about cute girls from across the world becoming friends
>instead get lellelele so RANDUMB mememeay!!!!!!111!!!!! retard

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this thread is reserved for the best girl
please refrain from posting other girls than best girl
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best girl coming trough
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dying in agony.png
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how do you fuck up a second season this badly?
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Like that
with effort and passion
The first and second half worked with one another to make the show amazing. You just have shit taste.

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Girls you can't waifu because they and their husbandos are too perfect together.
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Tiffa Adee-ru!
Most shoujo MC's pretty much.
Aren't most shoujo love interests kinda dicks?

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Look who's on the front page!
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Hai, Chaika.

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What went wrong?
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>dragon girl
What a fucking mistake

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